• Vue uses @ input instead of V-model to implement data binding


    v-modelData binding is very comfortable to use, but it is not omnipotent. For example, the content in textarea cannot be usedv-modelTo implement dynamic binding Data binding with V-model Here it isVue official websiteThe corresponding example on <script src=”https://unpkg.zhimg.com/vue”></script> <div id=”main”> <div id=”input”> <input v-model=”message”> </div> <div id=”result”> {{message}} </div> </div> <script> new Vue({ el: ‘#main’, […]

  • Teach you how to lay a good foundation, quickly start react, Vue, node


    prefaceIf you’re building a house, do you skip some of the steps in the process in order to get it done quickly? Such as laying some stones before the concrete construction? Or directly build a wall on an exposed piece of land? And if you’re building a wedding cake: can you ignore the bottom half […]

  • Android | Tangram dynamic page Road (7) virtual view of hard core


    What is itVirtualviewIn short, throughxmlTo describe the view, and then compress it into binary format. The client can parse and render it into native view or submit it to canvas to draw. Series articles: Demand background Introduction to Tangram and vlayout Use of Tangram Vlayout principle Tangram principle JSON template and data separation GitHub address: […]

  • Use this code generator developed with electron to boost your code efficiency


    EasyCode-JavaScript Using objects Crud too many management page projects, EASYCODE with nodejs access to the database ability, one click to let you generate code use download GitHub download and use https://github.com/chendonmin… Compiling and running clone git clone [email protected]:chendonming/easycode-javascript.git Installation dependency yarn Compile runWithout XXX, this step is very difficult to succeed yarn electron-build start Connect […]

  • Master the ngmodule of angular2


    Link to the original text:hacking-with-angular What we are going to learn today is the modular system of angular2. In general, we use a root module to start our application, and then use many function modules to enrich our application and expand the function of our application. All of these depend on ourNgModuleDecorator, let’s learn about […]

  • Flash project based on Oracle (1) — configuration project


    Generally speaking, flask project is suitable for some short and concise projects, especially in combination with databases such as SQLite and mysql. But in some large companies, especially in some state-owned enterprises such as financial industry, Oracle is still the majority. So, is this small pepper useless? No, No, No…Next, we will use flag_ Oracle […]

  • FreeSql.Generator How is the command line code generator implemented


    catalog Introduction to FreeSQL FreeSql.Generator RazorEngine.NetCore Source code analysis FreeSql.Tools FreeSql FreeSQL is a powerful object relational mapping technology (O / RM), which supports. NETCORE 2.1 + or. Net framework 4.0 + or xamarin. We also have a powerful ORM generator to develop. In general, we develop database related applications, mainly divided into three types […]

  • Npoi usage


    The pit of createrow getrow //Create row can only be used once for the same row sheet.CreateRow(startrow).CreateCell(0).SetCellValue(1); sheet.GetRow(startrow).CreateCell(1).SetCellValue(1); sheet.GetRow(startrow).CreateCell(2).SetCellValue(1); Input values and formulas //Value sheet.GetRow(startrow).CreateCell(2).SetCellValue(1); //Formula string kaohe = “O” + realrow + “-” + “I” + realrow + “+” + “R” + realrow; String shenchanjieyou = “if (isblock (R” + realrow + “),” production […]

  • Django Chinese character interception


    It’s in DjangotruncatewordsandsliceTwo template filters can be used for character interception.truncatewordsChinese is not supported, so in general, Chinese characters are intercepted withsliceThat’s fine. But there are still differences between the two. For example, some developers mentioned the followingA little bit。 Then, there is the following solution. Put it here for backup. (The source of the […]

  • Front end training – intermediate stage (36) – Vue 2. X component definition and use, communication between components


    The most basic part of the front end isHTML+CSS+Javascript。 If you master these three technologies, they are just beginners. Now the definition of front-end development is far more than these. Front end small class(HTML/CSS/JS)In line with the central idea of improving the level of technology and laying a solid foundation of knowledge, we have started […]

  • C + + 14 new features of all the knowledge points here!


    The previous program meow introduced the new features of C + + 11. Here (), this article introduces the new features of C + + 14. Derivation of function return value type C + + 14 optimizes the derivation rules of function return type #include <iostream> using namespace std; auto func(int i) { return i; […]

  • Exploration of cloud components of personal push front end based on angularjs


    Angularjs is a front-end development framework designed and developed by Google. It can help developers to develop front-end more conveniently. Angularjs is designed to overcome the shortcomings of HTML in building applications. It is very comprehensive and easy to learn, so angularjs quickly becomes the mainstream framework of JavaScript. 1、 Angular of amazing Features of […]