• Python multi classification problem PR curve drawing (including code)


    import numpy as npimport matplotlib.pyplot as pltscore_ Path = “. / pr_curve. TXT” # file pathwith open(score_path, ‘r’) as f: Files = f.readlines() # read files lis_all = []for file in files: _, _, s1, s2, s3 = file.strip().split(” “) lis_all.append(s1) lis_all.append(s2) lis_all.append(s3) lis_ Order = sorted (set (lis_all)) # record all scores and sort […]

  • Analysis of blockcanary source code


    Analysis of blockcanary source code Before explaining the source code of blockcanal, we still need to add some pre knowledge points. This article doesn’t talk about the principle of handler. Students who don’t understand it go to Baidu to have a look. What is carton Before we talk about the Caton problem, we need to […]

  • Hmmsearch looks for similar sequences


    Hmmer is a very powerful software package for biological sequence analysis based on Hidden Markov model. Its general purpose isIdentify homologous proteins or nucleotide sequencesandSequence alignment。 Compared with blast, FASTA and other sequence alignment and database search tools, Hmmer is more accurate. hmmsearch is used to search one or more profiles against a sequence database. […]

  • Enhanced throttle


    throttleTrotte: for a certain period of time, no matter how many callbacks you trigger, I only recognize the first time and timeRespond at the end. The so-called “throttling” is achieved by ignoring the callback request generated later for a period of timeAnti shakeDebounce: in a certain period of time, no matter how many callbacks you […]

  • Too many ZABBIX alarm processes


    In the morning, I saw the ZABBIX alarm: there are too many system processes.     The first reaction is to look at the threshold set by the trigger. Here we set it according to the actual environment. The default setting of ZABBIX is 300, which can be set according to your actual situation:   […]

  • 25. Kubernetes (k8s) note authentication, authorization and access control (V) access control


    admission control 1、 What is the access control of k8sAfter the resource is created and authenticated, Kube apiserver intercepts the data before writing it to etcd, and then changes the resource and determines its correctness. LimitRange,ResourceQuota Objective: to control the resource usage in a specific namespace, and finally realize the fair use and cost control […]

  • Microservice architecture | 5.2 sentinel based service current limiting and fusing


    catalogue preface 1. Sentinel Basics 1.1 sentinel features 1.2 composition of sentinel 1.3 9 functions on sentinel console 1.4 working principle of sentinel 1.5 sentinel source code analysis 2. Install and run sentinel console 2.1 installation package installation sentinel console 2.1.1 download Sentinel 2.1.2 start sentinel console with command 2.1.3 accessing sentinel console 2.2 source […]

  • Hand tear series AdaBoost


    Introduction: Last time, we introduced that AdaBoost is an iterative algorithm. Its core idea is to train different classifiers (weak classifiers) for the same training set, and then collect these weak classifiers to form a stronger final classifier (strong classifier). This time, we will use a simple example to disassemble the calculation process of AdaBoost […]

  • Event driven hotstuff protocol


    Introduction to hotstuff Hotstuff is a BFT consensus agreement: Basic HotStuff ->Chained hotstuff // pipeline improves throughput ->Event driven hotstuff // safety and liveness are decoupled for simpler implementation A proposal proposed by the leader in basic hotstuff can only be submitted for execution at the following stages:Prepare -> PreCommit -> Commit -> Decide, the […]

  • RT-qPCR


    RT qPCR: PCR is carried out with cDNA as template. In the process of PCR amplification, the PCR process is detected in real time by collecting fluorescent signals. Since there is a linear relationship between the CT value of the template and the initial copy number of the template in the exponential period of PCR […]

  • Actual combat of springcloud microservice — building an enterprise level development framework (XV): integrating sentinel high availability traffic management framework [downgrading]


    In addition to flow control, fusing and degrading unstable resources in the call link is also one of the important measures to ensure high availability. Due to the complexity of the call relationship, if a resource in the call link is unstable, it will eventually lead to the accumulation of requests. Sentinel degradation will limit […]

  • JVM – four ways for objects to enter the old age – 2 (practical part)


    Four ways for objects to enter the old age After minor GC, the space in the survivor area cannot accommodate all surviving objects The surviving object reached the age threshold. Like 15 Large object Dynamic age judgment In this section, the main topic is that the surviving object reaches the age threshold. Like 15. Of […]