• Linux commands run in the background


    There are two ways to run commands in the Linux background: CMD &: it runs in the background. If the terminal is turned off, it will stop running Nohup CMD &: running in the background. Turning off the terminal will not stop running Method 1: CMD& CMD & enables commands to run in the background. […]

  • External part – Visual Studio code and vue.js


    Fan waipian Seaconch is so tired that he can’t help writing this article I can’t help but recommend new editors. I can’t help but use them everywherevs codeThis editor To whom? I don’t know, when the same person is like meFrom vsThen maybe you will feel the same as me~ Start learning in Mayvue.jsUp to […]

  • Win10 + centos8 dual system construction stepping pit


    Xiaomi Pro notebook, the original win10 system, comes with a 255gb SSD and is equipped with Samsung’s 860evo (500g). It plans to take out 250g to install Linux. But because Xiaomi has its own boot, it encountered some strange pits. Record it. Production and installation of startup disk Download Image: there’s nothing to say about […]

  • How does oracle19c use benchmark SQL data exchange?


    oraclemyasm benchmarksql-5.0]$ export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Dfile.encoding=UTF8[oraclemyasm benchmarksql-5.0]$ antPicked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Dfile.encoding=UTF8Buildfile: build.xmlinit:compile: [javac] Compiling 11 source files to /soft/tpcc/benchmarksql-5.0/build dist: [mkdir] Created dir: /soft/tpcc/benchmarksql-5.0/dist [jar] Building jar: /soft/tpcc/benchmarksql-5.0/dist/BenchmarkSQL-5.0.jar BUILD SUCCESSFULTotal time: 14 secondsdb=oracledriver=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriveruser=mytestpassword=oraclewarehouses=10loadWorkers=4terminals=10//To run specified transactions per terminal- runMins must equal zerorunTxnsPerTerminal=0//To run for specified minutes- runTxnsPerTerminal must equal zerorunMins=10//Number of total transactions per minutelimitTxnsPerMin=300//Set to true […]

  • [Online Roundtable – 263] terminal to terminal encryption of video conference


    This sharing will introduce the similarities and differences of webrtc based conference, SFU mode conference and webrtc SFU mode conference data encryption for various current terminal encryption scenarios. Content from 263 audio and video Architects   He Xiaomin’s sharing at the round table in the second half of the video conference. Ppt material link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/19qf9… Extraction […]

  • Nginx configuration


    Nginx configuration 1. Development environment Vue + node2. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition3. In the process of using project development, we often use nginx to forward. Here is my summary, hoping to help you!4. Download address of nginx official website: http://nginx.org/en/download.html //The version used this time is: 1.18.0 5. After downloading, we will get […]

  • VM VirtualBox virtual machine Linux Installation enhancements


    Error installing enhancements: failed to load virtual CD-ROM vboxguestadditions.iso to virtual PC solve:Terminal, root CD / media / user name / VBox_ Gas / run vboxlinuxaddition.runCheck whether it runs successfullyNormal do not need to restart it, can not restart the next system. This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this […]

  • Ride the wind and waves, meet Huawei Hongmeng intelligent terminal system (harmonyos 2), and build a distributed operating system for the whole scene


    What is Hongmeng intelligent terminal system (harmonyos 2) Harmonyos is a new generation of intelligent terminal operating system, which provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. Bring simple, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable full scene interactive experience. https://www.harmonyos.com Harmonyos Hongmeng system (Hongmeng OS) is a “future oriented” distributed operating […]

  • Rust learning notes 000 – Installation


    I’m officially learning rust today. install The first thing to learn a new language is to install it first. Official recommendationrustupTools to manage the installation and provide one click installation commands. You only need to execute the following commands on the terminal: curl –proto ‘=https’ –tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh Actually, download and install firstrustup, […]

  • Deploying Kafka message queue on Ubuntu machine


    Deploying Kafka message queue on Ubuntu machine step Installation depends on zookeeper Install Kafka Configure Kafka Start and stop Kafka Test Kafka 1 dependency: install zookeeper apt-get update apt-get install zookeeper The configuration file is in the/etc/zookeeper/confUnder the directory If it is a stand-alone machine, no additional configuration is required. If there are multiple ZKS, […]

  • A surprisingly fast terminal video recording tool, can also record vscode and chrome windows


    [introduction]: t-rec   Is an amazing fast terminal recorder, can generate GIF images. brief introduction t-rec   It is a fast terminal recorder realized by rust. The result can generate motion picture or video Recording terminal at 4 frames per second Generate high quality small animated GIF image or MP4 video Built in free frame […]

  • Some skills of uploading input files


    In our daily development, we can’t avoid the function of uploading files. Sometimes it is necessary to restrict the upload of files, such as the following example: 1. No restrictions The code is as follows: <input type=”file”> Click to display: 2. Only images can be uploaded, and the specified format is PNG The code is […]