• . NETCORE 3.1 high performance microservice architecture: build your own. Net core project template


    1、 Premise: 1. Build the nuget server inside the enterprise, very simple, netframework 4.6.1 project. 2. Download nuget.exe https://www.nuget.org/downloads. After downloading, it will be placed in the directory C: \ program files \ nuget 3. Download: nuget package Explorer tool. Download address of these two tools: https://download.csdn.net/download/puzi0315/12238563 4. Local computer, environment variable — path add […]

  • Create Lapis application


    Creating Lapis applications with Lua Build a new project If you haven’t read it yet, read the Getting Started Guide for information about creating a new project skeleton and details about openresty, nginx configuration, and Lapis commands. You can start a new Lua project in the current directory by running the following command: lapis new […]

  • Create react app source code learning


    Preface Recently, I want to write something to learn about full stack development. I started from the familiar react, and the development mode is always in the form of componentscreate-react-appSource code do not understand, need to learn again!Looking for a lot of information on the Internet, swipe the official websiteFind a comprehensive one, butcreate-react-appThe updated […]

  • Usage of dependency injection and recursive components


    Dealing with boundary conditions $rootUsed to access root components $parentAn instance used to access a parent component from a child component refand$refsUsage of Use on componentsrefThis property is bound, the property value is self fetched, and then you can use the$refs. Attribute nameThis is the way to get the instance of the specified component. It’s […]

  • PHP dependency injection extension package – allows you to use dependency injection “show diagram” at any time


    Laravel’s dependency injection is very comfortable to use, and then searched the relevant data on the Internet and wrote a lightweight dependency injection extension package not limited to the framework. The usage scenario is the method defined by yourself. When calling, you can also use the relaxed enjoyment of dependency injection to “do you feel […]

  • Using flask WTF to make a login form with verification code


    Pit encountered by flask WTF in useFlask-WTFWhen usingqucik_form()It’s really cool to generate forms quickly, but the style of the generated form is not what you want, so you can’t use it at this timequcik_form()Now. PS: not very familiar at presentFlask-WTFVerify the principle of the form, such asRequire()The validation should use js,EqualToThis kind of processing is […]

  • How to debug in blade client side Preview


    First, we use the simplest template case. There is a counter in it. You can find it in the template creation. First, you need to set the running debugging mode to IIS express. This means that the MAC may not be able to use debugging.     Then turn on run without debugging (Ctrl + […]

  • Java EE Foundation (01): servlet implementation, life cycle execution process


    Source code: GitHub, click here, gitee, click here 1、 About Servlet The server-side program written by Java is independent of the platform and protocol. Its main function is to browse and generate data interactively and generate dynamic web content. With servlet, you can collect user input from web forms, present records from databases or other […]

  • MVC development mode and the use of Smarty template engine


    Linux global installation composer Switch the directory to the / usr / local / bin / directory cd /usr/local/bin/ Download composer in bin directory curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php View composer through composer.phar – V Change to Chinese image composer.phar config -g repo.packagist composer https://packagist.phpcomposer.com Finally, I copied composer.phar and renamed it composer You can […]

  • How to use cookie cutter Django for Django project layout


    The following is the cookie cutter Django project layout template. Other similar project templates can be found here. Django 1.8 default generated layout Build command: $ django-admin.py startproject mysite $ cd mysite $ django-admin.py startapp my_app Generated layout: mysite/ manage.py my_app/ __init__.py admin.py models.py tests.py views.py mysite/ __init__.py settings.py urls.py wsgi.py Project layout of cookie […]

  • Nameless Road 7


    Cut, what did you choose Down incompatibility When target is needed to different platforms, priority should be given to the support of the latest platform (because only the latest platform has the dynamic nature of programming languages, which greatly enhances intuition. If you want to give up the dynamic nature of programming language, you will […]

  • Install Smarty into MVC architecture


    First, composer.json { “require”: { “smarty/smarty”: “^3.1” }, //Autoload //You can find the autoloader to add yourself in the autoload field of composer.json “autoload”: { “psr-4”: { “App\\Controllers\\”: “Controllers/”, “App\\Models\\”: “Models/”, “Tools\\”: “Tools/” } } } Models/Users.php <?php // model层数据库操作演示 namespace App\Models; class Users { // 数据存入数据库演示 public function store() { echo 'store into database'; […]