• Introduction to Python regular expressions


    By|irfan alghani KhalidCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Suppose you want to search for something based on a given query. If you only rely on one string, you won’t get what you want. So, how to find what you need in a large amount of information? Of course, you need a pattern to identify the string […]

  • Use of mongodb


    brief introduction Mongodb is a database based on distributed file storage. Written in C + +. It aims to provide scalable high-performance data storage solutions for web applications. Mongodb is a product between relational database and non relational database. It is the most functional and relational database among non relational databases. NoSQL features Represents more […]

  • An algorithm to improve the performance of English word spelling detection by 1000 times?


    preface Xiao Ming wrote a spelling correction tool in Chinese and English last time, fooled by the product manager:https://github.com/houbb/word-checker。 I thought it could be done once and for all. Until yesterday, I found another open source project with nothing to do. The description is as follows: Spelling correction & Fuzzy search: 1 million times faster […]

  • Front end. With some experience, say some ideas


    There are no dry goods, but mainly some ideas. I say you realize that there are 100 Hamlets in the eyes of 100 people. Isn’t this the case with academic exchanges? It’s easy to get started at the front end, but it’s harder to get to the back Why? Too much noise! What should I […]

  • Lantern Festival | tcapsusdb invite you to guess lantern riddles!


    Eat dumplings Enjoy the moon Look at the Lantern guess lantern riddles ……. Lantern Festival standard, must be arranged on! Let’s have a look at the Lantern Festival blessings from tcapsusdb Tcapsusdb wish you all a happy Lantern Festival! Good health and good luck Fortune is coming! Remember to eat Tangyuan! ——From tcapsusdb Mr. tcaplus […]

  • Concept of tcapsusdb knowledge base (table, key, record, index)


    As a NoSQL database, the syntax of tcapsusdb is different from that of traditional SQL relational database. This paper will introduce the concept and meaning of the three common terms in tcapsusdb: table, record and index. Terms / concepts First of all, the comparison of tcapsusdb with SQL database and mongodb terms is shown in […]

  • Common syntax correspondence table of mongodb and SQL


    For students who often write SQL, they are not used to the syntax of mongodb at the beginning. The following table sorts out the common SQL syntax, functions and corresponding mongodb syntax for reference only.   Terms and concepts SQL MongoDB database database table collection row document column field index index table joins $lookup primary […]

  • C ා DataGridView display hover information (2)


    The last time I wrote to DataGridView, the content was fully displayed by overriding the oncellmouseenter event of DataGridView.Address: https://segmentfault.com/a/11… However, it was found that some of the information needed to be levitated was very long, and it disappeared after a few seconds, and there was no time to read all the information. Many ways […]

  • Quantlib financial calculation — a case study of ordinary interest rate swap (1)


    catalog Quantlib financial calculation — a case study of ordinary interest rate swap (1) summary Contract terms practice Set term structure Add historical floating rate Setting up contracts Valuation Possible sources of valuation differences next step Quantlib financial calculation — a case study of ordinary interest rate swap (1) summary The functions of interest rate […]

  • From SQL to mongodb, this is enough


    Mongodb official document: SQL to mongodb mapping chart preface Many developers are first exposed to the concept of database (usually in college classroom), or the first database, usually SQL database. Now, NoSQL database is catching up, and many users of original SQL data will inevitably have to turn to NoSQL. As a representative of NoSQL […]

  • [datamagic] how to use spark on a trillion level data volume


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent mass technology practice dry goods~ This article was first launched in cloud + community and can not be reproduced without permission.Author: Zhang guopeng, Tencent operation and Development Engineer 1、 Preface As a big data computing engine, spark quickly occupies the field of big data computing […]

  • 25 big data terms everyone should know


    Absrtact: if you’re new here, big data looks scary! According to your basic theory, let’s focus on some key terms to impress your date, boss, family or anyone else. Let’s start: 1. Algorithm. How is “algorithm” related to big data? Even though algorithm is a general term, big data analysis makes it more popular and […]