• Detailed explanation of the meaning of CSV data set config sharing mode in JMeter


    CSV Data Set Config in Sharing Mode – Made Easy In order to make the performance test more realistic, it is better not to use the same user in each thread group. Therefore, you need a way to configure Apache JMeter ™ To use different users with unique user data, and propose ideas on how […]

  • Lessons from the past: talk about the “pit” trampled on the landing desktop of nail flutter | Dutter


    Author: liutaiju (Yuliang) The “Dutter series of articles” will describe the technical practice and experience of nailing the cross four end application framework (code Dutter) built based on flutter, which is divided into two parts, the first part can be clickedScheme design and technical practice of Dutter 𞓜 nail flutter span four endsThank you for […]

  • Thread safety, do you understand the word?


    preface Remember the first time you metThread safety“When it comes to this word? The first time I came across the word thread safety was when I was learning multi-threaded concurrent operation. I saw the word appeared in other people’s articles and said that there were various thread safe classes. But at the beginning, I didn’t […]

  • [Dubbo source code] 22 A complete RPC call


    preface After such a long time, all the preparations for RPC communication are ready when Dubbo is started. Service exposed Party: Register yourself in the registry When the netty server is enabled, it is used to accept requests Service consumer: Register yourself in the registry Get the service list of a service The invoker object […]

  • Load balancing algorithm implemented in Java — polling and weighted polling


    1. general polling algorithm Round robin (RR) allocates the user’s access requests to the web service nodes in a circular order, starting from 1 to the end of the last server node, and then starts a new round of the cycle. This algorithm is simple, but does not take into account the specific performance of […]

  • Multitasking programming in Python


    Article reprinted from Dongling PavilionGoodmai haomai.com prefacePython program code is loaded and executed in a top-down order, but the actual tasks that need code processing do not need to be executed in a step-by-step order. Generally, in order to improve the efficiency of code execution, multiple code execution tasks need to be executed at the […]

  • C\expression collection


    1: General overview         1: Get attribute value:         2: Call method         3: Dynamic tectonic conditions     4: Create object    5:Switch Case   6: Try catch and capture exception information and output    7:if  esle    8:+  / +=   9: + = […]

  • Install and modify my CNF profile


    preface In the early stage, after MySQL master-slave replication, it was found that the reading and writing of the database was very slow, and the number of MySQL connections was often too small, leading to the collapse of the entire database. By modifying my CNF configuration file parameters to achieve rational utilization of the maximum […]

  • [phase 13] first and second experience of back-end development interns in station B


    Write at the top: non professional class slag Shuo was transcoded for one year last year. He is not a big man. He is pure Xiaobai (developed by go language). One side (about 70min) First, introduce yourself. (more traditional, just describe your own technology stack) The relationship between threads and processes. How threads communicate. The […]

  • Sync Cond


    1. communication mode in the program There is a famous saying in go language:“Do not use shared memory to communicate, but use communication to share memory”。 In programming language, communication modes are divided into inter process communication and inter thread communication. Interprocess communication, common methods: Named pipeline Unnamed Pipes signal Shared memory Message queue Signal […]

  • Billions of visits per day! Interpreting the high energy evolution of personal push API gateway


    Recently, Li Bai, a technical expert at the personal push server, was invited to participate in the segmentfault D-Day online technology live broadcast activity to explore the “evolution path of back-end architecture” with back-end technical experts from leading Internet enterprises. With the theme of “the evolution of API gateway”, Li Bai shared the practical experience […]

  • Spring event mechanism


    Spring event Publishing Spring event interfaces and annotations 1. In spring events, you can publish native object details or implement event classes by inheriting applicationevent. Applicationlistener<e extensions applicationevent> interfaceIn all beans managed by spring, the classes that implement this interface @EventListener(Clazz)Directly publish the native object, which does not need to inherit the applicationevent interface. When […]