• Using canvas to realize web gesture unlocking


    Recently, I took part in the front-end Star project of 360 summer vacation. There is an online assignment. The deadline is March 30. Let me manually unlock an H5 gesture. The specific effect is just like that of the original mobile phone. The final effect of the implementation is as follows: The basic requirement is […]

  • Function anti chattering and throttling


    Function anti chattering and throttling are both an optimization of callback function triggered by high frequency action, and their implementation methods are similar. Let’s make a distinction from the use scenarios. Anti shake scenarios: Form input box verification Submit button to avoid duplicate submission Throttling scenarios: Scroll, MouseMove, reset, etc Function debounce Form input box […]

  • Anti shake and throttling method


    Anti shake When the same event is triggered many times in a certain period of time, only the last triggered event is executed. The rest of the events are cleared. function debounce(f, m) { let time; return function(){ let arg = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1); if(time) { clearTimeout(time); } time = setTimeout(function(){ f.apply(this, arg) },m) } } […]

  • Simple and easy to understand function anti shake and throttling


    1. Debounce A function is triggered continuously. The function is not executed during the continuous trigger period, but executed after a specified time after the end of the trigger. Look at the code: function debounce(fn,interval){ let timer; return function(){ clearTimeout(timer); timer=setTimeout(()=>{ fn.apply(this,arguments); },interval) } } //Call debounce(fun,2000); This is relatively simple. I’ll understand it after […]

  • Throttling and anti chattering


    throttle Perform some operations at a fixed frequency, such as associative input function throttle(fn, delay) { Let flag = true, // lock timer = null; return function (…args) { let context = this; If (! Flag) return; // if it is still within a fixed frequency, it returns directly without any operation flag = false; […]

  • I’m serious about using decorators in Vue


    There are many things to do when the product goes online, and the test product cannot be separated.Don’t ask how much bug is left. His eyes are like paint and his body is like mud. As a formerJava coderWhen I first saw itjsThe ornament inside(Decorator)When I was young, I thought about it immediatelyJavaOf course, in […]

  • Anti shake, throttling


    Anti chattering and throttling For more daily use of the public class operation method, you can pay attention to the small pulley website http://www.feiaci.com/#/self/… /** *@ name anti shake *@ param {function} [FN = v = > V] function *@ param {number} [dura = 50] delay */ function Debounce(fn = v => v, dura = […]

  • Things about throttle in IOS programming learning


    preface I don’t know if you are familiar with the word throttle, or if you have a clear understanding of the basic concept of computer. Let’s talk about some technical scenarios related to throttle today. definition I often have a feeling that the language sense of English will affect our understanding of some key technical […]

  • On the anti shake and throttling of JavaScript


    preface In the process of front-end development, we often need to bind some continuously triggered events, such as reset, scroll, MouseMove, etc., but sometimes we don’t want to execute functions so frequently in the process of event continuous triggering. At this time, anti shake and throttling are used. Related recommendations I GitHub: github.com/Michael -lzgMy Nuggets: […]

  • Ajax anti shake & throttle


    What is anti shake Anti shake strategy (debounce)When the event is triggered, the execution will be delayed for N seconds. If the event is triggered again within this N seconds, the timer will be re timed benefit: it can ensure that the user will not execute the callback frequently and will only be executed once […]

  • Anti chattering and throttling function


    The problem of anti shake function is solved Prevent multiple communication requests caused by multiple output click events such as misoperation. The anti shake code is as follows: const debounce = (fn, delay = 1000) => { let timer = null; return (…args) => { console.log (`clear timer:`, this.timer ); // you must write this […]

  • Easy to understand anti shake and throttle, two minutes to understand


    introduction:  Shake proofandthrottleWhether in the interview or in the actual work, it is a question often involved. Even in the interview, there is the possibility of hand tearing anti chattering throttle function. I advocate to use the most concise way, easy to understand knowledge, at least in two minutes to read this article can understand […]