• Talk about Kafka: building Kafka on Linux


    Welcome to my WeChat official account, old Chou chat architecture, the principle of Java back-end technology stack, source code analysis, architecture and various Internet high concurrency, high-performance and high availability solutions. 1、 Environmental preparation JDK download address link:jdk 1.8, extraction code: dv5hZookeeper download address link:zookeeper3.4.14 , extraction code: 3dchKafka download address link:kafka2.12, extraction code: 61bc […]

  • How to modify the style of deepin20 desktop icon? Tips for deepin changing icon themes


    The default icon style of deepin20 can be changed. How to change the icon theme and set it? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. The icon theme used by the default deepin20 is shown in the following figure. Users can change their favorite icon theme. First, click the icon on the taskbar【control center】。 […]

  • Cloud framework releases Kong API gateway theme, open source help attack ~


    It was released about a month agoCloud framework microservice architecture based on spring cloud, for almost a month The second topic of cloud frameworkKONG API GATEWAYI can finally show my ugly face! “Fast learning” & “Plug and play”Still the core idea ~ Talk is cheap,show you this project! Please help! GitHub address:https://github.com/cloudframe… Another preview [cloud […]

  • How to change vue.config.js to build different topics of the same project in vue3.0-vue-cli development environment


    Thinking: different customers of the same project have different themes. How to configure them to build different themes quickly and conveniently? … … … 1. Most people will think of extracting topics into separate CSS files (CSS precompiled language: less, stylus, SCSS) for subcontracting management, which is necessary 2. If it is multilingual, the corresponding […]

  • Android studio full screen immersive transparent status bar effect


    How? 1.) first, realize full screen The first one: inherit topic specific topic For Android API 19 and above, you can use the topics related to * * * *. Transparentdecor * * * with corresponding translucency effect. Theme.holo.noactionbar.transparentdecor and theme.holo.light.noactionbar.transparentdecor are newly added, so you need to create a values-v19 file folder and create […]

  • 18. Design mode – observer mode


    Observer mode can be said to be a design mode very close to our life. Why do you say so? There is a philosophical saying that “everything is connected”. The original meaning is that there is no isolated thing in the world, but in fact, it can also be understood that the occurrence of any […]

  • Application case of topic detection algorithm in R language community


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=5658 Original source:Tuo end data tribal official account Create topic network Research publications in Social Sciences, computers and informatics by analyzing texts and co-author social networks. One of the questions I have encountered is: how to measure the relationship (relevance) between themes? I want to create a web visualization that connects similar topics and […]

  • Build a high-throughput Kafka distributed publish subscribe message cluster


    Build a high-throughput Kafka distributed publish subscribe message cluster brief introduction Kafka is a high-throughput distributed publish subscribe message system, which can replace the traditional message queue for decoupling data processing and caching unprocessed messages. At the same time, it has higher throughput and supports partition, multiple copies and redundancy. Therefore, it is widely used […]

  • Playing through the blog sites, I sorted out Hugo and its popular style themes


    Building a blog website is one of the most common ways for individuals to enter the Internet world. With the development of website technology, how to build a blog website has become very easy. Of course, you can choose large websites such as Sina blog, CSDN and blog Garden to quickly create personal blogs that […]

  • Exploration of Web site dark mode


    There are some demo in this article, which is suitable for reading on PC Recently released his new bloghttps://xlbd.me, the blog site designed a dark mode style, but it was only based on media query at that timeperfers-color-schemaThe theme style switching with the system preference is implemented. This time, the user-defined light / dark theme […]

  • Perfect solution for Baidu app IOS dark mode adaptation


    One background In the opening speech of WWDC in 2009, Apple announced the new features of the upcoming ios13 darkmode. This new feature can not only protect vision at night, but also help users save power consumption for the latest generation of devices using OLEDs. However, this feature only supports systems above ios13. In order […]

  • Sublime Text 2 Plugin


    Before Android development, eclipse was always used as the editor. After contacting ruby, I began to use sublime text 2. Gradually, I found the benefits of this editor and relied on it more and more. Sublime text 2 is a lightweight, concise, efficient and cross platform editor. Its convenient color matching and compatible VIM shortcut […]