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  • Configuration of SSH and HTTP in gitlab environment


    After the gitlab environment is deployed, there are two ways to download gitlab code locally or remotely: SSH and HTTP 1) SSH: a relatively secure way, which requires uploading the local public key to gitlab: Profile Settings > SSH keys > add an SSH key SSH mode can be used in three modes of gitlabWindow […]

  • Configuration of flutter environment variables in Mac OS


    reference resourcesThis article) //Android SDK environment variable configuration (those not configured need to be configured) export ANDROID_HOME=”/Users/WES319MAC/Library/Android/sdk” export PATH=${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/tools export PATH=${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/platform-tools //Open (or create). Bash_ profile open -e .bash_profile Add the following code to the file edit and save the fileexport PUB_HOSTED_URL=https://pub.flutter-io.cnexport FLUTTER_STORAGE_BASE_URL=https://storage.flutter-io.cnexport PATH=/Users/WES319MAC/Library/flutter/bin:$PATH be careful:1. Because some flutter commands need to be connected to […]

  • Network configuration of Linux CentOS 7.6 under Windows 10 (for NAT mode)


    [environment / version] windows 10 / CentOS 7.6 [question] what is the reason that the configuration failed for several days? [trial process] First of all, download and install the tutorial from the Internet, and follow the tutorial step by step. After installation, it is found that the virtual machine Ping is not connected to the […]

  • Start from scratch and use Django to write a blog 1


    After the installation is successful, we can create the Django projectI call it note django-admin.py startproject note Then we can get the following catalog . └── note ├── manage.py └── note ├── __init__.py ├── settings.py ├── urls.py └── wsgi.py Then type in python manage.py runserver This IP depends on your own environmentGenerally, when testing […]

  • Android: okhttp + spring MVC file parser to upload photos from Android to server


    A. Foreword: in order to solve the problem of Android uploading photos to the server 1. Get the photo album permission, select the photo and get the photo URL 2. Use okhttp to access the server and send photos to the server 3. Configure spring MVC file parser 4. Build a server to obtain data […]

  • Oracle exception handling – ora-12514: the listener currently does not recognize the service requested in the connection descriptor


    Oracle11g, which can be used directly after the installation. Today, an error is reported with PLSQL link. The error code is: ora-12514: the listener cannot recognize the service requested in the connection descriptor. The solution of this kind of abnormality has been found on the Internet, which is specially recorded here. There are generally two […]

  • Universal runtime of webassembly — wasmer


    Wasmer supports an ultra lightweight container based on web assembly, which can run anywhere from desktop to cloud and IOT devices, and can be embedded in any programming language. By design, the environment in which the webassembly module runs is completely isolated (or sandboxed) from the native functions of the underlying host system. This means […]

  • Quick start to docker (1)


    Quick start to docker sketch Developers can package their applications and dependency packages into a lightweight, portable container, and then publish them to any popular Linux machine. Virtualization can also be realized.Here are two important overviews: image container Overview 1: image The image can be understood as something like a CD, which can be used […]

  • Installation and configuration of MySQL


    Installation and configuration of MySQL Docker installing MySQL Build a MySQL database environment through docker, and start multiple MySQL versions at the same time. Before installation, it’s better to install itdockerLet’s take a look at the version of MySQL on the official website. For the version with more specific requirements, install mysql. Assuming you have […]

  • Solution to the conflict of SQL Server’s sorting rules


    Question:In the development of project database, sometimes the scripts we write have no problem when they are executed locally, but when they are deployed to the server, they are wrong when the scripts run. The Chinese and English error messages are as follows.English: unable to solve the “SQL” problem in equal to operation_ Latin1_ General_ […]

  • Virtual machine CentOS cluster construction


    When we build a redis cluster, a zookeeper cluster, a Hadoop cluster, or a kafaka cluster, we need to use multiple machines, so building a cluster server is a basic literacy of a back-end programmer. The goal of this paper is to prepare to build five Linux virtual machines 1. Software preparation CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1611.iso、 2. Installation […]

  • An error occurred while yarn was installing the package


    error An unexpected error occurred: “https://registry.npm.taobao.org/egg: tunnel ing socket could not be established, cause=getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND 9999 Guess the reason: the machine has a proxy toolresolvent: yarn config set proxy http://localhost:port yarn config set https-proxy http://localhost:port Acceleration method: yarn config set registry https://registry.npm.taobao.org –global //View configuration yarn config list