• Vue large e-commerce project shangpinhui (front desk chapter) day03


    It has been piled up for two days. First of all, I wish you a happy holidayThe tasks behind are very heavy, including login and registration components and background management pages. It’s really heavy. Now I feel that I can’t finish learning all day long. I mainly want to go through the whole project before […]

  • Lazy loading of pictures


    Title of this article: realizing lazy loading of picturesAuthor: JakeRelease time: November 26, 2016, 18:46:34Last update: 12-28, 2016Original link:http://i.jakeyu.top/2016/11/26/ Lazy loading of pictures/License agreement: “signature – non commercial – sharing 4.0 in the same way” reprint, please keep the original link and author. Meaning of lazy loading (why use lazy loading) The biggest impact on […]

  • Front end essential skills – throttling


    (Introduction – eating out with big guys is always rewarding. This knowledge point is something I have never considered before, but it is two very important and frequently used concepts in modern design and development.) As a beginner at the front end, because he has been in the rain before, he wants to take an […]

  • One line of code to help you manage the request interface of the project | Vue request


    Forgive me. I hope you can take a few minutes to have a look. VueRequest ⚡ A Vue 3 composition API request library that can easily help you manage the request status (support SWR, polling, error retry, caching, paging, etc.) Why vuerequest In the past business projects, they are often confused by the repeated implementation […]

  • Enhanced throttle


    throttleTrotte: for a certain period of time, no matter how many callbacks you trigger, I only recognize the first time and timeRespond at the end. The so-called “throttling” is achieved by ignoring the callback request generated later for a period of timeAnti shakeDebounce: in a certain period of time, no matter how many callbacks you […]

  • Vue throttling global instruction is super simple


    Recently, most background project management systems have been throttling with local instructions, which is troublesome. A global text box is posted here. The throttling instruction of the method is executed 0.8 seconds after the user enters 1、 New debounce JS file, content: import Vue from ‘vue’ //Custom anti shake Vue.directive(‘debounce’,{   inserted: function (el, binding) {     let timer     el.addEventListener(‘keyup’, () => {       if (timer) {         clearTimeout(timer)       }       timer = setTimeout(() => {         binding.value() […]

  • Anti shake and throttling (jQuery)


    Throttling will be triggered continuously, but it will be executed every other period of time, while anti chattering is triggered only at the last time, which is also the last time within the execution interval. 1. Anti shake Write actions intotimerIn, the trigger time is limited. If the action is triggered continuously within the time […]

  • Difference and Realization of anti chattering and throttling


    Function debounce: the function will be executed only once within N seconds after the high-frequency event is triggered. If the high-frequency event is triggered again within N seconds, the time will be recalculated.Function throttle: a high-frequency event is triggered, but it will only be executed once in N seconds, so throttling will dilute the execution […]

  • Difference between anti shake and throttling and practical scenarios


    Anti shake and throttling Anti shake: the event trigger will be reset in unit time to prevent the event from being triggered multiple times by accidental injury. The code implementation focuses on clearing cleartimeout. Trigger a high-frequency event. The event will only be executed once in N seconds. If it is triggered again in N […]

  • Vue defines anti chattering function and throttling function globally


    Anti shake function In common JS Function anti shake Introduced into Vue components import { debounce,} from “@/assets/js/common.js” html : < El button @ Click = “xixi()” > anti shake < / El button > Methods: inside   xixi: debounce(function() =>{       console.log(111)     },1000), Throttling function In common JS Function throttling Introduced into Vue components import { debounce,throttle} from “@/assets/js/common.js” html : < El button @ […]

  • JavaScript – high frequency function optimization – function anti shake & function throttling


    What is a high frequency function? Oninput (get input data in real time) Onscroll (listen for page scrolling) Onresize (listen for changes in the browser’s visual area) OnMouseMove (the mobile terminal monitors the sliding of fingers on the screen) What is function anti shake? If the user performs high-frequency operation within the set time, the […]

  • Anti shake and throttling in JS


    1、 Purpose: to prevent functions from being called frequently without meaning 2、 Understanding: 1. Debounce Essence: a function is executed after it is no longer called for a specific period of time Principle: set a timer. If the event is triggered again within the set time interval, the previous timer will be cleared and reset […]