• After NPM was acquired, Microsoft announced GitHub pocket edition!


    In addition to the news that NPM was acquired by Microsoft yesterday, Microsoft’s GitHub also officially released GitHub mobile version, which is the full experience version of GitHub web desktop version on IOS and Android. Now, we can keep in touch with our team on mobile devices, classify problems, and even merge code anytime, anywhere. […]

  • [share] how does apipost use mock test


    1. What is mock There is an interface, and the data returned by different parameter ID is different. Now there are multiple pieces of data in the database. As a tester, if you input manually to view the returned results of this interface, it is very difficult and laborious。 We can call the built-in mock […]

  • Do you know the seven emerging automated web testing trends in 2020?


    In recent years, technology has developed in many forms. From development to testing to continuous delivery, we have seen many changes in the IT industry. However, the software testing process has encountered the most positive changes, especially after the introduction of automation in the testing process, testers can easily and easily test web applications or […]

  • Routing practice of Dubbo service governance


    Background note Compared with single or vertical architecture, the cost of service maintenance is much higher. When R & D integration test environment is used at random, it starts a vicious cycle and becomes unable to be used stably. How can R & D and test share the same set of integrated test environment without […]

  • [sharing] generating mock data with apipost


    What is mock? Mock test is a test method to create a virtual object for testing some objects that are not easy to construct or obtain. With mock, front-end and back-end personnel only need to define interface documents to start working in parallel without affecting each other. They only communicate closely in the final joint […]

  • [share] interface test and document generation tool for Linux


    About apipost: Apipost is an API debugging and management tool that supports team collaboration and can directly generate documents. It supports simulating post, get, put and other common requests. It is a rare tool for background interface developers or front-end and interface testers. Download address: []( https://www.apipost.cn/downlo…https / / www.apipost.cn/download.html The interface is as follows: […]

  • [share] how does apipost use test verification?


    What is test verification? Collaborative development, version upgrade, server upgrade and interface return may be inconsistent with our expected results due to some bugs. In order to facilitate the development & testing personnel to find bugs faster, which is conducive to the quality and progress of the whole product. We launch the test and verification […]

  • 0x04 app interface, three environments


    Abstract: mobile is the king of Internet. Clear the silk to avoid confusion. Programmers in their own environment, have their own familiar development tools or IDE, have their own familiar debugging tools or processes. Modifying any line of code in the production environment may affect users. No one can guarantee that the current line of […]

  • Test engineers don’t understand AI. Is there a future?


    Reading guide of Ali Mei:In recent years, the words of artificial intelligence and machine learning are everywhere. It seems that there is no AI, no R & D, no AI and no test. Some people say: without the word “intelligence”, they are embarrassed to call themselves innovation. Let’s not comment on right or wrong for […]

  • Using k8s to build front end test environment


    During the testing phase of development, we often encounter the problem of competing for the test environment. Usually, we may adopt the following methods: We all merged the functions into a common test branch Let testers do hosts to connect to the development machine, or develop the test environment provided However, there are many problems […]