• Container Decade: a software delivery Chronicle


    Zhang Lei, senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud container platform, CNCF ambassador, senior member and maintainer of kubernetes project, once worked in hyper and Microsoft Research Institute (MSR), is now responsible for kubernetes technology and upstream and downstream related work. In 2019, developers all over the world began to use containers to test their own […]

  • Spring boot implements unit test process analysis through JUnit


    This article mainly introduces spring boot’s implementation of unit test process analysis through JUnit. The example code in this article is very detailed, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. You can refer to the following for friends who need it 1. Need to pom.xml Introducing spring boot starter test […]

  • Tensorflow implementation is tested on the trained model


    Tensorflow can use the trained model to test the new data, there are two methods: the first method is to call the model and train in the same py file, the situation is relatively simple; the second method is to train the process and call the model process in two py files respectively. This article […]

  • JS regular expressions test() and exec() usage examples


    The examples of this article describe the usage of JS regular expressions test() and exec(). Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: <html> <head> <script type=”text/javascript”>//Regular. Test (content), return true or false function t1(){Var con = document.getelementsbyname (‘content ‘) [0]. Value; / / content to […]

  • The practice of Netease koala in service transformation


    Guidance: Netease koala (hereinafter referred to as Koala) is a comprehensive e-commerce dominated by cross-border business under Netease. Since the online public test on January 9, 2015, the business has maintained a rapid growth, which is inseparable from the support of its technical team. Micro service service is the inevitable trend of IT architecture evolution […]

  • Learn unit testing, say goodbye to prayerful programming


    Prayer programming Prayer programming If the code contains the following code Or after going online So this way of programming is prayerful programming. It’s basically like this in a flowchart. What’s the harm of prayerful programming? Tired, I need to pray every time I finish writing the code Uncontrollable. The result of code running depends […]

  • How to use analyticdb for PG as a data source to interface with software finebi


    Analyticdb for PostgreSQL is built on the open source database Greenplum, which is compatible with the syntax, interface and ecology of Greenplum and PostgreSQL. This chapter describes how to connect the analytical database PostgreSQL version through finebi and develop reports. Preparation Before using finebi, users need to complete the following preparations.Download and install finebi Operation […]

  • How to test the speed of hard disk in MAC system


    How does MAC test hard disk speed? Hard disk is very important for the performance of the computer, because if the computer is fast, it depends on the speed of the hard disk besides the fast CPU and large memory. This is also why many kids care so much about the hard disk speed of […]

  • Connect analyticdb for PostgreSQL data source with quick Bi


    This article describes how to connect the analyticdb for PostgreSQL database through Alibaba cloud quick Bi. Create a new analyticdb for PostgreSQL data source in quick Bi Log in to the quick Bi console. Single clickworking space>data sourceEnterdata sourceManage pages. Single clickNew data source>AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL。 stayAdd analyticdb for PostgreSQL data sourcePage for parameter configuration. […]

  • How to set the log level when testing spring boot


    1. overview In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set the spring boot log level during testing. Although we can ignore the log when the test passes, it is very important to choose the correct log level if we need to diagnose the failed test. 2. Importance of log level Setting the log level […]

  • Using SLB IPv6 to audit Apple’s App Store


    1.Greetings Hi, Hello, I’m Tian Yi, product manager of SLB for load balancing. Today, let’s talk about Apple’s IPv6 audit and how to use Alibaba cloud SLB (IPv6) to complete the app store IPv6 audit. 2. What is Appstore IPv6 audit Due to the early development of IPv6 in foreign countries, there may be some […]

  • Dledger — commitlog repository based on raft protocol


    “Click to get help documents for cloud access” Dear alicloud users: Hello! To facilitate your trial access to alicloud MQ with open-source rocketmq client, we have applied for a special coupon, which can directly deduct the amount. Please fill in your company account information, click on the above figure to learn more. I. Introduction purpose […]