• Faceboxes: high precision CPU real time face detector


    Paper with factor A Paper links: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1708.05… Year: 2017 Authors: Shifeng Zhang et al Author’s unit: Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc The official account number CVpython is released simultaneously. 1. What problems should the paper solve? In order to maintain high precision, it is necessary to achieve real-time on CPU? It’s a […]

  • GIS vector slicing algorithm (Reprint)


    Transferred from: https://www.giserdqy.com/database/postgresql/25838/ For large-scale vector data, due to the large number of types and wide range of data, loading and rendering will cause the platform to be stuck. Therefore, the quadtree index slicing of vector data can efficiently load the current region vector and improve the efficiency. The common vector data is ShapeFile, which […]

  • Background image tiling with cocos2d-x binding Lua


    Usage context:First, create a panel in cocos studio as the background layer, in which you need to tile the pictures. The code is as follows:The notes indicate the wrong method I used, which should be noted. local panelPage1 = ccui.Helper:seekWidgetByName(uiNode, “Panel_page1”) local panelRepeatBg1 = ccui.Helper:seekWidgetByName(panelPage1, “Panel_repeat_bg”) –Note 1: don’t use plist method to specify the […]

  • A sharing meeting of front end “unveiling the mystery of mapping”


    A sharing meeting of front end “unveiling the mystery of mapping” Record my technology sharing in the group, students with the same needs can refer to it The whole sharing time is about 70 minutes 1、 Why share front end related “map” knowledge (large screen display) many companies have corresponding large screen display systems, such […]

  • How to solve the migration problem of Baidu and Gaode map in leaflet


    If you don’t say much, let’s go to the renderings first In the past, when I was doing projects, I often heard customers say, “where did you come from? It’s so ugly. Can you change it to Baidu map…” It’s OK with Gode In our daily life, we are basically used to using Baidu map […]

  • WMS service of IOS Gaode Map & mapbox map WMS service


    Web map service (WMS) Web map service (WMS) uses data with geographic location information to make maps. Map is defined as the visual representation of geographic data. It can return the corresponding map according to the user’s request (including PNG, GIF, JPEG and other grid forms, or SVG and web CGM and other vector forms). […]

  • Watermark the image and tile it


    Today, I met a demand. I added a watermark to the picture and tiled it. After collecting it on the Internet for a long time, I found that it was not reliable. I made one by myself. The effect has been achieved. I hope you can correct me if there is something wrong <img style=”display:none;”> […]

  • I haven’t eaten Oreo for a long time


    Let’s take a look at two special effects first, and feel if there is any motivation for learning?        ========================================================================================================================== Core API: texture2d. SetPixel (int x, int y, color color), texture2d. Apply() Implementation principle: object pool Ideas: Before the first frame is drawn: traverse all the living Particle objects on the tile and […]