• Vite + Vue3 + OpenLayers


    1、 Introduction to this article Case use in this paperViteBuild the project, inVue 3Based onOpenLayers 。 Reading this article requires some knowledgeVue 3Basics. ViteIs a tool for building a project, even if it doesn’tViteThe foundation doesn’t matter. Follow this article step by step, and you can easily set up the project. Introduction to openlayers Openlayers […]

  • 0x06 originated from Linux, and once you enter the Mac, you will miss it for life


    Abstract: Steve Jobs, President of apple, is the King Kong wise Buddha among the thousands of Buddhas. The iPod, iPhone and MAC created by him are leading the trend of the IT world. The MAC is based on UNIX and has the same school as Linux. The powerful shell ensures working habits and efficiency. The […]

  • Gossip about Maven project code organization


    @[toc]Recently, a small partner asked, so I want to talk about the organization form of code in Maven project. In fact, it’s not a big problem, but if you don’t understand it, it’s like looking at flowers in the fog. You can’t see it clearly. If you understand it, it’s like a layer of window […]

  • ArcGIS JS API loading TMS map tiles


    brief introduction Compare the difference between TMS map tile and Google / OSM / Bing / ESRI map tile number Implement ArcGIS API for JS to load TMS map tiles 1. TMS map tile TMS(Tile Map Service)It is a map tile service proposed by osgeo (open source geographic foundation). In addition, WMTs, WMS and WFS […]

  • Tips for implementing coupons with CSS


    In the actual web development process, we will always encounter a variety of layouts. A colleague of the company asked me if there is any good way to implement such a layout, which is a very common coupon effect on the activity recharge page, as follows There’s something like this Considering various possible scenarios, the […]

  • Why should the web display development of CAD web pages be developed with the idea of WebGIS?


    background In previous blog postsAnalysis and summary of WebGIS visualization technology for DWG analysis of CAD drawingsThis paper explains how to visualize the drawings in DWG format of CAD on the web. After the release of the blog post, it has attracted the attention of many peers and consulted many professional questions. Among them, you […]

  • Front end daily practice: hard practice CSS basic skills — the principle and drawing method of graphic auxiliary line


    When drawing and layout with CSS, in addition to the browser development tools, we often need to draw some auxiliary lines for positioning and reference. Today, let’s take the grid line used in work No. 170 as an example to explain the principle and drawing method of auxiliary line in detail. In order to make […]

  • Tiling watermark with canvas


    The effect of watermark tiling is as follows: From the diagram, we should do the following: The text is tiled in X and Y directions; The text is rotated at a certain angle; As the background, the watermark’s Z-index should be located at the bottom of the page, that is, it can’t cover the main […]

  • A sharing meeting of “unveiling the mystery of mapping”


    A sharing meeting of “unveiling the mystery of mapping” Recorded my technology sharing in the group, students with the same needs can refer to it It takes about 70 minutes to share the whole process 1、 Why share front end related “map” knowledge (large screen display) many companies have corresponding large screen display systems, such […]

  • Facebook: high precision CPU real time face detector


    Paper title: Facebook: a CPU real time factor detector with high accuracy Link to the paper:https://arxiv.org/pdf/1708.05234.pdf Year: 2017 Zhang et al Author setting: Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc The official account number CVpython is released simultaneously. 1. What problems should the paper solve? In order to maintain high accuracy, it is necessary […]

  • Faceboxes: high precision CPU real time face detector


    Paper with factor A Paper links: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1708.05… Year: 2017 Authors: Shifeng Zhang et al Author’s unit: Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc The official account number CVpython is released simultaneously. 1. What problems should the paper solve? In order to maintain high precision, it is necessary to achieve real-time on CPU? It’s a […]

  • GIS vector slicing algorithm (Reprint)


    Transferred from: https://www.giserdqy.com/database/postgresql/25838/ For large-scale vector data, due to the large number of types and wide range of data, loading and rendering will cause the platform to be stuck. Therefore, the quadtree index slicing of vector data can efficiently load the current region vector and improve the efficiency. The common vector data is ShapeFile, which […]