• Sharding JDBC integrates mybatis plus to realize the solution of sub database and sub table


    Project address: Github Gitee Official documents: Sharding-JDBC Mybatis-Plus 1、 Run test Step 1: create two new databases:seal_sharding、seal_sharding1 Step 2: import SQL files in DB directory respectively Step 3: open the project and configure environment variablesMYSQL_HOST、MYSQL_PORTAnd user name and password Step 4: run test files (under test package) 2、 Acquisition of tenant ID Modify mybaitsplusconfig.java under […]

  • I work as a serverless cloud R & D platform in Alibaba


    Introduction:After more than half a year of transformation, the serverless cloud R & D platform has evolved from a simple platform for solving engineering links to a full life cycle R & D platform for R & D, online and operation and maintenance. The subsequent propositions to be solved will focus on the low threshold […]

  • How does mybatis plus disable L1 caching


    preface Friends who have used mybatis plus may know that mybatis plus provides the function of multi tenant plug-in, which allows developers to add tenant statements automatically without writing tenant statements manually. Today’s source of material is a magical problem encountered by business developers when using multi tenant plug-ins Problem recurrence The business developer should […]

  • Ten reasons to choose Apache pulsar instead of Kafka


    The original author is Maximilian Michels, translator [email protected] For reprint, please leave a message in the background.English link:https://dzone.com/articles/10… \#About Apache pulsarApache pulsar is the top project of Apache Software Foundation. It is the next generation of cloud native distributed message flow platform. It integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. It adopts the architecture design […]

  • Four reasons why Apache pulsar is so important to the modern data stack


    This article was originally published on the official blog of datastax, translated and shared by InfoQ Chinese website with the authorization of the original author. This translation has also been authorized, which is adjusted from the original.Translation link:https://www.infoq.cn/article/… About Apache pulsar Apache pulsar is the top project of Apache Software Foundation. It is the next […]

  • Pulsar: is the next generation messaging engine really so powerful?


    background Recently, we are doing the technology selection of new business, which involves the selection of message middleware; Combined with our actual situation, we hope it can meet the following requirements: Friendly cloud native support: because now the main language isGoAt the same time, the operation and maintenance can be simple enough. Official support for […]

  • Minimalist and practical Asp.NetCore New CMS module in modular framework


    brief introduction I have explained the background of this framework. You can check this link if you are not clearMinimalist and practical Asp.NetCore Modular framework decided to be free and open source Recently, the following functions have been added to this framework: 1. The CMS module is newly added. At present, it is relatively simple […]

  • How to do. Net ORM sub table? How to do. Net ORM branch library?


    Theoretical knowledge Sub table – on the surface, it means to divide a table into n small tables, each of which is a complete table. After the sub table, the data is stored in the sub table, the master table is just a shell, and the access data occurs in the sub table one by […]

  • Thoroughly understand SaaS architecture design of multi tenant in micro mall


    Thoroughly understand SaaS architecture design of multi tenant in micro mall Link to the original text:https://blog.csdn.net/haponchang/article/details/104246317Thank the author for providing such a good summary! 1. The specific SaaS architecture must 1. Carefully select the tenant model that is most suitable for the needs of the application, 2. We need to select the final architecture according […]

  • Four integration steps for migrating to spark operator and S3


    CNCF China Cloud native survey in 2020 10 people will receive $100 gift certificate from CNCF store! Did you fill it in? Questionnaire links(https://www.wjx.cn/jq/9714648…) Guest article by Allison richardet, chief software development engineer of MasterCard At MasterCard, the internal cloud team maintains our kubernetes platform. Our work includes the maintenance of kubernetes cluster, which is […]

  • Elk multi tenant scheme


    1、 Preface Log analysis is one of the most important means of system debugging and problem checking. At present, there are many instances and machines in distributed system, so it is very necessary to build a unified log system. Elk provides a complete set of solutions, and they are all open source software, which can […]

  • How to understand multi tenant architecture? (transfer)


    Transferred from: https://www.cnblogs.com/pingfan21/p/7478242.html Some time ago, the company’s products evolved from architecture to multi tenant architecture. When I first heard about multi tenancy, I was quite puzzled and didn’t understand. But when I gradually look through the materials and develop the functions. Continuously deepen the understanding of multi tenant. Although I only know a little […]