• Preparing for interview / written examination: http knowledge that front-end programmers should not know


    This article takes two days and is based on some interview questions that front-end interviewers often askPlease forgive me for any shortcomingsIf you think it will help you, please don’t be stingy with your praise^_^ 1. Http / TCP / IP / port overview The old rule, start with a story Mr. Gong went across […]

  • Talking about the keep alive mechanism in HTTP and the keep alive mechanism in Java http


    What is keep alive This word looks familiar. I’ve seen it in many places. TCP keepalive, HTTP keepalive. Now even some front-end frameworks have something similar to keepalive (such as vue.js, keep route). This article introduces the keepalive mechanism in HTTP and TCP. Other aspects are not covered in this article. Keep alive in http […]

  • C + + encapsulation of libuv


    Libuv? Cpp11 is a C + + encapsulation network library based on libuv, which is developed and used according to my actual project requirements. The interface is simple and easy to use, and some features of libuv are extended and optimized. The pressure measurement results are stable and efficient. No memory leaks or crash related […]

  • Server TIME_WAIT and CLOSE_WAIT Analysis and Solution


    View commands for TIME_WAIT and CLOSE_WAIT numbers: netstat -n | awk ‘/^tcp/ {++S[$NF]} END {for(a in S) print a, S[a]}’ It displays, for example, the following information:TIME_WAIT 、CLOSE_WAIT 、FIN_WAIT1 、ESTABLISHED 、SYN_RECV 、LAST_ACK Three commonly used states are ESTABLISHED for communication, TIME_WAIT for active shutdown, CLOSE_WAIT for passive shutdown. The longest occurrence of server anomalies is: […]

  • Quick Understanding of TCP/IP Three Handshakes and Four Waves


    TCP/IP Three-time Handshake Why does TCP establish a connection by shaking hands three times instead of two or four times?TCP, called Transport Control Protocol, is a reliable transport layer protocol with IP protocol number 6.By the way, in principle, no data transmission can ensure absolute reliability. Three handshakes are just the basic need to ensure […]

  • Should we trust those fanatical talented engineers?


    First of all, to state that a person with good logic and mathematics does not mean that he is rational. Rationality means that a person can correctly understand the reality and set reasonable goals. A Practical Case in China Characteristics of enthusiastic engineers Constantly adding features They thought the Bitcoin script was too crude, so […]