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  • [git] common commands


    Git common commands View submission history git log –pretty git log –pretty=oneline -n git log –pretty=format:”%h %s” –graph discard changes When the file is not put into the staging area git checkout — <filepath> git checkout — . The file has been put into the staging area git reset HEAD <filepath> git reset HEAD . […]

  • Using git stash command


    Git stash command git stash save ‘save message’。 The function of save ‘save message’ is to add notes to the contents of stash, which can be omitted. git stash list 。 Check out the stash content list. git stash show 。 To see what changes have been made, the first one in the stash list […]

  • Git simple operation


    Pull: download the remote code to your local and merge it with the local codeUpload your code to the remote push repository Method 11. Git add2. Git commit – M “(inside the quotation marks is your introduction, which is what your submission is for you to view later. This is to store the current content […]

  • Master git thoroughly (2)


    1、 Transmission Mastering git thoroughly (1)Master git thoroughly (3) 2、 Basic concepts ① Work areaThe so-called work area isThe directory you can see on your computerCan be simply understood as our project root directory is the workspace.② Version LibraryThe so-called version library is executed in the root directory of the projectgit initAfter the command, a. […]

  • Git user manual


    Git user manual Set the password to be entered only once git config –global credential.helper cache git config –global credential.helper store Git configuration Weight warehouse > Global > system of GIT configuration file Pro /. Git / config ᦇ warehouse configuration Core configuration [core] excludesfile = /Users/roach/.gitignore_ Global # includes a separate configuration file collocation […]

  • Talk about git Series 2: git common operation and graphical operation tools


    1、 Explanation of GIT’s basic terms 1. What are workspaces, staging areas, version libraries work area git initAll directories and files in the. Git folder, but not in the. Git directory Stage or index git addNote: the files in the staging area only belong to the staging under this sub section, if not implementedcommitOperation, branch […]

  • Git series: add local projects to the code cloud warehouse


    1. Previously: The demo written locally is sent to the code cloud for maintenance.   2. Operation steps: Git init initializes the local file to git warehouse, and the file will have an additional. Git folder [version library]; Git add. Or git add – A to add the files in the workspace to the temporary […]

  • Git series – Common git operations in work projects


      0. Local git installation Download from official website 1. Git configuration git config user.name View user name git config user.email Check email git config –global user.name Modify user name git config –global user.email Modify mailbox ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ” your_ [email protected] “Create SSH key [you can fill in any value as a comment […]

  • Getting started with GIT and GitHub 01


    Git Git basic operation 1、 Git’s three warehouses Git local warehouse has three areas: working area, temporary storage area and version area. Make changes to the workspace Execute git status to view the status of the whole warehouse [email protected] MINGW64 ~/shiyanlou (master) $ git status On branch master Your branch is up to date with […]

  • Git full stack developer’s Guide


    1、 Git Foundation 1. About Git Git is a distributed version control system developed by Linus, the father of Linux. The so-called distributed version management system is to have a complete warehouse on each machine. 2. Git website Git website:git Git installation software is available on the official website. In addition, you can download progit, […]

  • Git study notes (1) first meeting


    Images are powerful introduction When I was doing my graduation project, I used idea as a development tool. I made some big changes to the system, and then the system couldn’t run. At that time, when I was writing code in the dormitory, I just wanted to fan my own face, so I thought about […]

  • How to use git diff command


    git diff fileNameDifference between staging and nearest workspace git diff –staged fileNameSee the difference between the file staging area and the last commit git diff HEAD fileNameSee the difference between the file workspace and the last submission git diff commit-id fileNameView the difference between a file workspace and a specified commit git diff –staged commit-id […]