• Ajax callback function using $(this) can not get the object solution


    The following jQuery code can achieve the expected effect. Copy codeThe code is as follows: $(“.derek”).each(function(){ $(this).click(function(){ var params = $(this).parent().serialize(); var obj=$(this).parent().siblings(“div#caskContent”); var form=$(this).parent(); $.ajax({ url:”editCaskContent”, type:”post”, data:params, dataType:”json”, success:function(e){ obj.empty(); Obj. HTML (“< font color = \” ා00aa00 \ “> follow up: < / font >”);obj.append(e.caskContent); form.toggle(); Alert (“modified successfully!”);}, error:function(e){ alert(e); } […]

  • this.parentNode.parentNode What does (the parent node of the parent node) mean


    The parent node of the parent node, for example, has such a segmentHTML: Copy code The code is as follows: <form> <div> < div > < input type = button “value = delete” onclick = delete me( this.parentNode.parentNode );”></div> </div> </form> In that case, what’s in there this.parentNode It’s divb, and this.parentNode.parentNode The so-called parentnode […]

  • C # this keyword usage code detailed explanation


    Usage 1 is the original type extension method First of all, the type following this is to expand the type of method. Pay attention to the static method written in the static class, otherwise it will be accessed in some cases /// <summary> ///Extension classes are used to extend methods for the original class /// […]

  • Explain the link management function of WordPress


    Keyword Description: function management link can be explained in this add information website This time we’ll talk about WordPress link management. In every WordPress website, users will list some websites they often visit (mostly blogs). WordPress calls this blogroll, which is actually what we call friendship links. In the WordPress management background, blogroll is listed […]

  • WordPress Options tab function


    Keyword Description: the function tag option can be set by the default blog user Last time, we talked about WordPress user management. Now let’s look at the setting of options. In the previous tutorial 7, we briefly mentioned the function of each sub label under the option label. Let’s introduce it in detail. routineGeneral options […]

  • Some experience of rookie using WordPress to build a station


    Key words description: xindejianzhan can use rookie to create a theme article in this sidebar This week, I learned to use WordPress as an independent blog, and then I accumulated some rookie experience. I record it to help rookies like me. Please don’t laugh    One theme  1.1 column location  Topics are generally divided by column number. Some topics […]

  • A detailed explanation of the usage of VaR that = this in the development of wechat applet


    In wechat applet development, the declaration of VaR that = this is very common. For example, the code is as follows! Example code 1 //index.js Page({ data: { toastHidden: true, }, loadData: function () { Var that = this // that is declared here; this is stored in that wx.request({ url: ‘test.php’, data: {a: ‘a’, […]

  • How to use this in HTML tag


    For example: Copy code The code is as follows: <html> <head> <script type=”text/javascript”> function showHint(str){ alert(str) ; } </script> </head> <body> < input type = “text” onkeyup = “showhint (this. Value)” / ></body> </html> The operation result is: after inputting characters into the text box through the keyboard, when the key is raised (that is, […]

  • On the difference between return * this and return this in C / C + +


    First of all, we know~ class Test { public: Test() { Return this; // the address of the current object returned } Test&() { Return * this; // returns the current object itself } Test() { Return * this; // returns the clone of the current object } private: //… }; Return * this returns […]

  • Understanding this from the ES specification


    Understanding this from the ES specification I thought I was very skilled in this in JS. After reading Li Yu’s blog, I found that I knew little about ES specification. I used to judge this based on experience. This article will introduce this judgment from the bottom ES specification. This article has been synchronized to […]

  • Some Simple Use Skills of FreeBSD


    1. Archives structure is very important in unix-like, so how do we look at the description of relevant archives directory structure? Is it CD in every directory? In fact, there is a better way. That is to use a good man to see: # man hier 2. When operating under console, because the screen display […]

  • Knowledge of FREEBSD


    1. Archives structure is very important in unix-like, so how to look at the description of relevant archives directory structure? Is it CD in every directory? In fact, there is a better way. That is to use a good man to see: # man hier   After clicking the Pause or Scroll Lock key, you […]