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  • Simple arrangement of java time format


    Summary When I use Java log format, I find it hard to define. So the main purpose of this article is to collect some common log formats, explain the meaning of each field and expand some common java time classes. Noun interpretation Time: time is a moment in time, or a point on the timeline. […]

  • JavaScript time format plus 8 hours function example


    The example of this paper describes the time format and 8 hours function of JavaScript. To share with you for your reference, as follows: The first way: <script> var oldTimes1 = “2017-07-10 03:28:54” var eosFormatTime2 = function(oldTimes1) { var time1 = oldTimes1.split(‘ ‘)[0]; //Console.log (“1. The second method, time1:” + time1) var arrTime = oldTimes1.split(‘ […]

  • The Use of Goang Time, Time Zone and Format


    A few days ago, the concept of time zone was involved because of the need to achieve regular outage of overseas service terminals. Search online, most of them are about Layout in time. Format, which is very fragmentary. Here we briefly summarize the time initialization, time zone conversion and format conversion. In the process of […]