• How to develop your own cli tool with node


    How to develop your own cli tool with node inspiration The inspiration and scenes for writing this tool come fromyoutubeA small chat in Beijing GitHub address Blog launch Usage scenarios Originally, we wrote blog to show shell, such as installing and running docker, one click deployment script, and other terminal operations. We need to show […]

  • Docker installing redis


    Turn on the terminal #Get image docker pull redis #Run container docker run -itd –name redis-test -p 6379:6379 redis #Test the use of redis service through redis cli connection docker exec -it redis-test /bin/bash

  • Front end environment installation


    node node -v Gohttps://nodejs.org/en/Download the installation file and install it. After the installation, enter thenode -vPress enter to print out the version number of nodejs, indicating that nodejs is installed successfully. Input at terminalnpm -v Press enter to print out the version number of NPM, which indicates that NPM has been successfully installed (NPM has […]

  • Debugging koa or express projects with vscode


    preface I’m used to playing log when debugging node. I suddenly find that when printing an object, especially when there are many attributes in the object, I have to pull it up on the terminal to see it. So I plan to use vscode to interrupt the debugging program. install The example here is using […]

  • Configuring MySQL on MAC


    1、 Download MySQL official website After entering, click downloads After downloading, install it. 2、 Environmental variables Switch to the current user directory at the terminal and edit. /. Bash_ Profile file $ cd ~ $ vim ./.bash_profile Enter the VIM editing environment. Press I to enter the insert mode export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/support-files Press ESC […]

  • Start mongodb


    install Configure environment variables Create a data / DB folder in the root directory of Disk C to store the database Input mongod in the terminal to start mongodb server This can be customized when starting the server Mongod — the storage path specified by dbpath database — port port number (maximum no more than […]

  • . bashrc and. Bash in Linux_ Profile comparison


    If you spend a lot of time on the command line, you may have a desire to customizeShellThe idea of the environment. Today, I will explain how to realize your idea. In fact, you can create an alias and add an environment variable to it$PATHAdd new directory or changeShellPrompt to save time on the command […]

  • JavaScript everywhere Chapter 1 development environment (^_ ^)


    JavaScript everywhere Chapter 1 development environment (^_ ^) Write at the front Hello everyone, I’m Mao Xiaoyou, a front-end development engineer. I’m translating an English technical book. In order to improve our reading experience, the sentence structure is slightly adjusted and the content is added and deleted. If you find any flaws in this article, […]

  • MySQL Navicat error 1045 (MAC)


    First of all, close the MySQL service in the settings. The button in the box is the close button. Because I have closed it, I will show start here Next, open the terminal and inputmysqld_safe –user=mysql –skip-grant-tables –skip-networking& Next, connect to the database in Navicat

  • Notes on installation and configuration of Maven under mac


    Recently, I started playing spring MVC. First of all, I have to install Maven on my Mac. There are still some problems with one wave of three certificates. Let’s record and share them with you… 1. First go to the official website to downloadmaven3.3.9The configuration is as follows: tar -zxvf apache-maven-3.3.9 sudo mv apache-maven-3.3.9 /usr/local/maven3.3.9 […]

  • How to use the screen command


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. Most of the time, we need to perform some tasks that take a long time. If your network connection is suddenly disconnected at this time, all the work you have done before may be lost, and all the work you have done may have to be done again, which will waste […]

  • Write a blog from scratch with Django


    First of all, Django is a python web development framework, which requires some basic knowledge of Python. In fact, we should not understand it very well, because we will gradually learn a lot of knowledge of Python in the learning of Django.Django’s website is https://www.djangoproject.comVery good, this website is pure English, so we can improve […]