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  • Server interface test guide


    The first goal of testing is quality assurance, so we understand interface testing from the perspective of quality assurance. 1. Understanding interfaces 1.1 what does the interface do? First, from the perspective of function.For example, from the business process of a user purchasing a commodity: New user registration: add a new user data (create) through […]

  • Introduction to common use case reading methods for Python interface automation


    This article was first published in:Walker AI In software testing, writing interface automation cases for the project has become the resident testing work of testers. Taking Python as an example, this paper is based on three use case data reading methods used by the author: xlrd, pandas and yaml. Their usage methods and simple analysis […]

  • Docker build Kafka cluster and monitor, visual deployment practice


    Download zookeeper image docker pull wurstmeister/zookeeper Download Kafka image docker pull wurstmeister/kafka Start ZK image generation container docker run -d –restart=always –log-driver json-file –log-opt max-size=100m –log-opt max-file=2 –name zookeeper -p 2181:2181 -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime wurstmeister/zookeeper Start kafka1 image generation container docker run -d –restart=always –log-driver json-file –log-opt max-size=100m –log-opt max-file=2 –name kafka -p 9092:9092 -e KAFKA_BROKER_ID=0 […]

  • Pseudo Tags: a simple and efficient semi supervised learning method for deep neural networks


    Unlabeled data is marked by a supervised learning network, the so-called pseudo tag. Then, the labeled data and pseudo labeled data are used to train the network. Pseudo labels Pseudo tags are target classes after classifying unlabeled data. They can be used like real tags during training. The model used when selecting pseudo tags is […]

  • Union of different time intervals


    public class Test { private static Map dateMap = new ConcurrentSkipListMap<>(); public static void dateHandle(Date startTime, Date endTime) { if(startTime.after(endTime)) return; if (MapUtils.isEmpty(dateMap)) { dateMap.put(startTime, endTime); return; } SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(“yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss”); String startTimeFor = sdf. format(startTime); String endTimeFor = sdf. format(endTime); Map tempMap = new TreeMap<>(); // Concurrentskiplistmap can automatically sort according […]

  • Multi sample analysis of single cell transcriptome – varying neighborhood analysis (CNA)


    With the explosion of single-cell data, more and more methods are devoted to studying how the cell types or states in multiple samples are related to the samples’ attributes, aiming that this association can be used to guide treatment. Let’s take a brief look at the method of covarying neighborhood analysis recently released in biorxiv. […]

  • Python automated testing (4): data driven


    In the actual test work, we usually need to carry out the same test operation steps for multiple groups of different input data to verify the quality of our software. This kind of test consumes a lot of manpower and material resources in function test, but it is easy to realize in automation. As long […]

  • Ti am335x arm cortex-a8 industrial core board is preferred by users such as industrial gateway and industrial HMI


    Chuang long technology recently launched Ti am335x arm cortex-a8 industrial core board. It has the advantages of high performance, low power consumption, low cost and rich interfaces. It has become the primary choice for users such as industrial gateway and industrial HMI. In addition, the core board adopts stamp hole connection, which is more reliable […]

  • The interviewer will ask about array operations


    Array de duplication The test data of array de duplication are as follows: const sourceArray = [ null, 6, 34, ‘6’, [], ‘a’, undefined, ‘f’, ‘a’, [], 34, null, {}, true, NaN, {}, NaN, false, true, undefined ] const filterArray = unique(sourceArray) dual circulation function unique(sourceData) { let flag let filterArray = [] for (let […]

  • The built-in function of pytest makes you no longer worry about automatic test data storage.


    In the run automation test, some test data will be used in the test process, including temporary test data and commonly used data. The frequently used data can be stored in the form of Excel or yaml file. What about the temporary file? Today, let’s introduce a built-in function in pytest, which can easily help […]

  • Python uses the parameter optimization method of LSTM long-term and short-term memory neural network to predict the sales data of time series shampoo


    Original link: http://tecdat.cn/?p=24431  Configuring neural networks is difficult because there is no good theory on how to do it. You must systematically explore different parameter configurations from the perspective of dynamic and objective results to try to understand the situation of a given predictive modeling problem. In this tutorial, you will learn how to explore […]

  • Requests interface test Basics


    Send HTTP request Import the requests library and set the interface address of the test as a variable import requests base_url = ‘http://httpbin.org’ Get request r =requests.get(base_url+’/get’) print(r.status_code) Post request r=requests.post(base_url+’/post’) print(r.status_code) Put request r=requests.put(base_url+’/put’) print(r.status_code) Delete request r=requests.delete(base_url+’/delete’) print(r.status_code) Get pass in parameters param_data = {‘user’:’zxw’,’password’:’666′} r =requests.get(base_url+’/get’,params=param_data) print(r.url) print(r.status_code) Post pass in parameters […]