• Big country pride, domestic distributed scheduling system, you may know, but not in-depth


    Write in front: Xiaobian advocates systematic learning. No matter what kind of technology is popular or not, it can form a whole set of knowledge system If you don’t believe me, you can see my recent article The first time I saw such a complete knowledge map of redis, the boss no longer had to […]

  • Thinking and seeking the truth about the conclusion of the article of the refined code farmer


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Yesterday, in the front page of the editor in the garden, I saw an article written by the master of fine code agriculture, entitled:[C #. Net addendum] 10: understanding volatile keyword (https://www.cnblogs.com/willi…In a multithreaded environment, a bug that does not appear in debug but appears in release. The original […]

  • Anti avalanche sharp device: the principle and application of fuse hystrix


    preface In a distributed system, a basic service is often unavailable, which makes the whole system unavailable. This phenomenon is called service avalanche effect. In order to deal with the service avalanche, a common method is manual service degradation. The emergence of hystrix provides us with another choice Definition of service avalanche effect The avalanche […]

  • Computer basic summary of 2021 autumn recruitment interview – operating system


    A series of articles: 2021 autumn recruitment interview computer foundation summary – algorithm, data structure, design pattern, Linux Computer foundation summary of 2021 autumn recruitment interview – Java foundation, JVM, spring framework Computer foundation summary of 2021 autumn recruitment interview database, redis Computer basic summary of 2021 autumn recruitment interview – operating system Computer foundation […]

  • Summary after reading MySQL (3)


    A series of articles: Summary after reading MySQL Summary after reading MySQL (2) Summary after reading MySQL (3) There is something wrong with the master library. What about the slave library? The basic one master multi slave structure is as follows In the figure, the dashed arrow indicates the master-slave relationship, that is, a and […]

  • Kafka real combat: how to reduce Kafka message delay by 10 times per second


    background A large domestic tax system, business application distributed cloud transformation. Business challenges As shown in the figure above, it is a concurrent access model that simulates the business web pages of customers. The user clicks on the page to generate an HTTP request. When the request is sent to the business production process, a […]

  • The process of entering URL to display page


    The whole process includes two sub processesNavigationandRendering 1、 Navigation The user enters the URL and returns The browser process checks the URL and assembles the protocol to form a complete URL The browser process sends the URL request to the network process through IPC After receiving the URL request, the network process checks whether the […]

  • Overview of job management of dry goods time series database dolphin DB


    Job is the most basic execution unit in dolphin dB, which can be simply understood as one execution of a piece of dolphin DB script code in dolphin DB system. Jobs can be divided into synchronous jobs and asynchronous jobs according to whether they are blocked or not. Synchronous job Synchronous jobs are also known […]

  • Animation development browser rendering related


    Page rendering process Let’s look at some of the classic flow charts Browser infrastructure We have always said that JavaScript is single threaded, but browsers are multi-threaded. They cooperate with each other to keep synchronization under the control of the kernel. The main resident threads are: GUI rendering thread Responsible for rendering interface, parsing HTML, […]

  • ThreadLocal source code analysis


    ThreadLocal What is it? First of all, from the name, it means thread local. You can think that all threads in ThreadLocal belong to the thread itself. In fact, the ThreadLocal object can provide thread local variables. ThreadLocal creates a copy of the variables in each thread, and each thread can access its own internal […]

  • MySQL learning notes (20): optimizing MySQL server


    This article was updated on April 5, 2020, using MySQL 5.7 and operating system deepin 15.4. catalog MySQL architecture MySQL memory optimization MyISAM memory optimization key_ buffer_ Size settings Using multi index caching Adjust the midpoint insertion strategy Adjust read_ buffer_ Size and read_ rnd_ buffer_ size InnoDB memory optimization innodb_ buffer_ pool_ Size settings […]

  • The art of JVM class loader (2)


    Sharing is the transmission of value. Like it introduction Today we continue to analyze the content of class loader in depth. Last class we talked about the basic content of class loader. Please pay more attention to those who haven’t seen it. Today we continue. What are defining class loaders and initializing class loaders? Define […]