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  • [Mongo] connect Mongo database (1 / 3)


    The command line enters the Mongo databasemongo View all databasesshow dbs New (or existing) fruit data table and new datadb.fruits.save({name: ‘apple’, price: 5}); lookupdb.fruits.find({price: 5}) View all the tables in the databasedb.getCollectionNames() Connection Mongo database operation conf.js module.exports = { url: ‘mongodb://’, dbName: ‘local’, } db.js const conf = require(‘./conf’); Const {EventEmitter} = require (‘events’); […]

  • Fast generation of parent in front end_ Tree structure data associated with ID


    If you want to see the conclusion directly, you can jump toFast generation method In tob projects, it is inevitable to process tree related data, such as multi-level Department list, multi-level distribution list, and so on. For all cascading data with upper and lower levels, it is inevitable to generate tree structure data. There are […]

  • [Mongo] create an interface with node, query Mongo, and return the result in the interface (2 / 3)


    1. Initialize some test data, clear the original data and insert 100 test data node initData.js initData.js const mongodb = require(‘./models/db’); mongodb.once(‘connect’, async () => { const col = mongodb.col(‘fruits’); //Delete existing data await col.deleteMany(); const data = new Array(100).fill().map((value, index) => { return { name: ‘XXXX’ + index, price: index, category: Math.random () > […]

  • Learn laravel from scratch (3) data migration and seed factory mass production test data


    1、 Database migration 1. Enter the following command to create the migration file php artisan make:migration create_admin_user_table –create=admin_user In this case, the migration file can be modified according to the PHP code <?php use IlluminateDatabaseMigrationsMigration; use IlluminateDatabaseSchemaBlueprint; use IlluminateSupportFacadesSchema; class CreateAdminUserTable extends Migration { /** * Run the migrations. * * @return void */ public […]

  • Overview of countermeasure verification


    Learn how to implement adversarial verification to build classifiers to determine whether your data comes from a training or test set. If you can, there is a problem with your data, and the adversary validation model can help you diagnose the problem. If you’re looking at some winning solutions on kaggle, you might notice a […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] using MapReduce method to calculate aggregation in mongodb


    MapReduce can compute very complex aggregation logic and is very flexible. However, MapReduce is very slow and should not be used in real-time data analysis. MapReduce can be executed in parallel on multiple servers. Each server is only responsible for completing part of the wordload. Finally, the wordload is sent to the master server for […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] used MapReduce to calculate aggregation in mongodb


    MapReduce can calculate very complex aggregation logic and is very flexible. However, MapReduce is very slow and should not be used in real-time data analysis. MapReduce can be executed in parallel on multiple servers. Each server is only responsible for completing part of wordload. Finally, it sends wordload to master server for merging, calculates the […]

  • Mobile performance test tool perfdog simple to use


    Official website: https://wetest.qq.com/product… Instructions on official website: https://perfdog.qq.com/support In short, it is to test and collect the performance index data of mobile phone when running app, such as FPS, Jank, ftime, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, network, ctemp and other performance parameters. Download and install: Download the version of your system directly Account registration and login: […]

  • Matplotlib for Python data visualization


    1、 Common module import import numpy as np import matplotlib import matplotlib.mlab as mlab import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib.font_manager as fm from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D 2、 Solve the problem of abnormal display Chinese random code myfont = fm.FontProperties (fname = font file path) The negative sign is shown as a square matplotlib.rcParams[‘axes.unicode_minus’]=False 3、 Line […]

  • Clothing recognition analysis based on CNN neural network model based on keras platform


    Link to the original text: http://tecdat.cn/?p=8493 In many introductions of image recognition tasks, the famous MNIST dataset is usually used. However, there are some problems with these data It’s too simple. For example, a simple MLP model can achieve 99% accuracy, while a 2-layer CNN can achieve 99% accuracy. 2. It is overused. Literally, each […]

  • Excel and sklearn: linear regression


    By Kaushik ChoudhuryCompile | VKSource: toward Data Science About 13 years ago, David cournapeau’s scikit learn started as part of the Google summer of code project. Over time, scikit learn became one of the most famous machine learning libraries in Python. It offers several classification, regression and clustering algorithms, and in my opinion, its key […]

  • Using spark to solve some classic MapReduce problems


    abstract Spark is an Apache project, which is billed as “lightning fast cluster computing”. It has a thriving open source community and is currently the most active Apache project. Spark provides a faster and more general data processing platform. Compared with Hadoop, spark can make your program run 100 times faster in memory or 10 […]