• IOS rich text editing factory makes the code clearer


    Recently, rich text is commonly used, but editing a rich text requires a lot of attributes, which is very inconvenient to write. So I reorganize these related attributes and simplify it by using the chain method. See demo below for the effect The project address is at the bottom of the article (the implementation is […]

  • Text determination of SAP SD basic knowledge


    Text determination of SAP SD basic knowledge   1、 Text In SAP system, text is stored in many different objects, such as customer master record, material master record, customer material information record and all business documents.   The customer master record includes central texts, accounting specific texts, sales distribution specific texts and contact specific texts. […]

  • Size the markdown image!


    For markdown articles, the processing of images is very simple. But when it’s converted to HTML,<img />Size without picture. So what’s the problem? When the browser does not load the image data, the browser does not know its sizeSo, the default size is 0 unless you passstyleSize setLater, when the image is loaded and the […]

  • The mditor is updated!


    Only ask for perfection [ M ] arkdown + E [ ditor ] = Mditor Mditor is a simple, easy to integrate, easy to expand, and comfortable editor for writing markdown, and that’s all Browser support: Chrome / Safari / Firefox / IE9+ Git Reop: https://github.com/Houfeng/md… Online experience Online demo Integrate mditor in browser Step […]

  • Wechat applet generating Poster Canvas text wrapping


    Sharing in wechat applets, the official website only provides the ability to share to friends and group chat, not the API to share to the circle of friends. Therefore, the common way to share the applet to the circle of friends is to generate a dynamic poster with canvas, paste a picture of the applet […]

  • Basic use of canvas


    Canvas can be used to make photo sets or animation of checkpoints, or even real-time video processing and rendering. Here I will introduce the simple use of canvas 1: Canvas label The canvas tag and the IMG tag look very similar, Canvas has only two optional attributes, width and height. There are no SRC and […]

  • Python for NLP: deep learning text generation using keras


    Original link: http://tecdat.cn/? P = 8448 Text generation is one of the latest applications of NLP. Deep learning technology has been used in various text generation tasks, such as writing poetry, generating movie scripts and even creating music. However, in this article, we’ll see a very simple example of text generation where given the input […]

  • Accept encoding, content encoding, transfer encoding, content type in http


    Accept encoding and content encoding Accept encoding and content encoding are a pair of headers used in HTTP to negotiate which compression format to use to transfer text. The working principle is as follows: The browser sends the request and brings the list of content encoding formats supported by itself through accept encoding The server […]

  • Using user control to realize RichTextBox with line number and ruler in WinForm (with code download)


    scene The RichTextBox control allows users to input and edit text while providing more advanced formatting features than normal textbox controls. Effect       Note: Blog home page:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Official accountDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization Create a new user control, guagerichtextbox. Editing a user control is equivalent to defining […]

  • An attempt to extract triples in NLP (27) open domain


    When I write this article, my heart is excited. This is because, since I wrote this article last June, I used relationship extraction to build a knowledge map Since then, I have been trying to find a way to extract triples in the open field. Many readers have asked me about this. Today, I will […]

  • Hellodjango Article 11: automatically generate article summaries


    By hellogithub-Dreamer The sample code involved in this article has been synchronously updated to the hellogithub team warehouse There is a blog post modelexcerptField that stores the summary of the article. So far, you can only manually enter a summary for the article in the Django admin background. It’s troublesome to enter the summary manually […]

  • Bat switch theme


    bat https://github.com/sharkdp/batWith syntax highlighting and git integratedcat As you can see from the figure belowbatThe default theme of normal text and some variable fonts are white, which can’t be seen clearly in case of white terminal backgroundUsebat –list-themesView topic list bat –list-themes Add theme environment variable If it isbash:stay~/.bashrcAdd inexport BAT_THEME=”GitHub” If it isfish shell:stay~/.config/fish/config.fishAdd […]