• Restart failed git pull / push operation with expect


    Raising of the problem Recently, when I use GitHub to upload and download project code, I often get stuck for a long time. Sometimes I hit git push on the command line and then go to the toilet. As a result, when I came back, I found that the push had already failed and had […]

  • Windows terminal sharp tool cmder


    In the field of it, it is recommended to use in most casesLinuxOr classUnixOperating system programming,LinuxAs a generation of excellent operating system, it has become the core of IT industry. Conditional big guys have chosen to use MAC programming, the best is the terminal experience, andLinuxCompletely consistent command line, brings a lot of convenience, but […]

  • Windows terminal Complete Guide


    In this article, we’ll look at Windows terminal, which isWSL2It is an ideal match for the market. It is fast, configurable, beautiful, and provides all the advantages of windows and Linux development. Windows has fully embraced Linux, and wsl2 makes it a seamless pleasure. You can access the distribution terminal in the following ways: Click […]

  • Summary of methods of creating public and private pod libraries by cocoapods


    introduction During the period of graduation, some articles talked about IOS engineering modularization everywhere. I have been focusing on decoupling the company’s project code. However, there is no need to codify the project in one person’s development, so I have not studied the method of codifying the project, During this period, I also took time […]

  • Missing lesson in Computer Education – MIT – L5 – command line environment


    https://missing.csail.mit.edu/https://missing-semester-cn.g…https://www.bilibili.com/vide… note Task control Shell will use the signaling mechanism provided by UNIX to perform inter process communication. When a process receives a signal, it stops executing, processes the signal, and changes its execution based on the information it transmits. At this point, a signal is a software interrupt. End process See man signal for […]

  • For the first time, we started our Linux system in a virtual machine


    In the last article, we learned how to build our own linux learning environment in the local environment. From today, we will officially enter our linux learning journey. Today, we try to start the Linux system for the first time. To ensure the smooth operation of the virtual machine, we suggest setting the resolution to […]

  • Linux terminal preliminary tutorial


    Common Linux terminalsGnome terminal (Gnome standard)Xfce4 terminal (xfce4 standard)Lxterminal (lxde standard)Konsole (KDE standard)The first three are all in GTK interface style, while konsol is in QT interface style. Of course, their core is based on the powerful Linux shell GNU / bash. If you like, you can install them all. Use the following command under […]

  • linux_ Hand in hand teaching Ubuntu to build RTMP video push service


    Originallinux_ Hand in hand teaching Ubuntu to build RTMP video push service 1. Install CONDA, ffmpeg, nginx, nginx RTMP module (it is recommended to modify the source of PIP and CONDA first.)Install CONDA, create environment: CONDA create – n RSTP python = 3.7Error: Solving Environment: | failed Top shows that there is not enough memory. […]

  • Install Zsh in homestead to solve the problem of oh my Zsh installation failure


    Installing Zsh in homestead to improve the terminal experience Zsh is an auxiliary tool to improve the user experience. It has very convenient tips. There are many easy-to-use plug-ins. Xiaobian has been struggling for a long time, jumping a lot of holes, and finally successfully installed. Here I will share with you the installation process […]

  • Simple Linux terminal beautification method sharing


    Green font output: Copy code The code is as follows: echo -e “\033[1;32;40mPass\033[0m”  Red font output: Copy code The code is as follows: echo -e “\033[1;31;40mFail\033[0m” The color of text terminal can be generated by using “ANSI unconventional character sequence”. give an example:  Copy code The code is as follows:   echo -e “\033[44;37;5m ME \033[0m […]

  • The introduction and C + + implementation of Linux Daemons


    1. Introduction to Daemons The     daemon is a long-lived process. They are often started when the system boot loads (if the daemons need to be self started with the system, they need to be started at/etc/init.dPlace the response startup script under the directory, or use thesystemctlTo control, there are other wayssupervisorUsers can search […]

  • Google’s new tools greatly improve the efficiency of building Android applications on Chrome OS


    Technical editor: Zong enli from the editorial department SegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault Google recently launched a new website ChromeOS.dev To help developers build Android applications in the Chrome OS (Linux based) operating system. With the update, Google has also made it easier to build and test Android applications on its […]