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  • Mac how to use text editing to modify HTML file to prevent page disorder


    When Mac users need to modify HTML files, they often want to use “text editing” to modify them. However, after using text editing to open, users will find that the page becomes very messy and cannot be modified. So how to solve this problem? resolvent: In fact, “text editing” is not stupid enough to let […]

  • Ueditor Baidu rich text table column width adjustment function optimization


    I believe that in most of the company’s internal office systems, the function of rich text editor will be used. At present, there are many popular rich text editors, but few of them are friendly to the table function and operation experience of rich text, and even some simple rich text editors do not provide […]

  • A raku (perl6) language server for VIM (neovim)


    background I am a kind of careless person. I write raku (perl6) in VIM (neovim) without syntax checking. I often need to wait until I see the error message after the runtime error, and then go back to change it. Atom and vscode have plug-ins that can check raku syntax errors. The above two text […]

  • Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.30: is this road blocked? Vue 3 new proposal ref sugar


    Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.30 With the release of Vue 3, the related news is becoming more and more hot. Recently, two new proposals in RFC have become widely concerned because of some things.Ref sugarandscript setupThe two proposals have different lives, and the evaluation among community developers is very different. But when we calm […]

  • Regular expressions in Notepad 2


    After flipping through the registry, I see several regular expressions in Notepad 2 (a text editor). Write them down for later use IP: ^(?:(?:25[0-5]|2[0-4]\d|[01]\d\d|\d?\d)(?(?=\.?\d)\.)){4}$ DATE: ((\d{2}(([02468][048])|([13579][26]))[\-\/\s]?((((0?[13578])|(1[02]))[\-\/\s]?((0?[1-9])|([1-2][0-9])|(3[01])))|(((0?[469])|(11))[\-\/\s]?((0?[1-9])|([1-2][0-9])|(30)))|(0?2[\-\/\s]?((0?[1-9])|([1-2][0-9])))))|(\d{2}(([02468][1235679])|([13579][01345789]))[\-\/\s]?((((0?[13578])|(1[02]))[\-\/\s]?((0?[1-9])|([1-2][0-9])|(3[01])))|(((0?[469])|(11))[\-\/\s]?((0?[1-9])|([1-2][0-9])|(30)))|(0?2[\-\/\s]?((0?[1-9])|(1[0-9])|(2[0-8]))))))\s?(((0?[1-9])|(1[0-2]))\:([0-5][0-9])((\s)|(\:([0-5][0-9]))))?\s?(AM|PM|am|pm)?

  • Vue quill editor rich text upload image to seven cattle


    quotehttps://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42080056/article/details/98774354 1. Install Vue quill editornpm i vue-quill-editor2. Introductionimport { quillEditor } from ‘vue-quill-editor’ 3. Vue adds components and hides El upload of element UI <el-upload v-show=”false” class=”avatar-uploader” Action = “seven cattle upload path” :data=’fileUpload’ :show-file-list=”false” :on-success=”uploadSuccess” :before-upload=”beforeUpload”> </el-upload> <quill-editor ref=”myQuillEditor” v-model=”content” :options=”editorOption”> </quill-editor> 4.data fileUpload:{ token:”, key:” }, content: ”, editorOption: { Placeholder: ‘please […]

  • 12 necessary development tools for front end development


    In this article, we show you a framework for classifying tools and services into buckets, which may be helpful in the front-end development process. In each category, we will discuss a popular choice and give you a choice in case you disagree with our original choice. Let’s enter the world of tools and services for […]

  • Django gets the pictures in the background text editor and displays them in the template


    When Django develops a blog, he wants to display the pictures uploaded in the background text editor in the foreground template as thumbnails. Because of the third-party editor used in the background, the data added to the database is HTML. He has been looking for a long time on the Internet and has not found […]

  • Globalvim – use VIM in all your editors


    More computer skills can be found athttps://xiaoheidiannao.comCheck it out! VimIt’s a text editing tool on Linux. I’m used to itVimI’m sure you want to use it on windows, tooVimAt least I think so. Although there are Windows versionsVim, but inWord、NotepadBut it can’t be used. After some efforts, I finally found a powerful tool globalvim, which […]

  • Mac open IOS simulator


    Command line input open -a SimulatorSimulator: simulator About the open command: Open, use the associated program to open the file, for example: open a.txt will open a.txt with text editing, open b.jpg will open b.jpg with preview Open – e to force the use of a text editor to open a file Open – A, […]

  • From simplemde write + inline attachment image drag upload to parsedown analysis


    preparation Install rich text editorsparksuite/simplemde-markdown-editor(thanks to bestoy for your recommendation) yarn add simplemde –save installmarkedjs/marked, parse markdown in JS for preview in edit page yarn add marked installerusev/parsedown, parsing markdown in PHP (thanks to summer for identifying and recommending) composer require erusev/parsedown —–The following is the code part, involving two pages—– Edit page HTML part: […]

  • Upload callback and other problems in kindeditor


    September 15, 2020I’m sorry, my problem. There are official documents and interface documents. I haven’t been working well recently. I’m so angry.Upload file address:Upload files The company uses kindeditor as a rich text editor.. The original editor MD is usedTo be honest, it’s not that good. API documentation is incomplete, and there are many problems. […]