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  • Remember to use FRP once to complete the whole process of penetration of intranet server


    Write on the front Because before intranet penetration has been usedngrok, usedngrokThe latest version of 1. X1.7.1, and1.7.1There is a serious memory leak, and 1. X is no longer under maintenance,ngrok 2.xIt is no longer open source, so consider changing an intranet penetration tool. 1、 Business scenarios EquipmentAs follows: One alicloud server (Windows Server 2012) […]

  • Redis learning notes (11) server


    Redis server is responsible for establishing network communication with multiple clients, processing command requests sent by clients, saving data generated by client executing commands in database, and maintaining the operation of server itself through resource management.   Command request process (take set command as an example)   1. The client sends a command to the […]

  • Load balancing architecture for high concurrency system design


    At the beginning of a system development, it is often a stand-alone system. Application and database on a server, with the development of business, the increase of access, a server performance will appear ceiling, often has been difficult to support the business. At this time, we should consider separating the database from the application server. […]

  • From input URL to render page — network protocol


    This is the second article in the column from URL input to page rendering network protocolWe know that TCP / IP divides the network protocol into four layers We focus on the application layer, network layer and transport layer How is data transmitted on the network? Network layer IP If data want to be transmitted […]

  • Using Samba to create “shared folder” for Linux (centos7)


    Add Samba service for test server Samba service is a service for Linux file sharing, which can be understood as “Linux shared folder”. The shared directory can be accessed directly on windows. For example, to access the home directory of, you can directly enter it on the path of the windows file manager\\\quantum. Of […]

  • Setting SSH key in centos8


    The two most popular SSH authentication mechanisms are password based authentication and public key based authentication. Using SSH keys is usually more secure and convenient than traditional password authentication.environmentClient: centos8 Server: centos8 Create SSH public and private keyGenerate a new 4096 bit SSH key pair by entering the following command: [[email protected] ~]# ssh-keygen […]

  • Docker practice


    Docker practice Author: Hackett WeChat official account: overtime ape 1、 Prepare tools Cloud server I use Tencent cloud’s centos7.5 64 bit cloud server, which costs less than 100 yuan a year. You can also use a virtual machine 2、 Login server tool MobaXterm 1. The main reason why we use this as SSH client is […]

  • Redis study notes (XIII) copy (2)


    In the last article, we wrote a simple application of redis replication function. Let’s take a look at the implementation process of redis replication function. The following is basically the theoretical part, boring, but I hope you can have a look, after all, knowledge is not all interestedStand loneliness, stand temptation, can keep prosperous ~~Implementation […]

  • Packaging and automatic upgrade of electron applications


    The HelloWorld program of Vue + electron was successfully built last time. This time, the process of electronic application packaging and automatic upgrade is sorted out. 1. Application packaging useelectron builderPackaging only needs to be configured in vue.config.js. It should be noted that by defaultelectron builderThe packaged installation program can’t modify the installation directory, so […]

  • Basic concept and installation of nginx


    1、 The basic concept of nginx 1. About nginx What is nginx Nginx (engine x) is a high performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, which is characterized by less memory occupation and strong concurrency. Some reports show that it can support up to 50000 concurrent connections 2. Reverse proxy Forward agency A forward proxy is […]

  • Springcloud Alibaba microservice practice 15 – container deployment of springcloud


    Spring cloud Alibaba has written 16 articles, and the basic framework has been basically completed. Business related logic needs to be sorted and reformed according to the business of the project itself.Today will be the last article in this series – spring cloud containerized deployment (the last article in theory, I don’t rule out that […]