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  • The laravel framework implements an example of adding a new file extension to the blade template engine


    This article describes the implementation of laravel framework to add a new file extension to the blade template engine. Share with you for your reference, as follows: For some reasons, I’m going to replace the framework of blending skin with laravel (a framework built by myself before), but I encountered some problems during template migration. […]

  • Using example of Java velocity template engine


    Velocity uses version 1.7. Using IntelliJ idea to build a Tomcat based web app project under win7, named todo_ Web, set path to / todo, and import velocity related jar packages. If you only import velocity-1.7.jar, an error may be reported. If prompted, import other packages of velocity. The project structure is as follows: Testing […]

  • Principles, definitions and usage examples of PHP template engine


    This paper introduces the principle, definition and usage of PHP template engine. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Template store template source file Template compilation tool class Compline.class.php <?php /** *Template compilation tool class */ class Compile { Private $template; // with compiled files Private $content; // text to be replaced Private […]

  • EJS analysis


    EJS is a kind of template with a long history, which has the characteristics of simplicity, good performance and wide use. Though notvue、reactThese projects are popular, but still have the value of using occasions and learning. The source code of EJS project will be introduced here. See the readme of the project or here for […]

  • Lua web rapid development guide (5) – building httpd template engine with template library


    Introducing template Template engine is generated to separate user interface and business data (content), which is not a profound technology The template engine first compiles legal templates into Lua functions, and then generates an HTML code of template files and data through the template engine CF’s admin library uses template to build server-side rendering pages, […]

  • On the classic practice of template parsing


    Summary: part of the extracted jQuery template code, sort out the idea of parsing the template. The key is to master the regular usage. Analyze code content <script> (function(){ var cache = {}; var tag_start='<!–‘; var tag_end=’–>’; this.tmpl = function tmpl(str, data){ var strTemp = str.replace(/[\r\t\n]/g, ” “) .split(tag_start).join(“\t”) .replace(new RegExp(“((^|”+tag_end+”)[^\\t]*)'”, “g”), “$1\r”) .replace(new RegExp(“\\t=(.*?)”+tag_end, […]

  • Nunjucks uses regular expression examples


    When I was using egg. js, he used Nunjucks as the template engine. There was one place where regularity was needed, but the official document basically wrote the same official regular expression as it did not. So I went to look for examples. regular expression Examples of using regular expressions in Nunjucks: {% set regExp […]

  • Examples of using Go html/template template


    Loading templates from strings We can define the template string, then load and parse the rendering: template.New(tplName string).Parse(tpl string) // Constructing from String Template tplStr := ` {{ .Name }} {{ .Age }} ` // if parse failed Must will render a panic error tpl := template.Must(template.New(“tplName”).Parse(tplStr)) tpl.Execute(os.Stdout, map[string]interface{}{Name: “big_cat”, Age: 29}) Load templates from […]

  • Template Engine for GF Framework – Basic Usage


    Source: http://gf.johng.cn/591642 Controller View GF provides good template engine support for the controller.gmvc.ViewView object management provides good data isolation. Controller views are concurrently designed to allow asynchronous operations in multiple threads. func (view *View) Assign(key string, value interface{}) func (view *View) Assigns(data map[string]interface{}) func (view *View) Parse(file string) ([]byte, error) func (view *View) ParseContent(content string) […]

  • Method of rendering array of JS template engine art template


    Reprint: Method of Rendering Array of Arttemplate Engine JS JavaScript template engine, as the most important part of data and interface separation work, has attracted more and more attention from developers. There are various types of template engine. I would like to say that there are several high security, good error handling and debugging, fast […]