• Canvas text wrapping


    Introduction In recent work, it is necessary to control the number of lines in the text display, and the ellipsis is is needed when it exceeds the requirement. Origin My GitHub Line feed Generally, the number of lines of text can be controlled by CSS, but not in canvas. In the website query information, you […]

  • Python 3 standard library: IO text, decimal and raw stream I / O tools


    1. IO text, decimal and raw stream I / O tools The IO module implements some classes on top of the interpreter’s built-in open() to complete file based input and output operations. These classes are properly decomposed so that they can be reassembled for different purposes — for example, to support writing Unicode data to […]

  • Extracting PDF text content with Java


    summary Generally speaking, we can’t modify and edit the content of PDF document format, but when we do need it, we can achieve it by extracting text content. This article will introduce how to extract the text content in PDF document through Java code. The third-party controls used in this tutorial areFree Spire.PDF for Java(free […]

  • Detailed explanation of vertical align style


    The concept of elements in daily life All along, I just remember that if you want to align the IMG and the text in the same line, set the imgvertical-align:middleI didn’t know exactly what to do until someone asked me why I couldn’t set the textvertical-alignWhen I was studying a few days ago, I didn’t […]

  • Toyreact project summary


    Webpack configuration optimization: { minimize: false}: each file will be placed in theevalBysourceURLThe way to open it in the browser becomes a separate file eval(‘console.log(“1″);\n\n//# sourceURL=webpack:///./main.js?’); @babel/preset-envPut the higher versionesThe grammar is translated into a lower versionesgrammar @babel/plugin-transform-react-jsxstayjsYou can usejsxgrammar let a = <MyComponent name=”a” />; //Translated into var a = createElement(MyComponent, { name: “a”, […]

  • Markdown + typora tutorial


    Introduction to markdown Introduction to markdown Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write. The markdown language was created by John Gruber in 2004. The documents written by markdown can be exported to HTML, word, image, PDF, ePub and other […]

  • Some skills about markdown


    The purpose of this note is to sort out some of markdown’s rare but useful tips. What is markdown? Markdown is a lightweight markup language founded by John Gruber. It allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write, and then convert them into valid XHTML documents. This […]

  • Vue principle (1)


    Componentization and MVVM Componentization Traditional components are only static rendering, and update depends on DOM operation.Data driven view——Vue MVVM。 Pay more attention to data and business logic. MVVM MVCModelData →ViewView →ControllercontrollerMVVMMVVM —— Model View ViewModel, data, view, view modelmodelcorrespondingdata,viewcorrespondingtemplate,vmcorrespondingnew Vue({…})The relationship between the three:viewIt can be done throughEvent bindingHow to influencemodel,modelIt can be done throughData […]

  • Building text classification model with spark NLP


    AuthorCompile | VKSource | analytics vidhya summary Spark NLP of John Snow laboratory is established on AWS electronic medical record, and the library is used for simple text classification of BBC articles. introduce Natural language processing is one of the important processes of global data science team. With the continuous growth of data, most organizations […]

  • Ali Tianchi text classification competition Task1: understanding the competition questions


    1、 Competition background In this competition, we have a data set with 20W training sets and 5W test sets. The whole data set contains different types of text. Each text is labeled in the training set. This label can let us know which category of data the sentences in the training set belong to. There […]

  • Spark NLP text classification based on Bert and general sentence coding


    By veysel kocamanCompile | VKSource: toward Data Science Natural language processing (NLP) is a key component of many data science systems that must understand or reason text. Common use cases include text classification, question answering, interpretation or summary, sentiment analysis, natural language Bi, language modeling and disambiguation. NLP is becoming more and more important in […]

  • Hide and show ellipsis beyond text


    //Single line overflow:hidden; //Text hidden beyond text- overflow:ellipsis; //Overflow is shown with an ellipsis white- space:nowrap; //Overflow does not wrap` //Multi line overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; display:-webkit-box; //As an elastic expansion box model. -webkit-box- orient:vertical; //Set the child element arrangement of the telescopic box — vertically from top to bottom -webkit-line- clamp:2; //Rows displayed