• How to set the height of autosize textarea in element UI


    In the element UItextarea inputWhen set to autosize, the default height of the text box is33, which does not conform to the design Default style In the browsercheckElements, finding heightBytextareaOfheightandmin-heightTo controlPosition of text in boxBypaddingControl attempts Modify theheightandpaddingTo see if it works stayGlobal styleAdd: $inputHeight: 38px; $inputFontSize: 16px; .el-textarea { textarea { Padding: 8px; // […]

  • Two highly adaptive schemes for HTML5 textarea


    Read the full text and you will get the following solutions. Click the long text edit textarea to get the focus automatically Automatically zoom in and out with the input value Replicable add information Pasteable text Pasteable picture The following example code execution environment is chrome 80 Scheme 1 HTML5 textarea element 1. Get focus […]

  • Textarea text field width and height automatic adaptation code of width and height


      Copy code The code is as follows: <HTML> <HEAD> < title > textarea width and height automatic adaptation processing method<! — control the automatic adaptation of width — > <style type=”text/css”> .comments { width:100%;/ *Auto fit parent layout width*/ overflow:auto; word-break:break-all; /*In IE8, when the width is set to 100%, the text field class […]

  • How to realize line feed in textarea


    In the textarea text input area, enter < br / > to display < br / > and enter W3 school.com.cn The provided% od% OA method is also invalid. Enter / R / N to display / R / n. Solution: enter & ාාාාාාාාාාාා10.

  • Solution to the problem of saving format in textarea of HTML


    The format of textarea can be saved to the database when it is saved, but the page cannot be displayed according to the format at the beginning because of /n and non rotation. Therefore, when the page is displayed, a layer should be nested outside the value Label, i.e Copy code The code is as […]

  • How to make HTML elements such as pre and textarea get rid of scrollbars and auto wrap text content height


    Pre and textarea in HTML can display pre formatted text. That is, spaces and line breaks are reserved. Instead of adding HTML elements such as < br > and & nbsp; to add line breaks and print spaces. Pre remove scroll bar Pre text content will not wrap automatically. At this time, you can add […]

  • Summary of textarea line breaking in HTML


    Recently, there is a question about whether the data can be stored by row in the textrea, which is summarized as follows: Problem Description:For example, to get data into a textarea, such as “AAA BBB”, you want to store the text in textarea by lines, rather than displaying it to be stored by lines (the […]

  • Notes on using textarea


    Why mention textarea in particular? Because in fact, the textarea node is very special. Because this node is special, it is interpreted differently in IE and other browsers. Sell it, ha ha! In fact, the main reason is that I helped a senior brother fix a bug today. Specifically, I failed to pull data from […]

  • Handling line breaks and spaces in textarea


    When we use textarea to edit text in the foreground and submit it to the background in JS, space and line feed are the most important issues we need to consider. In textarea, spaces and newlines are saved as/sand/n, if the text input and displayed in the foreground are both in textarea, there is no […]

  • About textarea text to HTML, that is, enter to wrap


    Description: wrap carriage return in textarea value Copy code The code is as follows: <% = content value% >. Replace (“\ R \ n”, “< / BR >”). Replace (“\ n”, “< / BR >”)% >

  • Make an example code of textarea that can adapt to the height


    Method 1. HTML structure: <div id=”container”> <textarea rows=”1″></textarea> </div> 2. CSS code: * { padding: 0; margin: 0; } #container { width: 300px; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid #eee; box-sizing: border-box; } textarea { display: block; width: 100%; font-size: 20px; color: #000; line-height: 24px; outline: none; border: none; resize: none; } 3. JS code:         […]

  • The size of the textarea label is immutable and cannot be dragged by mouse


    Textarea label size is immutable Copy code The code is as follows: <textarea style=”resize:none;”></textarea> After the textarea label is set to style = “resize: none;”, you can’t drag through the mouse on the page.