• Huawei Hongmeng OS released! Ark supports mixed compilation and will eventually replace Android?


    Preface There’s also news about Hongmeng before. Just yesterday afternoon, Huawei held the 2019 Development Conference and officially launched the Hongmeng OS system. It is also a full scene distributed OS based on Microsoft kernel With the advantages of micro kernel, Hongmeng adopts distributed architecture to improve efficiency. While the traditional Android code is relatively […]

  • Stream API


    1、 Introduction 1. Stream is Java APInew blood, he allowedDeclarativeData collection can also be handled transparentlyparallel processing 2. Benefits of stream API Declarative – more concise and easy to read Composable – more flexible Parallelizable – better performance 2、 Intermediate and terminal operations The stream interface in java.util.stream.stream defines many operations. The stream operations that […]

  • 1、 CentOS: environment deployment and basic command, file management


    1. Turn off the firewall Stop firewall systemctl stop firewalld1Disable startup systemctl disable firewalld1 2. Close SELinux vim /etc/selinux/configChange the SELinux line to SELINUX=disabled Press Shift + + +: enter WQ again to save and exitThen type setenforce 0 3. Switching terminal Toggle tty2-6 ctrl+alt+F2-F6 Switch graphical interface alt+F1 4. Terminal configuration Edit – > […]

  • PHP configuration Xdebug plug-in, breakpoint debugging


    xdebugDownload address:https://xdebug.org 1.Create phpinfo(); file in the project directory; 2.Quickly find your own phpxdebug plug-in:   https://xdebug.org/wizard 3.Copy the source code of phpinfo and paste it into the input box Click: analyze my phpinfo() output button 4.Xdebug with advice 5.The operation on the window will be very simple. Here we mainly introduce the operation on the […]

  • Mac gradle configuration


    1. Configure Java environment Ensure that the Java environment is installed. The JDK version is greater than 1.6. Configure the environment variable java_home. Check the Java version and enter it in the terminal java -version 2. Download gradleGradle download addresshttps://services.gradle.org/distributions/ Download the latest version: gradle-6.0 (the latest version on November 8, 2019). Remember to download […]

  • Mac opens black domain app


    1. install ADB brew cask install android-platform-tools 2. After installation, connect the computer to the mobile phone, turn on the USB debugging mode, and note that the mobile phone needs to turn on the developer mode Open the mobile phone information, click the version information, and click until you are prompted to open the developer […]

  • Data visualization introduction practical series 0 — environment construction


    I. Preface1. Background Recently, I was working on the project of data visualization. I found it on the Internet. I didn’t have relevant learning materials. I plan to write a series of introductory practical courses in combination with my own exploration. 2. Using frames 1、vue2.x2、echarts4+3、threejs4、vue-cli2.9+5、nodejs12+ 2、 Project environment construction Because I use the windows operating […]

  • Mongodb visualization tool studio 3T cracking tutorial (Mac version)


    1. download package Download the data-man-mongodb-ent-2019.3.0.jar package. Download address: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1mrww Extraction code: 4316 2. replacement pack Open the studio 3T installation directory:Copy the downloaded package to the installation directory and replace the original package. 3. Run terminal command Execute the following command at the terminal: sudo spctl –master-disable Enter the computer power on password and […]

  • With only one computer, everyone can use Python to track the distribution of new coronavirus in real time


    At present, with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading worldwide, the current diagnosis in overseas areas has risen to 293683 (data update to 2020.03.25 16:54). In order to better ensure our own health, we must understand the actual statistics that are affecting the areas where we live. How to use the existing tools to track the distribution […]

  • [luajit version] configure Lua development environment on Mac OS from scratch


    Preface This article is about the luajit based environment configuration. With the help of luajit, the execution efficiency of lua can be further improved dozens of times. If you are not sure whether you need Lua or luajit, it is recommended that you start from luajit. Luajit corresponds to the syntax of lua5.1, which needs […]

  • Want to be a top developer? You need more practice! Please keep these resources


    Translator:In fact, there are many classic cases in China, such as hungry, Douban, Zhihu. It’s also a very good exercise program. Original: want to be a top developer? You should build things. Here’s another list to get you started Translator: fundebug In order to ensure readability, this paper adopts free translation instead of literal translation. […]