• Seata distributed transaction failure notification


    1、 Background In our useSeataAs a distributed transaction, sometimes our distributed transaction can not succeed every time, and we need to notify these failed distributed transactions. This article briefly records how to implement notification. 2、 Function realization The email notification is simulated here, but the email is not really sent, but a log is simply […]

  • Study java programming ideas


    The so-called study is “like a duel, like a chisel, like a thought” in the University. I have been working on the book “Java programming ideas” for three years. It is the best written Java programming book in the world and one of the most helpful books to me. Every time I open it, I […]

  • Mvcc mechanism in MySQL


    Mvcc (multi version concurrency control), multi version concurrency control. Mvcc is a method of concurrency control. By maintaining the records of multiple versions of data, it solves the concurrent read-write conflict in a lock free way. The purpose is to avoid locking in case of read-write conflict. MySQL’s InnoDB engine uses mvcc. Related concepts To […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 41 – # each register


    Each register Recall the last lesson Last time was copy and paste yIs to put thingsyankTo register is to copy dIs to put thingsdeleteTo register is to cut yankYou can also cooperatemotion Whether it isyank、deletePut things in the default register The default is””` In addition to the default What else to play with? We can […]

  • NoSQL


    NoSQL NoSQL is a new way to design Internet scale database solutions It is not a product or a technology, but a term that defines a set of database technology. It is not based on the traditional RDBMS principles SQL The concept of RDBMS comes from the white paper entitled “data relationship model for large […]

  • What is the difference between any and anyobject?


    Any: it can represent any type of class, structure and enum, including functions and optional types. Basically, it can be said to be anything. Anyobject: it refers to any instance of a category. This is only useful when using a reference type. This is equivalent to the ‘ID’ in Objective-C. Any If your dictionary can […]

  • You play dbeaver. Let’s experience it.


    Always thinking and writing something. But to tell you the truth, people are really bereaved recently. To what extent? I just don’t have any interest in anything. I just paddle when I can and don’t do it when I can. At home, I don’t even want to play games. I don’t want to move my […]

  • R2dbc mybatis integration


    R2dbc mybatis integration Framework involved r2dbc-spi r2dbc-pool reactor-core mybatis mybatis-dynamic-sql spring-r2dbc Background reasons When intervening in the reactive technology stack, the originalmybatisIn the process of framework reactivation, the technical difficulties encountered in integrating transaction I have investigated many reactive application frameworks in the community, exceptSpring-R2DBCIn addition, most things processing and connection management are still stuck […]

  • How does MySQL achieve transaction isolation?


    preface As we all know, MySQL’s query data under RR isolation level can ensure that the data is not affected by other things. Under RC isolation level, as long as other things commit, the data will read the data after commit. What is the principle of thing isolation? By what? That must be through the […]

  • Fluent notes | records some problems encountered in the process of using fluent on MacOS


    Accumulate bit by bit and follow the chicken boss ~ preface Whenever you come into contact with a new thing, you will always encounter some problems that want to spray people. Although it’s so simple to look back in the later stage, how could you fall out of the pit at the beginning? It happened […]

  • The purpose of learning is output


    ! The purpose of learning is output. Feynman learning method is a return to the essence of learning. It is also a thorough transformation of our way of thinking and analysis. Most of our study is to understand a new thing or understand a new invention, but new things are not created out of nothing, […]

  • Is Kafka related to AMQP?


    irrelevant! AMQP is rabbitmq and has nothing to do with Kafka. Reference article:The difference between rabbitmq and Kafka