• Git experience (3): team branch management


    This article is the third in the GIT series. I want to introduce the management of team branches. In our development work, in order to better manage the process and deliver products, we should make full use of the function of branch. Here I would like to introduce what I think is a relatively complete […]

  • [translation] how mashape manages 15000 APIs and microservices (I)


    background Mashape provides API driven software. Thousands of developers use our tools to manage, monitor, consume and provide APIs to their partners, applications, customers and employees. In fact, hundreds of millions of API calls are processed by mashape’s market every month. I’m Ahmad nassri, director of engineering at mashape. Before that, I was the development […]

  • Explore three technical schemes of micro front end


    What is a micro front end First of all, we should know what isMicroservices Microservice is a variant of service-oriented architecture (SOA). It designs applications into a series of loosely coupled fine-grained services, and organizes them through lightweight communication protocols. Specifically, it constructs applications into a group of small services. These services can be deployed […]

  • Introduction to R & D tool chain


    This course is introduction to R & D tool chain. We will mainly learn three tools. Project management tool icafe, code management tool icode, delivery platform ipipe.In addition, we know that management practice has the following three characteristics: ① guiding product planning with “lean”; ② Accelerate iterative development with “agile”; ③ Drive continuous improvement with […]

  • Usage and debugging method of libp2p RS kad


    Libp2p RS v0.2.0 already supports kad DHT and supports nodes to discover nodes and content through DHT network.This article mainly shows how to use DHT in libp2p RS and lists some APIs of swarm and kad. Using kad Step1: create swarm let sec = secio::Config::new(keys.clone()); let mux = yamux::Config::new(); let tu = TransportUpgrade::new(TcpConfig::default(), mux, sec); […]

  • 10 minutes to learn about microservices, containers and kubernetes


    What is micro service? What is micro service? Should you use microservices? What is the relationship between microservices and containers and kubernetes? If these problems continue to appear in your daily life, this article is suitable for you. Basically, a microservice is just a computer program running on a server or virtual computing instance and […]

  • Cool open source task collaboration system, I’m pink


    Hello everyone, I am a small editor who broke my heart for the majority of programmers. It is my goal to recommend a gadget / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a small skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency and achieve no overtime, no staying up late […]

  • Tal won the champion of neurips2020 international competition


    Recently, the international artificial intelligence top-level conference neurips 2020 (2020 Conference on neural information processing systems, that is, the conference on neural information processing systems, hereinafter referred to as “neurips 2020”) announced the competition results. Tal AI middle platform machine learning team won a single champion, a single runner up and a comprehensive evaluation runner […]

  • Competition rules of 2020 Tencent light. Public welfare Innovation Challenge


    1、 Activity name AI, let the good happen now2020 Tencent light. Public welfare Innovation Challenge 2、 Event organizer Sponsor?Tencent foundation, Tencent Youtu laboratory, Tencent cloud AI, Tencent security management department, applet cloud development Co sponsor:UNICEF, Taohuayuan ecological protection foundation, Shenzhen Information Accessibility Research Association 3、 Activity time From 00:00:00 on December 30, 2020 to 24:00:00 […]

  • Some thoughts on rust in 2019


    Every year, we ask the community to write blog posts about what they want to see in rust’s Roadmap for next year.A call for Rust 2019 Roadmap blog postsThis is my rust post in 2019. Rust 2021: mature This year is also a little special; In 2018, we launched a three-year release schedule for rust. […]

  • Alibaba, indeed, began to have the ability to “predict the future”


    The ceiling lamp flashes and the flute rings. The ambulance car rushed to the vast sea of cars and ran on the track of time. Gaode map, GPS satellite navigation, road magnetic induction coil and 1300 intersection cameras started at the same time to explore the fastest route for the ambulance; GPS sends back real-time […]

  • Tdsql delivery requirements and challenges: fast, flexible and secure


    1.1 delivery of complex product components First of all, we want to talk about the delivery challenges of tdsql. We also start from three aspects. The first challenge we encounter is the characteristics brought by our tdsql product architectureFirst, the features brought by the continuous improvement of production – many components, including database kernel, task […]