• What makes you feel better Net core performance soaring?


    . net core (open source, cross platform, x-copy deployable, etc.) has many exciting aspects, among which the most commendable is its performance. Thank all community developers for their support Net core, many of which will be introduced in the next few versions NET Framework。 This paper mainly introduces Net core, especially Net core 2.0, focusing […]

  • How to maximize the throughput of message queuing?


    Have you ever focused on throughput when using message queuing? Have you considered the factors affecting throughput? Have you considered how to improve it? Have you summarized best practices? This article takes you to discuss the problem of high throughput on the consumer side of message queueGoFramework implementation. Let’s go! Some thoughts on throughput Write […]

  • Latency


    Latency is a synonym for delay。 stayTelecommunication field, low latency is associated with a positive user experience (UX), while high latency is associated with a poor UX.​ In computer networks, latency represents datapackageThe time required to transfer from one specified point to another. Ideally, the delay will be as close to zero as possible.Network latency […]

  • Apache AB pressure measurement Linux


    Note: PHP is used this time. Try golang next time AB commandIt is a tool to test your Apache HTTP server. You can specify the number of requests to Apache per unit time through this tool to see how your Apache works with the machine. Installation command: yum -y install httpd-tools View version: ab -v […]

  • Pulsar and Kafka benchmark: accurate analysis of pulsar performance (full version)


    About Apache pulsar Apache pulsar is a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a native distributed message flow platform for the next generation cloud. It integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. It adopts a separate architecture design of computing and storage, supports multi tenant, persistent storage, multi machine room cross regional […]

  • Serial spi nor flash vs parallel nor flash


          NOR flash memory has been widely used in embedded devices for a long time because of its reliable data storage. For some low-power applications, serial spi nor flash memory becomes more popular than parallel nor flash memory devices. Compared with serial spi nor flash memory, parallel nor flash memory has parallelism, so […]

  • Don’t mess with people anymore – Performance Comparison of tomcat, undertow and jetty


    In the online search and query, it is found that undertow has high concurrency performance better than tomcat, and various experimental basis are provided to prove it. However, my private test found that the situation is not consistent with most of the online results. Simple interface test    @GetMapping(“/test”)    publicStringtest() {       […]

  • Pgboxer best practices: Series 2


    Author: Wang Zhibin, a former PGCE of China, is an official certified lecturer of PostgreSQL and a specially invited gold medal lecturer of Pangu cloud classroom. The selection of connection pool must be supported by test data in order to better decide how to choose. Through the following test results, we can more intuitively see […]

  • How can spring boot applications improve service throughput?


    I don’t know which comes first, accident or tomorrow. No crisis is the biggest crisis, to meet the status quo is the biggest trap. background Occasionally, there will be some slow requests in the production environment, which will lead to system performance degradation and throughput degradation. Here are several optimization suggestions. programme 1. Undertow replaces […]

  • Apache AB pressure measurement system


    Note: this time you use PHP, try golang next time AB commandIs a tool to test your Apache HTTP server. You can use this tool to specify the number of requests sent to Apache in a unit time to see how your Apache and the machine work together. Installation command: yum -y install httpd-tools View […]

  • How to estimate capacity


    With the growth of business, the daily traffic increases from 10W level to 100W level. At this time, capacity estimation is required. What kind of scenario needs capacity estimation? Qualitative growth of capacity Temporary operation activities New system launched Scene 1: When PM was going to do the double 11 event, the technical boss came […]

  • FPGA configuration using high speed SPI NOR Flash


    NOR flash memory is widely used as FPGA configuration device. The application of FPGA in industrial, communication and automotive ADAS applications depends on the low latency and high data throughput characteristics of NOR flash. A good example of fast start-up time requirements is the camera system in the automotive environment. The speed shown on the […]