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  • Java8 stream source code analysis


    Stream Stream is an operation interface added in Java se 8 API to enhance collection, which allows you to process collection data in a declarative way. The set to be processed is regarded as the creator of a flow, the elements in the set are converted into a flow and transmitted in the pipeline, and […]

  • Swoole tutorial section 1: process management module (process) – upper


    Process management module Look hereSwoole processYou can first look at your own version of swoole and type it on the command line php –ri swoole More PHP command line use, we learnPHP command line parametersOK, let’s go straight to the subjectHow to use it? Multi process creation Not much, just the code <?php $worker_ num […]

  • A PHP pipeline plug-in League \ pipeline is recommended


    Pipeline design pattern The water pipe is too long. As long as one part is broken, it will leak, and it is not conducive to the use in complex environment. Therefore, we will divide the water pipe into very short sections, and then maximize the size of the pipe, adjust measures to local conditions, and […]

  • Go synergy simple learning


    What is a collaborative process? A coroutine is similar to a thread, but lighter than a thread. A program startup will occupy a process, and a process can have multiple threads, and a thread can have multiple coprocedures. A process contains at least one main thread, and a main thread can have more sub threads. […]

  • How to customize Middleware in asp.net core


    Asp.net core is a cross platform, open source, lightweight, high-performance and highly modular web framework with strong scalability. You canrequest -> responseIn this article, we will discuss the asp.net core middleware and how to use it. One exists in asp.net coremiddleware Chain, this chain is made of a set ofDelegation methodThese delegate methods will be […]

  • How to use actionfilter in asp.net core


    Filters in asp.net core MVC allows us toRequest processing pipelineCustom code is executed before and after a certain stage in, and different types of filters correspond toRequest processing pipelineDifferent stages of, for example:ActionFilterYou can execute custom code before or after the action method, which we will discuss in this articleASP.NET Core MVCActionfilter built in, why […]

  • [logs] log function color command line tool


    Record before optimize When using the command line to view the log, if you want to have color, the simple script is as follows. (Version 1)The following can only match a single line colorize.sh #!/bin/bash #The following errors are matched and case sensitive. The example here is the log of springboot # Example: # 2021-07-14 […]

  • Bash: test commands in if, until and while


    exit status The status value returned when exiting after the execution of the previous command. 0Indicates success;Not 0Indicates a failure. You can print and view the last status value on the command line $ echo $? If, until and while that depend on exit status Syntax of until: until test-commands; do consequent-commands; done Syntax of […]

  • Introduction to angular pipe


    PIPE, translated as pipeline.AngularA pipeline is a way to write a display value transformation that can be declared in an HTML component.AngularBefore the pipeAngularJSIs called a filter fromAngular 2It was called a pipe from the beginning. The pipeline takes data as input and converts it to the desired output. Angular PipesTake integer, string, array and […]

  • Leverage swoole_ Process and EventLoop for PHP asynchronous programming


    The idea is simple: Start a child process to process asynchronous transactions. After processing, tell the parent process through the pipeline and write the returned data to the pipeline The code is as follows: AsynHttpClient.php <?php class AsynHttpClient { public $url; public $callback; private $process; public function __construct($url, $callback) { $this->url = $url; $this->callback = […]

  • How to use tee command to debug pipeline in shell script


    catalogue example Execute script problem reason verification summary example The following is a simple script. The ProcessId function in the script is used to query the process ID of the specified process name. This is a very common function in the process of managing Linux server. The ProcessId function is used to query the process […]

  • Top 100 Summit: [sharing record – Microsoft] real time big data quality monitoring platform based on Kafka and spark


    The content of this article is from the case sharing of Xing Guodong, senior product manager of Top100 summit Microsoft in 2016.Editor: Cynthia Tony Xing: Senior Product Manager of Microsoft, responsible for the construction of big data platform, data products and services of Microsoft application and service group Introduction: Microsoft’s ASG (application and service group) […]