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  • Python automated testing — don’t rush to type code


    When learning Python automation, do you install the environment and start typing the code directly to try to run the program?The first thing to be clear is the test process! Automated testing is to write code and script to make the software run automatically, find defects and replace some manual testing. The essence of automated […]

  • Server interface test guide


    The first goal of testing is quality assurance, so we understand interface testing from the perspective of quality assurance. 1. Understanding interfaces 1.1 what does the interface do? First, from the perspective of function.For example, from the business process of a user purchasing a commodity: New user registration: add a new user data (create) through […]

  • [software testing] concept


    Article catalogue What is software testing The difference between software testing and software development Skill requirements and professionalism The difference between software testing and debugging Software testing post Positioning of software testing in different companies The quality of an excellent software tester What is demand Source of demand realization Demand classification Requirements from the perspective […]

  • Can distributed locks be so simple? (Continued)


    This is the last articleCan distributed locks be so simple?The sequel is mainly to record and analyze the difficulties encountered in the packaging process and the corresponding solutions. Note: reading this article requires some knowledgeAspect oriented programmingThe foundation of. Source code preparation To expose the problem, you need to annotate some of the code first. […]

  • Selenium automation framework: data driven, keyword driven and hybrid


    WeChat official account -IT promotion, focus on sharing knowledge related to IT, pay attention to me promotion and salary raise! What is selenium framework? The selenium framework is a code structure that makes code maintenance simple and efficient. If there is no framework, users can use the “C” framework to produce some beneficial results, such […]

  • [Java] Introduction to Java unit testing


    What is unit testing What is software testing Software testing (English: software testing) describes a process used to promote the identification of the correctness, integrity, safety and quality of software. In other words, software testing is a review or comparison process between actual output and expected output. The classic definition of software testing is: the […]

  • Fixture of pytest


    Pytest usage rules: 1. Test is used at the beginning of the file_ start 2. The test class starts with test 3. Test function with test_ start 4. Assert   Fixture: fixture code 1. Make initialization settings before and after the test, such as test data preparation, linking the database, opening the browser, etc 2. […]

  • Writing high-quality unit tests for unity3d using NUnit


    0x00 unit test pro & con Recently, I tried to introduce TDD (Test Driven Development) development mode into the game project I participated in, so unit testing has become very necessary. This blog will talk about the feelings and thoughts of this period of time. Due to the differences between game development and traditional software […]

  • Upgrade the user experience again! Erda version 1.2 was officially released


    Source |Erda official account Erda v1.2 Changelog:https://github.com/erda-project/erda/blob/master/CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.x.md​ Recently, Erda version 1.2 was officially released. The new version mainly focuses on improving the user experience and optimizing more than 50 contents. Developers are welcome to use the experience! At the same time, we are also very grateful to the community partners who have contributed to the […]

  • Linux [practical operation] – user management, root password retrieval method of Linux system


    catalogue 1、 User management 1. Add user 2. Set / modify user password 3. Delete user 4. Query user information 5. Switch users 6. View current user information 7. User group 8. Log off user 9. Introduction to relevant documents of users and user groups 2、 How to retrieve the root password (high frequency interview) […]

  • Python + appium automated test – repeat test cases


    There is a delay in updating articles on this website. If you need to view articles about Python + appium, please go to testome and follow me.https://testerhome.com/topics/27802 From the notes of beginners of APP Android automatic test, please give us more advice on what is wrong. In the process of functional testing, we often encounter […]

  • Three methods of optimizing regression test


    Testing is usually a one-time event that occurs at the end of the project before it is delivered to production. However, with the birth of agile test management platform, testing becomes more and more important in the whole software development life cycle. Therefore, regression testing has occupied a central position to ensure that the developed […]