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  • Interceptor intercept exploration in angular2


    original intention I saw angular2 officially released before. I looked at it in the past and felt good, so I went into the pit.In the process of using it, I want to write an interceptor like angular1 Interceptor in angular1 .factory(‘HttpRequestInterceptor’, [‘$q’, ‘$injector’, ‘ConfigService’, ‘DialogService’, function($q, $injector, ConfigService, DialogService) { return { request: function(config) { […]

  • Xiaobai Construction Station Series 1: Alibaba cloud CentOS installation pagoda panel


    Purchase servers. Alibaba cloud double 12 activities, 219 yuan to buy a three-year server, configuration is 1 core 2G memory, 40g storage. Select system and region. Because I was in Shenzhen, I chose South China. CentOS is a system used by many people. If you encounter problems, online search can basically solve them. In addition, […]

  • CentOS 7 Jenkins code build synchronization


    The first step is to install the Java version, which is 8 by default 1 Yum list java-1.8 * check whether the image source has java source package 2 Yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk * – y install JDK directly 3 Java – version view java version The second step is to install Jenkins for initial configuration […]

  • Learning notes – communication between multiple tabs in the browser


    Redux vuex this is a single page application cross page state management, multi page application cross page data transmission This topic mainly investigates the technical means of data interaction between tabs in multi page application. Multi page communication is mainly used Browser data storage mode: browser data storage mode is mainly solved by local storage, […]

  • Linux correctly set site permissions


    Objective: in order to ensure that the website will not be invaded by Trojan horse, upload and modify files.Relatively safe permissions 1. Users and groups for all directories and files in the site should be root 2. All directory permissions default to 755 3. The default permissions of all files are 644 (can’t change files) […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] docker swarm realizes the rolling update of services


    1、 What is docker swarm? Docker swarm is a cluster management tool officially provided by docker. Its main function is to abstract several docker hosts into a whole, and manage all kinds of docker resources on these docker hosts through a portal. Swarm and kubernetes are similar, but lighter and have fewer functions than kubernetes.Docker […]

  • Introduction to HTTP protocol


    web The world wide web is not a special computer network. The world wide web is a large-scale, on-line information repository, English abbreviation for web. The world wide web can easily visit one site on the Internet from another site (that is, the so-called “link to another site”), so as to actively obtain rich information […]

  • Centos7 common installation and configuration


    Yum install WGet yum -y install wget Delete SSH information SSH keygen – R ‘server IP’ mysql5.7 //There is no need to create your own download data file cd /home/data //Download mysql5.7 installation source wget https://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql57-community-release-el7-11.noarch.rpm //Install mysql5.7 installation source yum -y localinstall mysql57-community-release-el7-11.noarch.rpm //Install MySQL online (download more things, wait patiently) yum -y install […]

  • Nginx embedded variables


    Nginx embedded variables are very commonly used. Record them for future reference. Nginx embedded variables are defined byngx_http_core_moduleModule support, variable name corresponding to Apache server, these variables can represent client request header fields, such as$http_user_agent、$http_cookiewait. Nginx also supports other variables: Parameter name explain $arg_name The parameter name in the request, i.e. Arg after ‘?’_ name=arg_ […]

  • Detailed explanation and practice of redfish next generation data center management standard


    preface Looking at the current server from the previous closed source management systems, such as Dell’s OpenManage and Idrac, Huawei’s IBMC, HP’s OneView and ILO, Lenovo’s xclarity and xclarity controller’s embedded management, imm2 (acquired from IBM’s systemx PC) Server Series) are actively embracing open source automation tools such as ansible. In this case, redfish, known […]

  • Record a docker build failure


    Words are like meeting. Some time ago, Node.js The official release of node 8.9.3 lts version, and the home page of the official website indicates that the new version has important security updates, “important security releases, please update now!”, and then I immediately started to upgrade the node version of each module of the company’s […]

  • The architect said: Micro service is really not necessary for enterprises, but you can’t do it. Do you say it’s irritating?


    Microservice is a popular concept. From small to large, all companies are moving closer to microservices. During the interview, the technologies related to microservices are also highlighted in their resumes, which can be said to be the key points. However, when the so-called people who come from the companies that use microservices are asked how […]