• Deployment of backstage management system based on keystone JS


    Environment installation: Node environment (node, NPM, NVM management recommended) PM2 installation (NPM install – G PM2) Nginx installation Redis installation Mongo installation Project deployment: Download code (GIT clone) establish config.js () NPM install (project directory) Configuring nginx reverse proxy pm2 start bin/www Connect to remote Mongo server $ mongo –host xxx -u adminUserName -p userPassword […]

  • Flink Ecology: analysis of pulsar connector mechanism


    Apache pulsar is the next generation distributed messaging system of Yahoo open source. In September 2018, it graduated from Apache Software Foundation and became a top-level project. Pulsar’s unique layered and fragmented architecture not only ensures the performance and throughput of the big data message flow system, but also provides high availability, high scalability and […]

  • What is the directory layout of messages stored on disk in Kafka?


    Messages in Kafka are classified by topic, and each topic is logically independent of each other. Each topic can be divided into one or more partitions. The number of partitions can be specified when the topic is created or modified later. Each message will be added to the specified partition according to the partition rules […]

  • Team and leadership health check | physical examination form


    In this blog post, I want to share a powerful tool, leadership health check. This will help your management team to become stronger and reveal improvement opportunities for an active service leadership team to better empower the agile team you support. First, let’s start from scratch. In the agile coach’s toolbox, one of my favorite […]

  • How to understand the relationship between Kafka consumers and consumer groups?


    Corresponding to the producer is the consumer. The application can subscribe to the topic through Kafka consumer and pull messages from the subscribed topic. However, before using kafkaconsumer to consume messages, we need to understand the concepts of consumers and consumption groups, otherwise we cannot understand how to use kafkaconsumer. Today, we will first explain […]

  • Ubuntu20.04 taste Guide


    >>Original link Based on the previous “ubuntu18.04 trample pit record” re edit, add some new content, you can view the original to get all the content (partial violation)Network security lawHas been deleted in this article). The content mentioned in the article is basically applicable toUbuntu18.04andUbuntu20.04For specificUbuntuThe version will be explained in the title separately, for […]

  • Super detailed! Kafka getting started best practices


    Meet Kafka Introduction to Kafka Kafka is a distributed streaming media platformhttp://kafka.apache.org/ (1) There are three key functions of streaming media platform Publish and subscribe record flowSimilar to message queuing or enterprise messaging system. Fault tolerant persistent storageRecord stream. Record the processing flow when it occurs. (2) Kafka is usually used in two kinds of […]

  • Learn it, can let you work and study efficiency increase 10 times!


    Since childhood, the teacher has taught Xiaosi to take more notes, saying that good memory is not as good as bad writing, but the demerit notes are soon forgotten, and even when I look back, I don’t know what I remember at that time. I always hope that there is a better way to learn […]

  • The 10th meetup of Devops community in Shenzhen is coming!


    Activity background Nowadays, great changes are taking place in the field of software development and operation and maintenance. In order to cope with the rapid changes in business, enterprises have accelerated the pace of digital transformation. This technology salon with the theme of “Devops transformation and landing practice” is hosted by Devops community in China. […]

  • A visual editing tool for hmtl based on Bootstrap


    We use native JS to implement an HTML visual editing tool, and the page layout is based on bootstrap. In about a month, we got through the main technical barriers and realized the first version:   You can drag and drop to edit, and implement almost all the bootstrap predefined tool classes. In the design, […]

  • Please stop writing bad submission messages!


    I think we all have this experience You are developing a project that uses git for version control. You’ve just made changes and want to update the branch quickly. So, you open the terminal and update the remote branch with the changes you make through some quick commands. git add . git commit -m “added […]

  • How to change the theme of deepen20 system? How to set the theme of deepen20 terminal


    How to open the terminal in deepin20? After opening the terminal, you should first set a good theme for the terminal. The theme is the clothes of the program. Changing “new clothes” from time to time can improve the user’s work efficiency. How to set it? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. […]