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  • [go] golang exercise project – go language implementation of quick sorting


    Quick sort first selects a benchmark (you can also think of the element to be placed in the correct position of the sorted array) pivot, and then divides the array according to the selected benchmark pivot. There are many ways to select pivot, so there are many versions of quick sort. Always select the first […]

  • Golang quick start unit testing (idea, framework, practice)


    1. What is unit testing Unit testing can check whether our code can proceed as expected and whether there are problems in code logic, so as to improve code quality.In short, unit testing is to test a function method. We should first test the correct value transfer and obtain the correct expected results, and then […]

  • Using dependency injection in xUnit test projects


    Using dependency injection in xUnit test projects Intro I have written several articles on xUnit dependency injection before. Today’s article will combine my sharing on. Net conf to more systematically share the application cases in the test. I want to share this topic because I think testing is a very important part in our development […]

  • Overview and practice of Java SDK integration testing


    Project backgroundAs a professional team that has long focused on the design and R & D of the underlying platform of the blockchain, fun chain technology attaches particular importance to product quality. Software testing can be said to be the most critical part of the quality assurance of the platform.The underlying technology platform usually provides […]

  • Technical notes in 202003


    Week10(3.1-3.7) 20200302 See a code directorymakeallScript, usingmakeall installExecute, execute successfully, but GDB it doesn’t work, somore makeallI looked at it and used it insteadmake all installYes. Essentially stillmakeI won’t, selfmore makeallI feel there is a problem, but I don’t know what the problem is. 20200303 At first, I became aware of writing scripts, because I […]

  • Another scheme for laravel database testing – SQLite


    Laravel database test In terms of testing,LaravelBuilt in usePHPUnitProvides a very convenient solution. For the test of database addition, deletion, modification and query, a very important problem to be solved is how to restore the original appearance of the database after the test is completed. For example, to test a user registration method, you need […]

  • A simple 11 step test driven development in laravel


    Test Driven Development(English: test driven development, abbreviated as TDD) is aSoftware development processApplication method in, byExtreme programming It is named after its advocacy of writing test programs first and then coding to realize its functions. The following is an article I saw on medium about how to implement test driven development in laravel. I have […]

  • Construction of Python pytest interface automation framework


    1. Install pytest first pip install pytest 2. Write single test cases In the pytest framework, there are the following constraints: All single test file names need to meettest_*.pyFormat or*_test.pyFormat. In the single test file, you can includetest_The function at the beginning can also containTestClass starting with. In a single test class, you can include […]

  • Kotlin uses the configurationproperties annotation of springboot, and the configuration file does not prompt the solution.


    problem Kotlin uses the @ configurationproperties annotation and edits the application.yaml file without corresponding prompt. Configuration class @ConstructorBinding @ConfigurationProperties(prefix = “application”) data class AppConfig( val storage: AppConfigStorage, ) data class AppConfigStorage( val namespace: String, ) Startup class @ConfigurationPropertiesScan @SpringBootApplication class EasyQuestionnaireApplication fun main(args: Array<String>) { runApplication<EasyQuestionnaireApplication>(*args) } pom.xml <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-configuration-processor</artifactId> <optional>true</optional> </dependency> </dependencies> […]

  • Technical notes in 202004


    April 2020 todo Work: Arranged task list; Sorting code business(Tentative OLC at present); study: 1.5x learn the video on hand (mainly in the network) Data structure “tree” related knowledge input, after the 25th, according to their own understanding, output an MD. other Whether to brush the questions of inertia leetcode has not been decided yet, […]

  • Powermock: Java unit testing techniques


    Introduction:Gao De’s technical boss said to the teacher when talking about methodology: “complex problems should be simplified, and simple problems should be deepened.” This sentence makes me feel deeply. This is not a set of code writing methods – split a complex logic into many simple logic, then deeply implement each simple logic, and finally […]

  • Programming is a craft, and the experience of nginx community is shared


    preface About me: NJS core developer, unit contributor, nginx expertProgramming is a craft. It is a series. I share my thinking on programming, especially what I learned in nginx community. Programming is the creation of logic and strives for clarity This is my understanding of programming. Code reflects the essence of business, which can also […]