• What’s wrong with your vertical center? I can’t refute it ♂️


    preface Is the vertical center we usually achieve not the real vertical center? Why are you say that? Most of the time, you often realize the vertical centring correctly, but UI / UX still says that there is something wrong with your vertical centring. When you look at it carefully, it seems that there is […]

  • Elisp 05: text matching


    Last chapter:iteration In the second chapterText analysisIn order to determine whether a line of text is\`\`\`At the beginning, I defined a function: (defun text-match (source target) (setq n (length target)) (if (< (length source) n) nil (string= (substring source 0 n) target))) In fact, elisp provides a more powerful text matching function. How strong is […]

  • CSS – how to set div background


    How to set div background There are only two steps to add background control to a component <View className=”gifts” style={{ background: `url(${baseUrl}starMove/exclusiveEntrance/card.png) no-repeat`, backgroundSize: ‘100% 100%’, }} > <View classname=”gift-lists”></View> </View> Set background and backgroundsize.style={ width:100%; height:100%; } How to center div: margin:0 auto; Set the value of height and line height to the same […]

  • Elisp 06: buffer transformation


    Last chapter:Text matching In the first chapterHello world!And chapter twoText analysisThe basic knowledge of buffer has been introduced. When using elisp language to write text processing program, it seems that making full use of buffer is really playing one of the advantages of elisp. Therefore, a practical problem to be considered and solved in this […]

  • The new generation of self-developed cloud server of JD cloud was launched in April; Colling 2020: two way cognitive thinking network for machine reading comprehension


    Developer community technology weeklyI’m meeting you again. Let’s take a look at the important news that we developers should pay attention to this week. Google releases   Flutter 2 JD cloud’s new generation of self-developed cloud server went online in April Apache Flink 1.12.2 release, stream batch integration, truly unified operation! Sidewalk robots have been […]

  • NLP: don’t rebuild the wheel


    By abhijit GuptaCompile VKSource: towards Data Science introduce Natural language processing (NLP) is a daunting field name. Generating useful conclusions from unstructured text is difficult, and there are numerous techniques and algorithms, each with its own use cases and complexity. As a developer with minimal exposure to NLP, it’s hard to know which methods to […]

  • Using shell to display wordcount function


       shell script programming is one of the most core technologies of Linux system. It can use simple commands to achieve some complex functions. At the same time, Linux provides many text processing commands, such as grep (grep family), TR, SED, awk, etc. once you master these commands, you can easily process text in Linux […]

  • What is the syntax of three double quotation marks in Java? Java 15 refreshes your understanding!


    What is the syntax of three double quotation marks in Java? This is java 15 new, refresh your understanding! 1、 Preface stayJava 15At the time of its launch,Text BlocksFormal transfer, I call it “text block” well, the stack leader also made a brief introduction, did not see can clickhereTake a look. A text block is […]

  • Translation: practical Python Programming 01_ 04_ Strings


    Contents | previous section (1.3 numbers) | next section (1.5 list) 1.4 string This section describes how to handle text. Represents literal text In the program, the literal amount of string is written in quotation marks. #Single quote a = ‘Yeah but no but yeah but…’ #Double quote b = “computer says no” #Triple Quotes […]

  • Real time syntax checking of raku (perl6) script with language server in VIM


    ======Update 2021.02.07: update syntax check code Previously, I sorted out a raku script as the language server of raku in VIM / neovimIt can check the syntax of raku script after the file is saved Because the previous language server script usedraku -c foobar.rakuStatement to check the syntax of the script. The above syntax check […]

  • Learning diary on November 6, 2020


    There are many formats of image files, but there are not many image formats commonly used in web pages, such as GIF, JPEG and PNG GIFGIF is one of the most widely used image file formats on the Internet. It is an image format with index color. This format is widely used in web pages. […]

  • Elisp 08: text cross line extraction


    Last chapter:Command line program interface In the conclusion of the previous chapter, I said that whether this tutorial will have a second part depends on whether I encounter new text processing problems. It turned out to be true soon. problem The following is the content of the XML file foo.xml: <bib> <title>foo</title> </bib> <attachment> <resource/> […]