• Another open source masterpiece on GitHub! Chinese guys develop the latest photo restoration technology


    The passage of time has taken away time but not memories. Since French painter Daguerre brought “photography” to the world in 1839, there has been a way to use images to record memories in the world. The past that we want to stay in our hearts or have never experienced can be found by looking […]

  • How to select crawler proxy IP products


    Today, the customer service of another proxy IP manufacturer XX cloud lost contact, and a large number of paid users went to QQ group and forum to complain. Together with a Rui and others last month, there have been many instances of agent IP manufacturers running away recently. Why do these agent manufacturers keep running […]

  • Share some websites that are easy to use for web front-end development


    Tntweb – the full name of Tencent News front-end team. The small partners in the group have practiced and accumulated in large front-end fields such as web front-end, nodejs development, UI design and mobile app. At present, the team mainly supports the front-end development of Tencent News businesses. In addition to business development, it has […]

  • Agile myth! Misunderstanding of sprint review | it’s really not a demo show


    Scrum is designed as a simple but sufficient framework for complex product delivery. Scrum is not a panacea or a complete methodology. Instead, Scrum provides minimal boundaries within which teams can self-organize and solve complex problems using empirical methods. This simplicity is its biggest advantage and the source of many misunderstandings and misunderstandings around scrum. […]

  • Share a few details, hoping to help you improve your coding level


    background With the increasing number of business / personnel, it is necessary to pick up the coding review link within the team. Therefore, preferential sampling analysis and review are made for both new and old projects (in terms of selection, plasticity and later iteration are considered). Indeed, some problems have been exposed. This article is […]

  • Pig toothed fish SaaS version efficiency platform release


    Recently,Pig toothed fish Choerodon full scene efficiency platformThe SaaS version is released to provide systematic methodology and collaboration, testing, Devops and container tools to help enterprises pull through the requirements, design, development, deployment, testing and operation processes, and improve management efficiency and quality in a one-stop manner. From team collaboration to Devops tool chain, from […]

  • Cloud computing = “Pandora”?


    author Wang Xiaowei: a certified practitioner of finops, he is keen to spread the theoretical and practical knowledge of finops and help cloud enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. The era of cloud computing has come Is the era of cloud computing really coming? Cloud computing has gone through 15 years since AWS first launched […]

  • Krypton letter team won again! The top three of the fourth OLAP algorithm competition of Analysys was born!


    On October 24,The 4th OLAP algorithm competition of AnalysysOfficially concluded, this competition is sponsored by ucloud, supported by technical media such as Sifu, InfoQ and CSDN. It lasted more than 40 days and experienced many links such as competition registration, test experience and formal competition,Krypton letter team, volcanic soy sauce team, Qianqian teamStand out and […]

  • In 2020, is cross platform development worth considering?


    preface Over the years, with the development of mobile applications, a large number of Internet companies have been born, and the competition is also quite fierce. In order to save money, develop quickly and break the barrier that Android and IOS each need a set of code, cross platform development technology came into being. The […]

  • Kubernetes on bare metal server bare metal


    Kubernetes on bare metal server bare metal Kubernetes on the public cloud is a sufficient solution for small and medium-sized applications with predictable expansion requirements. However, for organizations seeking more control and stable performance,Bare metal serverClouds are the way out.Container choreography tools facilitate software development by providing flexibility, portability, speed and easier expansion for distributed […]

  • How to build a successful microservice architecture


    As technology becomes more complex, many teams are evaluating how their architecture best supports future business. One architecture, microservices, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for forward-looking technology departments. Microservice architecture may be the key to unleashing business potential, but how? What does microservice mean? “Microservice” may sound like a buzzword, but this modern organizational […]

  • Bid farewell to the rejection of IOS audit and improve the pass rate of IOS audit


    IOS audit has always been a mountain when every mobile product is put on the shelves of Apple store. Each trial is like a long and tragic journey, which is often rejected by apple. So the question is, are there any ways to accurately grasp Apple’s audit criteria, so as to improve the pass rate […]