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  • Nacos as configuration center — election mechanism


    Through the first two articles, we can see that Nacos is powerful from the perspective of use. Our existing configuration support is more friendly and less intrusive to the project. This is also the motivation for me to continue to study him and see if it can be introduced into the project. The following three […]

  • Raft algorithm for leader election


    Original address: https://qeesung.github.io/202…Raft paper address: https://ramcloud.atlassian.ne… Raft’s paper is divided into three parts Leadership election Log replication Security This paper mainly introducesLeader election Node state in raft Nodes in raft have three states: Leader status:Leader Follower status:Follower Candidate status:Candidate Each node is a state machine. Raft will transfer the state according to the current heartbeat, […]