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  • Atom recommended plug-ins and common shortcut keys


    background Atom is a cross platform text editor developed by GitHub for programmers.Official website: www.atom.io Essential plug-ins Linter code verification Atom beauty format code, shortcut keyCtrl-Alt-b Color picker CSS palette, shortcut keysCtrl-Alt-c Emmet smart code input method, user manual: docs.emmet.io File icons beautify the icons in front of the file tree Atom ternjs auto completion […]

  • Markdown Quick Guide


    Markdown is a lightweight markup language. It is concise and efficient, and is widely used by more and more writers. Markdown’s syntax is simple. There are no more than ten commonly used markup symbols. Compared with the more complex HTML markup language, markdown is very lightweight, and once familiar with the syntax rules, it will […]

  • Developed a writing software (OSX, windows), with the electron development guide


    After a month of continuous writing, I finally finished the first edition yesterday Pen writing A PC software to help network writers create novels more easilyCurrently supports OSX / windows The first two sentences are: “Twelve white and twenty Rhymes for Li” Once upon a time, there were geeks and immortals. Pen dropStartled by the […]

  • Common markdown editor


    Common markdown editor Typesetting of text is always an important and difficult problem to solve. Markdown can make text entry and typesetting more comfortable. It only needs a very simple syntax to solve the common typesetting problem. At present, all major mainstream blog network wars and some frameworks (such as WordPress) for building personal blogs […]

  • Python fast advanced 11 – when launching Python + selenium applications, there is always a drive window popping up. How to remove it?


    This problem needs to be solved by modifying the selenium module script file.Find the installation directory of selenium file. Under Python installation directory \ lib \ site packages \, find selenium \ webdriver \ common \ service.py file Open the service.py file with a text editorOn line 72, find self. Process = subprocess. Popen(), and […]

  • Vue quill editor, a rich text editor, can upload pictures to seven cows, and adjust the size of pictures


    1. Download and install required plug-ins cnpm i vue-quill-editor -S //Draggable picture cnpm i quill-image-drop-module -S //These two change the size of the picture cnpm i quill-image-resize-module -S 2. Import HTML content <div id=’quillEditorQiniu’> <quill-editor :style=”‘width: ‘100%'” v-model=”content” ref=”myQuillEditor” :options=”editorOption” @change=”onEditorChange($event)” > </quill-editor> <Upload class=”avatar-uploader” :accept=”‘image/*'” :action=”‘https://upload.qiniup.com'” name=’file’ :data=”updateParams” :show-upload-list=”false” :on-success=”uploadSuccess” :on-error=”uploadError” :before-upload=”beforeUpload” > </Upload> […]

  • Use Kafka (. Net use) for simple configuration on winows


    1、 Kafka environment configuration 1.jdk installation Installation file: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html download JDKAfter installation, the following environment variables need to be added (right click “my computer” – > “advanced system settings” – > “environment variables”): Java_home: C: \ program files \ Java \ jdk-13.0.1 (installation path of JDK) Path: append% JAVA HOME% \ bin after existing value […]

  • My Google browser plug-in set (17)


    1 advertisement interception: Adblock 2 get web page style: CSS peer 3 extension management: Extension Manager 4 JSON format: JSON handle 5 multi highlight 6 GitHub source reading: octotree 7 HTTP interface debugging: postman 8 script enhancement: tamperonkey 9 script injection: script injector 10 keyStep Rufei: vimium 11 Vue development tool: vue.js devtools 12 front […]

  • Mac Text Editing Close How to Autosave Function Mac Text Editing Close Autosave Function


    Mac Text Editing Closes How to Save AutomaticallyMac Text Editor Closes How to Autosave? Sometimes more important text editors may need to be saved automatically, but some less important ones take up more memory. Then how can Mac text edit turn off the automatic saving function and how can Mac text edit turn off the […]