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  • Call, apply and bind in JS


    Call and apply call 1. Usage:foo.call(obj, arg1, arg2, …) -> It is mainly used to change the direction of this; function foo(year, place) {   console.log(this.name+” is “+year+” born from “+place); } window.name = ‘syz’; const obj = {   name: ‘syc’ } foo(1995, ‘china’); // syz is 1995 born from china foo.call(obj, 1995, ‘china’); // syc is 1995 born from china First of all, we need to know that this in each function is bound when it is called, and where this points to depends entirely on […]

  • What is the latest crazy SIR Epidemic Model in statistical science?


    Recently I saw a picture of SIR epidemic model posted on the Internet. Many people should not know much about this model. Let’s talk about this model today. This article is only about academic research, and does not discuss anything else. SIR model is one of the most classic models of infectious diseases. There are […]