• Summary of common front-end plug-ins and tool Libraries


    Summary of common front-end plug-ins and tool Libraries Popup layer:http://layer.layui.com/ One of the three independent maintenance components (laydate, layer and layim) dialogBox:http://www.jq22.com/jquery-in… Pop up box based on jquery Bootbox.js:http://bootboxjs.com/ Pop up box based on Bootstrap SweetAlert:https://sweetalert.js.org/ A very good effect of the shell layer, support images, support input Carousel map Swiper:https://www.swiper.com.cn/ Open source, free, powerful […]

  • With this, you can learn rust (non IDE) without installing software


    We will learn how to use GitHub actions to learn rust in a web browser. We will write, build, test, run and publish all the content in one web page. The important thing is that you don’t need to install the software! Rust is one of the most popular programming languages. Geeks love rust. Rust […]

  • Still writing crud code? Free your hands with this open source framework!


    I believe that the ORM framework used by many friends in the project is mybatis. If you only use mybatis to operate the database, you need to write many SQL implementations of single table query. At this time, we often choose an enhanced tool to implement these single table CRUD operations. Here is a good […]

  • Docker deploying Prometheus + grafana monitoring system


    Introduction to Prometheus PrometheusIt is an open source monitoring alarm system and time series database (TSDB) developed by Soundcloud. Prometheus, developed in go language, is an open source version of Google borgmon monitoring system. In 2016, Google launched the cloud native Computing Foundation under the Linux foundation, which willPrometheusIncluded in its second largest open source […]

  • The usage of the cache template of NG


    There are three ways to use ng cache template script tag <script type=”text/ng-template” id=”templateId.html”></script> Mode one html: <body ng-app=”demoModule”> <div ng-controller=”demoCtrl”> <demo-directive></demo-directive> </div> <script type=”text/ng-template” id=”templateId.html”> <a>template cache content</a> </script> </body> js: angular.module(‘demoModule’, []) .controller(‘demoCtrl’, [‘$scope’, ‘$sce’, ‘$templateCache’, demoCtrlFn]) .directive(‘demoDirective’, [‘$templateCache’, demoDirectiveFn]); function demoDirectiveFn($templateCache) { restrict: ‘EA’, template: function() { return document.getElementById(‘templateId.html’) } } PS: […]

  • Gin practice


    Gin in action Simple use of 1 gin package main import “github.com/gin-gonic/gin” func main() { //The main function of the default method is to instantiate an engine with logging and fault recovery middleware. R: = gin. Default() // instantiates a gin object //Define request //Define the route of a get request. The first parameter is […]

  • Share a C + + written to imitate awk framework class cawkdoc


    I wrote this many years ago, imitating awk.We are all familiar with awk, using awk to process files, read files, split fields these work, awk help you achieve.Programmers only need to write business logic code, and awk also provides many commonly used string operation functions, which can be easily called, so it is very convenient […]

  • Six great ways to show code


    Most of the time, developers need to show code snippets, which may be used for demos, blogs or summaries. So what are the code tools? 1. Polacode https://github.com/octref/pol… If you like vs code, then this one suits you!PolacodeIs a vs code extension, can be directly from theVSCodeGet a nice screen capture of the code. 2. […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 7-3 Django management document generator


    Django management document generator Django’sadmindocsApply from models, views, template tags, and template filters for anyINSTALLED_APPSGet the document from the application in. And make the document available in theDjango adminUsed in. In a way, you can useadmindocsCome and document your own code. The functionality of this application is very limited, but it is mainly used for […]

  • Summary of template in C + +


    Function template We can take the function template as a special function, in which theThe parameter type can be any typeIn this way, we can reduce repeated definitions, so that the function template can automatically adapt to different parameter types, that is, the function can adapt to multiple types of parameters, such asdouble、intOr something like […]

  • C / C + + learning variable parameter function template


    origin Now there is such a requirement: write a function that can accept any number of parameters and implement the function of operating each parameter separately. Therefore, this involves the template of variable parameter function. The biggest point is that you can input any number of parameters. To create a template of variable parameter function, […]

  • Summary of C + + template usage (recommended)


    introduction Template refers to the program design with type as parameter in C + + programming language, which supports general program design. C + + standard library provides many useful functions, most of which combine the concept of template, such as STL and IO stream. Function template In the introduction of C + +, many […]