• On the skin changing scheme of five top digital currency exchanges (contract trading)


    The most common skin changing scheme for web pages method characteristic Use class namespace Simple, no learning cost Prepare multiple CSS themes Advanced version of namespace, no learning cost Generating multiple theme styles by CSS preprocessing Rapid development, need to learn the corresponding syntax and packaging processing CSS in JS skin Easy to start, with […]

  • EMQ x enterprise (mqtt broker) + Apache Kafka to build high performance Internet of things message processing background


    background In all kinds of Internet of things projects, the messages generated by the devices not only affect the devices, but also need to be used by the business system to achieve functions such as security audit, traffic billing, data statistics, notification trigger, etc., which are similar to those easily completed through the following prototype […]

  • Atom flight manual translation: 3.5 create theme


    create themes Atom’s interface is rendered using HTML, and styles are defined through less, which is a superset of CSS. Don’t worry about having never heard of less before. It’s similar to CSS, but with some convenient extensions. Atom supports two themes: UI and syntax. UI themes define styles for elements such as tree views, […]

  • Conscience tool recommendation! Free online mind map, offline without advertising


    Technical editor: Zong en from sifou newoffice SegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault Mindmaps may be a better choice. Mindmaps is a mind mapping application based on HTML 5. It can help you use simple mind map in browser. Using mind map through browser can not only save the storage space of […]

  • Translation of atom Flight Manual: 3.9 conversion from Textmate


    Convert from Textmate There may be themes and syntax in Textmate that you like or use, and you want to convert them to atom. If so, you’re lucky, because there are many tools you can use to convert them. Convert Textmate bundle The Textmate bundle transformation allows you to use Textmate preferences, snippets, and colors […]

  • 23 interview questions you should know about laravel


    Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t… For discussion, please go to the professional laravel Developer Forum: https://learnku.com/laravel Explore the top 20 laravel interview questions you should know before your next technical interview. Q1: what is laravel? Subject:LaravelDifficulty: A kind of LaravelIs a free open source php web framework, created by Taylor otwell, which aims to develop web applications […]

  • Introduction to Kafka minimalism (3) — creating topic


    Review the introduction to Kafka minimalism (2) — Installation Topic is the smallest unit of interaction between producers and consumers in Kafka. We start with topic and create the first topic Go to the bin directory of Kafka and we find a kafka-topics.sh script 1. Create topic Officially recommended if Kafka version is greater than […]

  • It’s so refreshing to change your sublime text to soda theme


    Since I used sublime to write code, the theme style has always been the default one. It’s pure black. I think it’s cool for a short time, but it’s a long time, especially for the code at night. It’s a piece of black paint. It’s aesthetic fatigue. So I changed the soda light this time. […]

  • Sublime text 3 novice toss


    Sublime version selection Select sublime text 3. If it’s right, you can jump to the function definition, which is convenient for searching. At least it’s very attractive to users Sublime plug-in management 1. Install plug-in management package controllCtrl + ~Call up the console, copy the code and press enter (some of the items provided on […]

  • Deeply understand the offset management of Kafka [iv] consumers


    1、Offset Topic The consumer records the last position of the current consumption by submitting the offset, so as to facilitate the consumer to crash or have new consumers join the consumer group, and the resulting partition rebalancing operation, each consumer may be divided into different partitions. The version of Kafka I tested is: The […]

  • 8-6 “xadmin global configuration and summary of this chapter


    Modify adminx.py in any app and register. Modify name and subscript 1. Change namesite_title class GlobalSettings(object): Site title = Moxue background management system 2. Modify footersite_footer class GlobalSettings(object): Site title = Moxue background management system Site_footer = MOXUE Online 3. Effective registration xadmin.site.register(xadmin.views.CommAdminView, GlobalSettings) 4. Results Modify basic settings such as theme 1. Add and […]

  • 9420 toolbox Kafka monitoring tool


    Kafka consumption monitoring tool Monitor the consumption status, offset, total log amount and remaining amount of each topic and partition of each consumption group For the consumption congestion partition, you can check the nearby data to see what causes the consumption congestion It can manage themes, add and delete themes, simulate data sending, and only […]