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  • Using org mode to manage API test cases


    What are API test cases? In today’s Internet era, as a programmer of e-commerce platform, he must often deal with HTTP API. A common situation is API testing. Apart from what can be replaced by unit testing, it is often necessary to actually send HTTP requests. These things that are responsible for making HTTP requests […]

  • Automated testing series (2) | API testing


    In the lastAutomatic test series (1)This paper mainly focuses on the concept of API testing and the practice of API testing in Choerodon. API (Application Programming Interface) testing is a kind of software testing, which can perform verification directly at the API level. It is part of integration testing, which determines whether the API meets […]

  • Springboot unit test


    See a very good article about spring boot unit testing, here to turn, original address: spring boot dry goods series: (12) spring boot unit testing 1、 Preface This time, I will introduce the integrated use of unit testing in spring boot. This article will introduce the following four points to basically meet the daily needs […]

  • Powermock: Java unit testing skills


    To write java unit test cases is to simplify complex problems, that is, to decompose a piece of complex code into a series of simple unit test cases; to write java unit test cases well is to deepen simple problems, that is, to learn a set of methods, summarize a set of patterns and apply […]

  • UUID storage optimization in mybatis + MySQL environment


    1 question If UUID uses char (32) or char (36) to store, it needs 32 or 36 bytes. In order to save storage space, it is changed to binary (16), which takes up 16 bytes. For 500W row table, 7.4g space can be saved. There is no default type handler in mybatis to complete the […]

  • An analysis of using JUnit 4 to test Android program


    An analysis of using JUnit 4 to test Android program Three core concepts in JUnit 4 Runner Statement RunNotifier Parentrunner and blockjunit4classrunner Android JUnit 4classrunner and uithreadstatement Androidtestrule and androidstatement Other rules in Android package JUnit 4 is a popular Java unit testing tool. Using JUnit 4 and androidx.test The package can write unit tests […]

  • React hook test guide


    In the reason why react needs hook, we discuss why react needs to introduce the hook attribute. In the actual combat guide of react hook, we have a deep understanding of the detailed usage of various hooks and the problems we will encounter. In this article, I will show you how to improve our code […]

  • Understand and test what Android event distribution is


    1、 What is event distribution The so-called event distribution is to transfer the click events contained in a complete Click to a specific view or ViewGroup, and let the view or ViewGroup process it (consume it). The distribution is passed from top to bottom (parent to child). The objects that may pass through are the […]

  • Why do most IOC containers use ApplicationContext instead of beanfactory


    1. Introduction Spring framework comes with two IOC containersBeanFactoryandApplicationContext. BeanFactoryIs the most basic version of IOC container,ApplicationContextExpandedBeanFactoryThe function of.In this article, we will see the significant differences between the two IOC containers through practical examples. 2. Delayed loading vs. preloading Beanfactory loads beans on demand, while ApplicationContext startsLoad all beans at the same time. Therefore,BeanFactoryAndApplicationContextIt’s […]

  • Python interview questions: input an array, output the second largest number of the array


    Question:Input an array, output the second largest number of the array, and write related test cases be careful: 1. If the list contains non int, the float element needs to be removed2. If the list has the largest duplicate element, you need to handle it yourself. The built-inlist.sort(reverse=True)andheapq.nlargestSorting, the number of elements unchanged. Attach code […]

  • Jest unit test Quick Start Guide


    Technical exchange group: https://fiora.suisuijiang.com/Link to the original text: https://github.com/yinxin630/… Jest is a simple, easy to use and powerful testing framework install yarn add -D jest use establishtestCatalog, addingplus.spec.jsfile describe(‘example’, () => { it(‘should equal 2’, () => { expect(1 + 1).toBe(2); }); }); implementyarn jestperhapsyarn jest test/plus.spec.jsRun test cases Successful results Failure result Output test […]

  • Interview question: JS get picture width and height


    Generally used in the audit background, for exampleThe image can only be refined within a certain range。It is also used for clipping in canvasCalculate scaling。 JS get image width and height Get naturalwidth (callback version) The solution is to getnaturalWidth. thatnaturalWidthandwidthAny difference? naturalWidthIdentifies the original width and height of the picture. widthBecause of historical problems, […]