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  • CentOS install Kafka


    1、 Download Download address: http://kafka.apache.org/downloads 2、 Installation 1. Preparation before installation Installing JDK: CentOS installing JDK Installing zookeeper: CentOS installing zookeeper 2. Decompress shell> tar -zxvf kafka_2.12-2.2.0.tgz -C /usr/local/ 3. Configuration shell> cd /usr/local/kafka_2.12-2.2.0/config shell> vim server.properties Edit the following #The default is / TMP / Kafka logs, which may be deleted log.dirs=/usr/local/kafka_2.12-2.2.0/logs #Listen to […]

  • Install Smarty into MVC architecture


    First, composer.json { “require”: { “smarty/smarty”: “^3.1” }, //Autoload //You can find the autoloader to add yourself in the autoload field of composer.json “autoload”: { “psr-4”: { “App\\Controllers\\”: “Controllers/”, “App\\Models\\”: “Models/”, “Tools\\”: “Tools/” } } } Models/Users.php <?php // model层数据库操作演示 namespace App\Models; class Users { // 数据存入数据库演示 public function store() { echo 'store into database'; […]

  • Manually install Apache + PHP + MySQL under Windows


    How to manually install Apache, PHP and MySQL on windows? Another similar article: manually install Apache, PHP, MySQL server and composer on windows, with less content, but newer date, and a few different contents for reference. Some of the setting methods are not in the original text, but are added to this article when solving […]

  • Front and back cookie interaction


    Cookie is that as long as the cookie of the client (browser) is open and has data, it will be automatically added to the HTTP request message every time it is requested. The background can then receive and observe the cookies in real timejs <body> <div> < input id = “inval” type = “text” / […]

  • Which microservice framework will you choose in 2020?


    Preface By 2020, Java is still one of the most popular programming languages for building web applications, although it has to face fierce competition from new languages such as go, Python and typescript. Within the Java world, the spring framework has become the de facto standard for microservice development. Through libraries such as spring boot […]

  • Mac update node version


    Mac upgrade nodejs and NPM to the latest version First, check the local node.js version: node -v Step 2: clear the cache of node.js: sudo npm cache clean -f Step 3: install the N tool, which is specially used to manage the node.js version. Don’t doubt the name of the tool. It’s him. His name […]

  • Linux tcpdump and VRF


    Set up the experimental environment as shown in the figure below: The configuration script is as follows: [email protected]:~/vrftcpdump$ cat test.sh #!/bin/bash sudo ip netns add ns1 sudo ip link add ns1veth1 type veth peer name eth0 netns ns1 sudo ip netns add ns2 sudo ip link add ns2veth1 type veth peer name eth0 netns ns2 […]

  • Python elegant access to native IP method


    I’ve seen a lot of codes to obtain the local IP address of the server, but I don’t think they are very good, for example Not recommended: get local IP by guessing #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import socket import fcntl import struct def get_ip_address(ifname): s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM) return socket.inet_ntoa(fcntl.ioctl( s.fileno(), 0x8915, […]

  • Using apt mirror to build local apt source


    When building large-scale projects (such as sonic), it is often necessary to install a large number of DEB dependencies. This process is very slow. You can speed up compilation by building local apt sources. Install apt mirror sudo apt-get install apt-mirror Modify apt mirror configuration file sudo vim /etc/apt/mirror.list Refer to the following profile: ############# […]

  • Solution to pop up the prompt “unable to access Android SDK add on list” when Android studio is first installed and started


    1、 Problem description After the initial installation of Android studio, an error is reported as follows: unable to access android sdk add-on lis As shown in the picture: 2、 Cause analysis After as is started, it will check whether there is an Android SDK in the default path. If not, the above error will be […]

  • CentOS 7.4 install JDK1.8 and Tomcat 8.5


    Environmental Science CentOS 7.4 (Note: CentOS is above 7.0, installed in the virtual machine VMware 12.5) Tomcat8.5 (official website 64 bit) JDK1.8 (official website 64 bit) tool Xshell (remote terminal emulation) FileZilla (transfer files to Linux) IP address // view the local IP address Ifconfig // view the local IP step 1. Install JDK Download […]

  • A simple way to run war package with docker


    Just downloaded a java servlet demo. The file format is war. To browse its effect, you need to install a Tomcat environment on your computer. But because Tomcat is not installed on the computer, it is more convenient to use docker. There are many ways to use docker to run war packages on the Internet. […]