• Automatically upload docker image to GitHub docker registry


    Original text transferred from:Upload docker image to GitHub docker registry automatically with drone』 I’m glad to receive itGitHubGet started with your beta invitationGitHub Package RegistryRelated functions. You can know from the description file that registry currently supports several packages, such asnpm, gem, docker, mvnandnuget, this article mainly introduces how to use drone to quickly connect […]

  • Prime C + + 5th Edition PDF e-book recommendation


    Click to get “primer C + + 5th Edition” PDF e-book extraction code: az4e Chinese version of C + + primer (5th Edition)It is a famous classic C course. After eight years, it has finally ushered in a major upgrade. In addition to the rich practical experience of C master Stanley B. Lippman, the former […]

  • 50 SQL statements (MySQL version) problems


    ————————–Table structure————————– Student (studid, studname, studage, studex) student table Teacher (TID, tname) teacher table course(CId,Cname,C_ TID) curriculum sc(SId,S_ CID, score) ———————————————————- Question 21: query the average score of different courses taught by different teachers from high to low SELECT t.Tname,c.Cname,AVG(sc.Score) AvgScore FROM teacher t,course c,sc WHERE t.TId=c.C_TId AND c.CId=sc.S_CId GROUP BY t.Tname,c.Cname; The answer is […]

  • Big data analysis system: introduction of smartbi higher education quality assurance system


    Higher education quality assurance system is a software product of big data evaluation and analysis of teaching quality developed by smart software for colleges and universities. Smet software has mature government, financial, and other functionsBig data analysisThe model has accumulated rich industry experience. Since 2013, it has successively undertaken to build a national big data […]

  • Data please speak


    Which course does this assignment belong to software engineering Team member 1 <211706181> Team member 2 <211706203> What are the requirements for this assignment The first pair work The goal of this assignment Data visualization Assignment text See below Other references nothing One day, the earth, the friendship is the biggest Wei Zhongjie Student number:211706203 […]

  • The impact of epidemic situation on online education


    This year’s sudden epidemic has forced our country’s education to be transferred online. It can be said that the epidemic is a major test for our national online education. In the face of the outbreak of the epidemic, the state immediately took positive measures. In the face of the situation that the school could not […]

  • CNN for facial expression recognition


    CNN for facial expression recognition Author: Wei Zuchang 1、 Background The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the top priority in January 29, 2020. The education departments at all levels are now in line with the unified requirements of the Ministry of education and the local Party committee and government, and are fully committed to prevention and […]

  • [transfer] write a restful crud API with node.js express + mongodb [personal learning]


    Original teaching: https://www.callicoder.com/node-js-express-mongodb-restful-crud-api-tutorial/Original author: Rajeev Singh Hello, everyone. I’m Xiaozhi, or Jason. The article is not a translation of the original, but a record of some of their own ideas. Mongodb has not been used for a long time. I want to learn and understand how NoSQL operates and how to perform crud and other […]

  • Fei Long’s programmer’s book list – groupyuan, OS, network


    Original group Deep understanding of computer system Briefly introduced, this book includes two parts of knowledge: composition principle and operating system. After the completion of the second and third chapters, the reverse is the introduction. In China, there are few books about compilation and C language comparative teaching, which is very practical. Because assembly is […]

  • Where can I go now to learn better teaching methods of shaking?


    We all know that no matter what methods we do in life, we will certainly have certain methods and skills, so that many people can make many good things in a short time. For example, taking pictures, there will certainly be certain methods and skills. So many people who like to play the jitter will […]

  • order


    October 24, 2019Recently, I reopened Naruto Naruto’s story. In the early stage, I still like Xiao Li best. The tail of the crane beat the genius with great efforts. It’s very hot! The original intention of laughing boy learning C language: write it down! When you review or contribute, see if you can make waves […]

  • Teaching Example of JS Array Drawing Program


    Array Javascript is a very important knowledge point, in order to improve students’interest in the classroom, the choice of teaching examples is more important. In order to improve students’interest, a teaching example of lottery drawing is designed, which can be input and controlled to end, and realized by using JS array. The code is as […]