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  • Differences between C + + and C ternary operators


    ternary operator Ternary operation expression: < expression 1 >< Expression 2 >: < expression 3 >For example: (a>b) ? a:b Differences between C and C + + ternary operators In C language, the ternary operator returns the value of a variable, that is, it cannot be an lvalue. #include<stdio.h> int main() { int a = […]

  • Hide function 1


    insert overwrite table … partition(platform_id) select if(user_id regexp(‘.*:.*’),user_id,concat(platform_id,’:’,user_id)) as user_id, …, last_onlined_at,created_at,rating_score,updated_at,noise,platform_id from `XXX`; concat concat(platform_id,’:’,user_id)) asuser_idConcat splice alias is user_ id if If () is equivalent to the ternary operatorIf (conditional expression, result 1, result 2) is equivalent to the ternary operator in Java, but the expression types behind if can be different.The equal […]

  • Trinary operator (c + +)


    1、 Introduction Fixed format ?: Trinary operator:Can be used in assignment statements The expression of binocular operation is as follows?: Note:”?” The meaning of the operator is: first calculate the value of expression 1, if it is true, then execute expression 2 and return the result of expression 2; If the value of expression 1 […]

  • Priority of expressions and operators in Java Foundation


    Precedence of expressions and operators According to the number of operands, operators are divided into Monocular operators + 5, – 6, + +, — Binocular operator x + y Trinary operator x? Y: Z The type and value of the expression Type of expression: the value data type of expression is the type of expression […]

  • Null aware in dart


    Come to this article to show that you must want to go a step further in DART’s Grammar (not surprisingly, you are learning flutter). This article will talk about the null aware operator in dart language! background DART’s null aware comes fromDart 1.12Official version: You can also have a lookOfficial website version introduction purpose Since […]

  • Using spring El expression for trinomial operation


    Link to the original text: http://www.yiidian.com/spring/spring-el-three-mesh-operator.html Spiel supports ternary operators to implement conditional statements. 1、 Write bean class Item class: package com.yiidian.domain; /** * * @author http://www.yiidian.com * */ public class Item { private int qtyOnHand; public int getQtyOnHand() { return qtyOnHand; } public void setQtyOnHand(int qtyOnHand) { this.qtyOnHand = qtyOnHand; } } Customer class: […]

  • React modifies a property value in an array object


    Generally, we willControllerThe data in the controller is processed toViewThe (view) layer is displayed. This simple assignment method is as follows this.setSate({ toList: response.data }) The implementation of Vue is as follows this.todoList = response.data; For example, this is the data passed to us by the background, How can we change the value of one […]

  • Say goodbye to code redundancy! How to write if else elegantly


    preface:When we write JS code, we often encounter complex logical judgments. Usually, you can use if / else or switch to realize multiple conditional judgments. However, there is a problem. With the increase of logic complexity, if / else / switch in the code will become more and more cumbersome, and the readability will also […]