• How to understand JS function anti shake and function throttling


    catalogue summary 1. Function debounce 2. Function throttle summary Both function anti shake and function throttling define a function, which receives a function as a parameter and returns a function with anti shake or throttling added. Therefore, function anti chattering and function throttling can be regarded as a function factory, which is responsible for the […]

  • Question 47: what is anti shake and throttling?


    Anti shake After triggering the high-frequency event, the function will be executed only once in N seconds. If the high-frequency event is triggered again in N seconds, the time will be recalculated <script> export default { data() { return { timer: null }; }, methods: { click() { clearTimeout(this.timer); this.timer = setTimeout(() => { Console.log […]

  • Simple realization of anti chattering throttling


    In our daily work, we will always encounter some time continuous triggers (such as search query, users constantly call the back-end API to query data, wide trigger resize or scroll time during the search process). At this time, in order not to waste resources and optimize performance, we often use the anti shake / throttling […]

  • Higher order function


    Higher order function Function coritization Function coritization, also known as partial evaluation. A currying function will first receive some parameters. After accepting these parameters, the function will not evaluate immediately. Instead, the passed parameters will be saved in the function. When the function really needs evaluation, all the previous parameters will be used for evaluation […]

  • Various operations requested by the front-end API


    Welcome to my official account.Rui talk, get my latest articles: 1、 Foreword API request control has always been a hot issue in the front-end field. There are many excellent open source projects available on the market. In the spirit of teaching people to fish, this text introduces how to use the most simple code to […]

  • JS anti shake and throttling


    1、 Anti shake 1. DefinitionAfter triggering the high-frequency event, the function will only be executed once in N seconds. If the high-frequency event is triggered again in N seconds, the time will be recalculated (that is, the previous triggering actions are invalid and must wait for a certain time). That is, the stop event will […]

  • JS realizes the anti shake of throttling and anti shake (1)


    preface stayFront end developmentSome frequently triggered events are often encountered in the system scorll、focus mousedown、mousemove keydown、keyup… If these frequently triggered events contain callback functions, they may not only causePerformance degradationIt may also directly lead toPage crash; If you include Ajax requests, it will occupy a large number of serversbandwidth. Throttle and debounce are two similar […]

  • JS implementation of throttling and anti chattering (2)


    preface In JS implementation of throttling and anti chattering anti chattering (1), we understand why to limit the frequent triggering of events and how to limit them Debounce anti shake Throttle throttle Principle: In a certain period of time, the event will only be triggered once within the set time. Deep understanding: open the gate […]

  • The 18th issue teaches you how to realize the CSS animation effect of Jingxi factory


    Hand in hand teaching you to realize the CSS animation effect of “Jingxi factory” Q1 this year (the first quarter of 2020) participated in the front-end development of “Jingxi factory” business of Jingxi business division. Users can participate in the “online production” of masks, paper drawing, rice and other products through “Jingxi factory”, which can […]

  • Using canvas to realize web gesture unlocking


    Recently, I took part in the front-end Star project of 360 summer vacation. There is an online assignment. The deadline is March 30. Let me manually unlock an H5 gesture. The specific effect is just like that of the original mobile phone. The final effect of the implementation is as follows: The basic requirement is […]

  • Function anti chattering and throttling


    Function anti chattering and throttling are both an optimization of callback function triggered by high frequency action, and their implementation methods are similar. Let’s make a distinction from the use scenarios. Anti shake scenarios: Form input box verification Submit button to avoid duplicate submission Throttling scenarios: Scroll, MouseMove, reset, etc Function debounce Form input box […]

  • Anti shake and throttling method


    Anti shake When the same event is triggered many times in a certain period of time, only the last triggered event is executed. The rest of the events are cleared. function debounce(f, m) { let time; return function(){ let arg = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1); if(time) { clearTimeout(time); } time = setTimeout(function(){ f.apply(this, arg) },m) } } […]