• The construction of deep learning environment under win10 + Ubuntu 16.04 dual system


    The environment has been built in pieces for three or four days. Although there are various problems, it’s still built up. Make your own records and give some guidance to those in need   1、 Installation of dual system The win10 hard disk management assistant compresses or directly uses the unused space, and the space […]

  • Open Android Application “black domain” under mac


    Install ADB brew cask install android-platform-tools After installation, connect the computer to the mobile phone, turn on the USB debugging mode, and note that the mobile phone needs to turn on the developer mode Open the mobile phone information, click the version information, and click until you are prompted to open the developer mode For […]

  • The difference between. Bashrc and. Bash? Profile


    To distinguish the difference between the two, we must first make clearlogin shellandno-login shellThe difference between. login shell When you enter the user name and password through the terminal, and then enter terminal, the shell environment you enter is called login shell, for example, throughsshRemote access to the host. no-login shell As the name implies, […]

  • Download, install and configure mysql-5.7.28 under Windows


    You need to change the version of MySQL database recently. Write an article and record it 1、 Download MySQL database There are two kinds of MySQL downloads, one is zip compressed file, the other is MSI installerOfficial version 5.7 zip file download pageOfficial version 5.7 MSI installer download page I choose 5.7.28-windows 64 bit Click […]

  • Set up the server login and logout remote server from scratch


    During the period of double 11, I started a cloud server, which took a week or two for filing, and finally passed the filing. So I installed it on the personal serverDockerContainers are used to deploy projects and prepare to package all services into containers to facilitate unified management and operation So usedockerSet upnginxAs a […]

  • Solve the problem of “no package qualified for installation” in the installation of black apple


    When the author installed the idle version of uuos x El 10.11.6 (15g31) CDR on an old notebook hard disk, he successfully entered the installation interface, but “there is no software package qualified for installation, please contact the software manufacturer for help”. Other versions have this problem. Later, I found a solution in the forum. […]

  • How to modify the host name on CentOS 7


    This time, let’s talk about how to modify the host name on CentOS 7 1. Log in to the virtual machine of CentOS 7 from VMware and log in as root.     2. View the host name before modification1 >. We can view the host name through the file hostname 2 >. You can […]

  • mei848an


    Professional imitation Baidu Encyclopedia, Wiki wiki wiki website development and construction, friends in need can welcome to chat with me privately Provide one-stop service: contact QQ: 8582-36016 (private chat), wechat: lianweikj Tel: 186-7597-7935 Support terminal:     Computer version:     Mobile version:  

  • How to customize tip details for terminal


    Preface When we open the terminal, before entering the command position, there will be a character to display the current user, host name and other information. Some students may use the zshell, which is more functional and can choose topics. The characters in front of different themes are different. For example, my theme is ys, […]

  • Monitoring administrator login with port 3389


    It’s used here Terminal service configuration can be installed in the role Double click to select environment When the administrator logs in 3389 Executing 1.bat file can also be a malicious exe Bat says @echo offDate / T > > log.txt get dateTime / T > > log.txt get timeNetstat – N – P tcp|find […]

  • Linux command line


    Now, most computer users are only familiar with GUI, and think that cli is a very old and difficult thing to use. In fact, a good command-line interface can make us make full and efficient use of computers, as Mr. Lu Xun said (well, I don’t remember who said Lu Xun), “Gui makes simple tasks […]

  • Powerful terminal simulator: termux


    The mainstream desktop systems we use now will have their own command-line programs, and windows is no exception (bash shell and PowerShell have been launched in windows10). It can be seen that the use of graphical interface alone can no longer meet our needs, especially for people like me who are engaged in software development, […]