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  • leetcode478. Generate Random Point in a Circle


    Topic requirements Given the radius and x-y positions of the center of a circle, write a function randPoint which generates a uniform random point in the circle. Note: 1. input and output values are in floating-point. 2. radius and x-y position of the center of the circle is passed into the class constructor. 3. a […]

  • Tensorflow learning notes (2): multiple linear regression


    Preface In this paper, tensorflow is used to train multiple linear regression model, and it is compared with scikit learn. Dataset from Andrew NG’s open online course deep learning Code #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding=utf-8 -*- #@ Author: Chen Zhiping # @date: 2016-12-30 # @description: compare multi linear regression of tensor flow to scikit-learn based […]

  • Machine learning — univariate linear regression


    Univariate linear regression of machine learning Model representation Introduction Given the data of housing area and housing price, then draw data points with housing area as abscissa and housing price as ordinate. By drawing the curve, we can get the model of house price, and get the house price according to the house area. This […]

  • C ා define geometry with abstract class


    using System;/*using System.Data;*/namespace tx{    abstract class tx    {        public double chang;        public double kuan;        public double r;        public double pai;        public tx(double chang, double kuan)        {            this.chang = chang;            this.kuan = kuan;           /* this.r = r;            this.pai = pai*/;        }        public abstract void mj();    }    class Cfx:tx    {        public Cfx(double chang, double kuan) : base(chang,kuan) […]

  • Review the delegation and event that you can understand under the object-oriented core


      The core of case interpretation is object-oriented. All cases are based on C ා, involving the most frequently concerned issues in our practice: 1. Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism; 2. Abstract class and interface; 3. Delegation and event. III. entrustment and events Generally speaking, the purpose of using delegation is to “realize the effect of […]

  • Three Ways of JS Function


    Functions, a block of code that can automatically complete some functions, the emergence of functions, not only to solve the need for reuse of reusable functions, but also to avoid code bulkiness. There are two requirements for using a function: it must be called before it can be executed; the function name should not be […]

  • How does Raptor calculate the area of a circle with a known radius r?


    How to calculate the area of a circle in Raptor? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Double-click Open Raptor Software 2. You will see two windows.One window is the console.For flow chartsOne window is the console.Operating flow chart 3. Put this inventory (you can also save it for a while when […]