• Risk Web Development — web form (1)


    In Chapter 2requestObject exposes the request information sent by all clients. especiallyrequest.formCan be accessedPOSTRequest the submitted form data. Even though flask’srequestObject provides enough support to handle web forms, but there are still many tasks that become monotonous and repetitive. HTML code generation and validation of submitted form data are two good examples. Flask-WTFExtensions make working […]

  • Is wgcloud easy to use


    How to say it? Compare the following points. Website: http://www.wgstart.com 1. In terms of installation difficulty, it is much simpler than monitoring tools such as ZABBIX and Prometheus. This is the fact, ha ha, especially for the novice, it is extremely easy to start. 2. In terms of interface experience, compared with ZABBIX and other […]

  • Webhook configuration of Choerodon’s practice


    This paper introduces the method of configuring webhook in the Choerodon pig tooth fish to help you understand how to push the relevant messages of various events in the Choerodon platform to nailing, enterprise wechat or other third-party platforms or applications supporting webhook, so as to make team cooperation more agile and efficient. Functional background […]

  • Leetcode Python FAQ template (copy and paste can be used) updating


    Sort insert, hill, bubble, select def insertSort(arr): for i in range(1,len(arr)): tmp = arr[i] for j in range(i-1,-1,-1): if arr[j] <= tmp: arr[j+1] = tmp break else: arr[j+1] = arr[j] return arr def shellSort(arr): d = len(arr)//2 while d>=1: for i in range(d,len(arr)): tmp = arr[i] for j in range(i-d,-1,-1): if arr[j] <= tmp: arr[j+d] […]

  • Super practical basic course of flash, novice must!


    Basic course of flash About flash Flag is a lightweight customizable framework, written in Python language, which is more flexible, light, safe and easy to use than other similar frameworks. It can be well combined with the MVC model for development, developers work together, small teams can complete the implementation of small and medium-sized websites […]

  • Use of Django message notification Django notifications HQ


    1、 Installation pip install django-notifications-hq 2、 Configuration One settings.py file INSTALLED_APPS = ( ‘django.contrib.auth’, … ‘notifications’, … ) 2. Project urls.py file import notifications.urls urlpatterns = [ … url(‘^inbox/notifications/’, include(notifications.urls, namespace=’notifications’)), … ] 3、 Database migration python manage.py migrate notifications 4、 Use Generally, the generated notification should be completed in a separate signal. Django has […]

  • Laravel mix automatically compresses HTML template files


    I talked about deploying a larravel project from scratchThis time, let’s talk about how to automatically compress PHP template files Installation dependency cd /var/www/html/laravel-project npm i -D [email protected]^5.x laravel-mix-template-minifier watch shelljs Compression processing Open the filewebpack.mix.jsAnd add the following: mix.minTemplate \= require(“laravel-mix-template-minifier”); mix.minTemplate(“storage/framework/views/\*.php”, “storage/framework/views/”, { collapseInlineTagWhitespace: true, collapseWhitespace: true, minifyCSS: true, minifyJS: true, processConditionalComments: true, removeAttributeQuotes: […]

  • How to use beaver builder web designer to complete customized web design?


    Do you want to know how to complete customized web design in WordPress? Beaver builder web designer allows you to easily create web pages without writing any code. This article will take you to understand beaver builder web designer and show how to complete customized web design with WordPress. Why we should use customized web […]

  • Fast start series — application development template of flutter


    Flutter shell template project has built the basic framework to realize the functions of internationalization, theme skin changing, login and registration, etc. on this basis, it can be modified to realize its own application functions. Project address https://github.com/xuexiangjys/flutter_ If you like it, please like it and star it~ Demonstration effect function Check to see if […]

  • Flask Web Development —— Email


    Many types of applications will inform users when certain events occur. The common method of communication is email. Although in a flash application, you can use thesmtplibPackage to send email, butFlask-MailThe extension encapsulatessmtplibAnd the integration with flask is very good. 1. Using flag mail as mail support To install flash mail using PIP: (venv) $ […]

  • PHP core technology of interview questions in PHP


    1、 PHP core technology For more information about PHP, please pay attention to my columnPHP​zhuanlan.zhihu.com 1. Write a PHP function that can create multi-level directory (Sina Technology Department)   2. Write the characteristics of smart template (Sina Technology Department) High speed, compiler type, cache technology, plug-in mechanism, powerful performance logic 3. Open php.ini Safe in_ […]

  • (5) Springboot’s way to take off


    Interested friends can go to understand the first four, your praise is the greatest support for me, thank you! (1) Springboot take off HelloWorld (2) Springboot take off road – Introduction principle analysis (3) Spring boot take off road yaml configuration summary (4) Springboot take off – static resource processing explain: I was too busy. […]