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  • Python development, using GUI to write a weather query table software


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article is from quick learn Python by Ye Tingyun Novices and Xiaobai who have just come into contact […]

  • How to set the input box to non editable state (four methods)


    Method 1:readonlyIt is specified that the input field is read-only and can be copied. However, the user can use the tab key to switch to this field, select, receive focus, and select or copy its text. (status: the input box will turn gray) <input type=”text” value=”hello JavaScript” readonly=”readonly”> Method 2:disabledThe disabled input element can be […]

  • Application of database commands


    SQL commandsqlcommand SqlCommand is responsible for querying, adding, deleting and modifying the database. Creation of SqlCommand object SqlCommand sqlcom = new SqlCommand() sqlCom.Connection = sqlConn; // Then point the connection attribute of the SQL command to the SQL connection or SqlCommand sqlcom = new SqlCommand (command string, connection object name); There are three common command […]

  • Form script


    Form basis Basic properties and methods 1、actionThe URL of the request (the default is the current URL)2、elmentsHtmlcollection of form fields3、methodRequest mode (default value: get)4、nameThe name of the form can be obtained through document.forms [name]5、resetResetting the form will trigger the reset event of the form. Button and input of type rest can also realize the rest […]

  • Performance testing of c# for and foreach loops


    The test method is to traverse the known collection data in these two cyclic ways. The timer used is stopwatch class. Finally, the time consumption will be output in two corresponding text boxes. First, the result screen will be directly posted: The test has been executed ten times each. The text box on the left […]

  • Vue.js drag and drop text box components


    The official account is simply transported to the site. The first bullet is a drag and drop text box. Drag and drop text box allows users to determine input by dragging alternatives to the text box. In fact, it can also be said to be a deformation of ComboBox. Compared with combobox, this component allows […]

  • HTML learning notes


    HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) knowledge points HTML document structure Title HTML5 fixed syntax. Documentation Comments htmlRoot tag, usually specifying attributeslang=”en” head body The label with title in the head specifies the browser title Meta descriptive label, usually with at least one specified character set UTF-8 Label type The right angle bracket of the label […]

  • What’s wrong with your vertical center? I can’t refute it ♂️


    preface Is the vertical center we usually achieve not the real vertical center? Why are you say that? Most of the time, you often realize the vertical centring correctly, but UI / UX still says that there is something wrong with your vertical centring. When you look at it carefully, it seems that there is […]

  • Problems encountered using codemirror plug-in


    Normal use of codemirror: //First of all, introduce the corresponding JS through the tag, which is needless to say var myCodeMirror = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(myTextArea,{ key: “value” });// It’s that simple </code></code></pre> < H1 id = “question 1: codemirror does not display code in the bootstrap mode box” > question 1: codemirror does not display code in […]

  • The default value is displayed when the flutter text box is initialized


    At the beginning of the flutter text box, we usedTextField. There seems to be no problem in most cases. The code form is as follows: class _FooState extends State<Foo> { TextEditingController _controller; @override void initState() { super.initState(); _ Controller = new texteditingcontroller (text: ‘initialization content’); } @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return new Column( children: […]

  • Based on the chat instance of flutter + dart


    1. Project introduction FlutterIt is a popular cross platform development technology at present. With its excellent performance, it has attracted the attention of many front-end technology lovers, such asAlixianyu,Meituan,tencentAnd other large companies have put relevant cases into production.flutter_ Chatroom projectIt’s based onFlutter+Dart+chewie+photo_view+image_pickerThe cross platform application of wechat like app chat interface is developed, which realizes […]

  • Ie disable the backspace key to return to the previous page. The method Vue H5 can be used


    If the text box is read-only, the backspace key is disabled. If you have a text box, you can continue to use it. Vue code can be copied directly to the page with id = app. The code is as follows: //Handle keyboard events, except for backspace password or single line or multi line text […]