• An API hang analysis of a cloud procurement platform based on. Net


    1: Background 1. Tell a story I haven’t written a blog for about two months. My friends who pay attention to me should know that I have recently spent my energy on the planet. In the past two months, there have been friends asking for help on how to analyze dump. Some friends are too […]

  • How to replace synchronized with lock


    In multithreading, before version 1.5, we used synchronous code blocks or synchronous methods to solve thread safety problems For example: Synchronous code block Synchronized (lock object){ Function code;   } Synchronization method   public synchronized void test(){ Function code;   } //Finish sharing data first   class Person{   String name;   boolean isMoney=true; //Earn money   public void zhengQian(){   synchronized(this){   while(!isMoney){ […]

  • Create a set of APM monitoring system with the most complete client functions


    APM is the abbreviation of application performance monitoring, which monitors and manages the performance and availability of software applications. Application performance management is very important for the continuous and stable operation of an application. So this article talks about how to accurately monitor and report data from the perspective of IOS app performance management App […]

  • Distributed service fuse downgraded current limiter to hystrix


    Original address 1 Original address 2 Full text overview [TOC] Why need hystrix Hystrix official website address GitHub Hystrix is also Netfix’s contribution to distributed systems. Similarly, it has entered the non maintenance phase. Not maintaining does not mean being eliminated. It can only show that the new technology is constantly iterative. The brilliant design […]

  • Creating threads using thread class in Java multithreaded programming


    There are two ways to create threads in Java: using the thread class and using the runnable interface. When using the runnable interface, you need to create a thread instance. Therefore, whether a thread is established through the thread class or the runnable interface, an instance of the thread class or its subclass must be […]

  • Go group friends asked: how much goroutine quantity is appropriate, which will affect GC and scheduling?


    If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to communicate and collide in time. My official account is “fish in my brain”. GitHub address:https://github.com/eddycjy。 Hello, I’m fried fish. A few days ago, I saw a small partner in the reader exchange group and sent out a fatal question, that is:“How many goroutines are […]

  • Cache and database double write consistency | database


    preface As we all know, when optimizing and improving the performance of the project, we introduced a concept of caching, that is, a technology for caching data, a component that will be introduced in the initial architecture planning of the project. Using cache has many advantages: speeding up the response speed of requests, reducing database […]

  • Hytrix practical experience sharing


    1、 Background Hystrix is an open-source fault-tolerant framework of netlifx. It is a sharp anti avalanche weapon. It has the functions of service degradation, service fusing, dependency isolation, monitoring (hystrix dashboard), etc. Although hytrix is no longer officially maintained, and there are new frameworks such as Alibaba sentinel, in terms of component maturity and application […]

  • Constructing MySQL master-slave environment with docker


    preface This article records that I use docker compose and dockerfile to build a MySQL master-slave environment based on binlog. If you strictly follow the steps in this article, I believe you can soon build a basic MySQL master-slave environment. introduce MySQL master-slave synchronization is divided into five steps: The master node writes the data […]

  • [rtthread learning notes series] Part 1: timer


    1、 Timer concept1.1 clock beat Clock beat is the smallest time unit of the system, macro RT_ TICK_ PER_ When the second is 100, the time of a clock beat is 10ms, and the clock beat is also the smallest unit of thread time slice. In STM32, the clock beat is realized through systick interrupt. […]

  • IOS pop-up priority scheduler: fgpopupscheduler


    GitHub address: fgpopupschedulerSupport cocopods, easy to use and efficient basic components. preface According to the test feedback a few days ago, when a new user just opened the app, due to too many pop-up windows and a translucent guide layer, pop-up windows often cover each other and even block the normal process. To solve such […]

  • How to configure thread pool rejection policy in spring boot to properly handle overflow tasks


    Through the previous three blog posts on the implementation of spring boot asynchronous tasks, we learnedCreate asynchronous task with @ Async、Configure thread pools for asynchronous tasks、Use multiple thread pools to isolate different asynchronous tasks。 Today, we continue to improve and optimize the above knowledge! If you have read the above articles and have mastered them, […]