• BGP evpn routing model (2)


    Distributed symmetric routing In the previous article, we analyzed the centralized routing and distributed asymmetric routing models. The distributed asymmetric model has a serious disadvantage: Every vtep needs to be configured with all VNI, even if there is no corresponding subnet on the vtep. In order to overcome this defect, a new distributed symmetric routing […]

  • BGP evpn routing model (3)


    Prefix route (evpn type-5 route) Most of the previous analysis is host routing (32-bit). Evpn also supports network segment routing, which is published through evpn type-5 routing. The main purpose of prefix routing is for the data center to communicate with the external network (typically, the data center accesses the Internet). It is important to […]

  • The way of computing governance in complex distributed architecture


    The development of distributed technology has profoundly changed our programming mode and thinking software mode. At the end of 2019, pingcap and InfoQ jointly planned and produced the topic of “distributed system frontier technology”, and invited many technical teams to participate in it and explore the new vitality of this ancient field together. This article […]