• Installing autojump on MAC


    1、 What is autojump? To know what autojump is, let’s first look at shell, Bash and Zsh. shell Shell is what we often call a shell command. In fact, it is a program written in C language. Users type commands on the command line and pass them to the operating system (kernel) for execution after […]

  • Understand what scaffolding is from the perspective of use


    Introduction to scaffold Scaffolding is essentially a client of the operating system, which executes through commands, such as:vue create vue-test-appThe command above consists of three parts: Main command:vue command: create Param of command:vue-test-app It means to create a Vue project namedvue-test-app, the above is a relatively simple scaffold command, but the actual scene is often […]

  • An exception in converting markdown files to PDF using atom under Ubuntu


    Today, an exception occurred when converting markdown to PDF using atom’s mark themeable PDF plug-in: assertionerror: HTML PDF: failed to load phantom JS module. You have to set the path to the phantom JS binary using ‘options. Phantom path’ Paste the abnormal information into Baidu to search. After looking for more than an hour, I […]

  • 7 necessary installation software for developers


    Pay attention to me and learn more interesting things about development, life and interview Why is there this article Recently replaced a new onemac, it is found that various environments need to be configured. Previously, various satisfactory development tools have to be reset. What matters is that there is no complete comprehensive document on the […]

  • Implementation of websocket push in go language


    Author: Zhou Huiting Write in front In the process of system development, we often need to realize the requirement of message push. The case of single end and single instance is easy to handle (there are many tutorials on the Internet that are not expanded here), but how to deal with distributed systems and multi […]

  • Minicoda + jupyterlab records


    Because it needs to be modified in the projectJupyterLab, but inWindowsThere is a problem when the environment is started after loading, and the originalAnacondaIt takes up too much space. The hard disk is not enough, so try to use itMiniCodastart-upJupyterLab, I took some notes while looking for the problem. MiniCoda Official website: https://docs.conda.io/en/late…Domestic download point: […]

  • How much better is WiFi 6 than WiFi 5


    1: Higher transmission rate: 1. The biggest feature of WiFi 6 isFast speed。 Compared with the maximum rate of 3.5 Gbps of Wi Fi 5, Wi Fi 6 adopts a higher-order modulation and coding scheme 1024-qam to increase its maximum connection rate to 9.6 Gbps. 2. Maximum improvement of Wi Fi 6Not to increase the […]

  • Getting started with node.js


    Node.js environment Download and install node, automatically configure environment variables, and install NPM package management tool Open the CMD command line tool, enter node – V to verify whether node is successfully installed, and enter NPM – V to verify whether NPM is successfully installed Globally install another package management tool (optional) yarn. Enter NPM […]

  • Besides nohup, you can do this


    I still remember when I first developed the back-end service, I knocked hard, the interface test passed, and the program was launched online. Say to the boss and the front end: my interface is deployed and you can test it. Then he collected his bags and flashed away, saying in his heart: you inefficient overtime […]

  • 12 terminal commands that front-end developers should know


    Mastering some common terminal commands and reducing repeated input and output will greatly improve work efficiency. This paper summarizes 12 common commands, some are built-in, and some can be installed in less than a minute. Curl Curl is a command-line tool for sending requests through HTTP (s), FTP and other protocols. It can download files, […]

  • Define aliases for commands under Mac to make the use experience consistent with your use of Linux


    explain You might say that aliases are defined under Mac, which is the same as under Linux, right! Just like that, I write down to add the impression. If you feel useful, I am very pleased. I will not make complaints about your Tucao, which will make me more progress and improvement. Just sauce! Add […]

  • Recommend 3 easy-to-use docker graphical management tools


    Docker is a very popular container technology, which is now widely used in all walks of life. However, how to manage docker containers is a problem, so I’d like to introduce three docker visualization tools to you today, hoping to help you. Portainer Portal is a docker visual management tool, which allows us to easily […]