• Full analysis of performance optimization in IOS development


    There are many articles on the Internet that optimize the performance of IOS. After reading them, I got a lot of inspiration. Let’s summarize them here and add some of my own insights for future memories. If you happen to be able to help with the subsequent reading at a certain point, you’d better not […]

  • C ා general query


    Many general-purpose queries do not support and and or in query criteria very well, either all are and or all are or. After a period of exploration, the author has finally completed a relatively satisfactory general query, Multi conditional and and or can be realized. Now, the implementation process is recorded as follows: 1. Add […]

  • VBS batch read all text in the folder to excel script


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: ‘This code is done by [email protected] Option explicit ‘This is optional, but better to use. Dim FolderPath,Folder Dim fso,File,Files Dim fileNums Dim FileString() Dim i Dim ii i=0 FolderPath=”E:\TDDOWNLOAD\aa\” ‘**********************1.To create the FileSystemObject object******************************** Set fso= CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)’This is the way to create FileSystemObjecy “This sentence can also be defined […]

  • How to realize the effect of word for word pop-up in reworld


    Function effect display Running environment Win7,Win8,Win10 Reworld version experience version VC? Redist.x64 running environment Supplement for zero base readers Download and install the corresponding version of reworld Reworld official website: http://www.reworlder.com/ Reworld creator’s Home Forum: http://bbs.reworlder.com After downloading and installing, register an account to open the empty map Download and install VC? Redist.x64.rar running environment […]

  • Pyqt5 combobox: how to get subscript, text and event selection function


    As follows: Currenttext() get text Currentindex() gets the subscript Event selection function of self. ComboBox. Currentindexchanged. Connect() combobox The above pyqt5 combobox’s method of getting subscript, text and event selection function is the whole content shared by Xiaobian. I hope it can give you a reference, and I hope you can support developepaer more.

  • Littlewhiteone basic design


    LittleWhite One New version of Xiaobai implemented by chatterbot framework~ brief introduction Core: core framework, modified chatterbot Corpus: English and Chinese training corpus Nltk_data: the required nltk data set Text similarity algorithm LevenshteinDistance SpacySimilarity JaccardSimilarity Levenshtein Distance Algorithm Chinese Name: levinstein distanceReference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/levenshtein’u distance Levenshtein Distance is the concept of representing or measuring the difference […]

  • Start developing atom plug-ins (no Series)


    Advanced usage of atom??? In addition to the user-defined function, it’s almost no fun. With the idea of forced dressing, I searched a wave of introduction to atom plug-ins, and found that they were too confused (maybe I was too busy), then I opened the plug-in documents on the official website, read them carefully, and […]

  • Implementation of custom screensaver effect in WinForm (with code download)


    scene Effect     Note: Blog home page:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Pay attention to the public addressDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization Create a new form. The design layout of the form is as follows. Drag four labels in a panel, add two buttons, and then add a timer control.     Hide […]

  • Datasets in Python’s sklearn Library


    1、 Sklearn introduction Scikit learn is a machine learning library developed by Python language, which is generally referred to as sklearn. At present, it is a well implemented Library in the general machine learning algorithm library. Its perfection lies not only in the number of algorithms, but also in a large number of detailed documents […]

  • Goweb text processing


    text processing In web development, text processing is a very important part. We often need to process the output or input content. The text here includes string, number, JSON, XML and so on. As a high-performance language, go language has official standard library to support the processing of these texts. And in your use, you […]

  • How to use Baidu easydl for emotional analysis


    Using Baidu easydl customized training and service platform for a period of time, more and more people can realize easydl’s ease of use. Before that, I have also contacted many deep learning platforms, such as brain like platform, Google’s GCP deep learning platform and AWS deep learning platform, but I think easydl gives developers greater […]

  • The practice of deep learning in the understanding of listing semantics of merchants


    Guidance:Goldmap has tens of millions of POI interest points, such as building, bottom business, school and other data, and new POI appears every day. In order to maintain the freshness of POI data, Gaud will cover and update through a large number of data collection. In reality, the name of POI is complex and changeable. […]