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  • New module pom.xml There is a line on the file


    This is because a module with the same name was built before, and then the module was deleted

  • Study day 50


    C++ Derived classes Classes are not isolated from each other. There are parent classes and subclasses, that is, inheritance classes Parent class is also called base class and superclass Subclasses are also called derived classes Inheritance is one of the core of object-oriented programming The order in which constructors are called when derived class objects […]

  • SQL Server’s solution — the uniqueness of object naming


      On the uniqueness of object naming in SQL Server database. For example, database objects such as tables, indexes, constraints, and so on. Sometimes when DBA is doing database maintenance, it often needs to create objects or rename objects. At this time, there will be a problem: the uniqueness of object naming. Although it is […]

  • Electron API translation


    explain The document isElectronDocument translation, used inElectron API DemosMedium. usage InstalledElectron API DemosAfter that.Open theC:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\ElectronAPIDemos\app-1.3.0\resourcesLocation. `Xxx ‘is your own computer name. And then use it directlyappThe file can replace the file with the same name. Click to get the file(file on GitHub) notes This translation is currently only applicable to version 1.3. caption