• How to set the transparency of deepin20 taskbar


    How to set the transparency of taskbar in deepin20? We can set the transparency of the taskbar according to our preferences. How to set it? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. The transparency of the current taskbar is shown in the following figure. 2. Click on the taskbar【Starter]. 3. The gear […]

  • Notebook of trampling records (continuously updated)


    Small notebook of stepping on the pit Record some problems and solutions encountered in the process of learning and development in Windows 10, all of which are personally stepping on the pit. Of course, because of the environment configuration or personal operation, the problems and solutions may not be completely suitable for other people’s situations. […]

  • How to check which program the folder is occupied by under Windows


    https://blog.csdn.net/m0_ 37321987 / article / details / 903447621. Right click the task bar to start the task manager; 2. Select the “performance” tab and click “resource monitor”; 3. Click the “CPU” tab, enter the file name or folder name in the “search handle” input box on the right side of “associated handle” and click search; […]

  • What if the computer taskbar doesn’t show the time?


    In the lower right corner of the screen, the taskbar, will display a time, when using the computer, you can always master the time, for many people, look at this time, has become a habit, then the computer taskbar does not show the time how to do? The following small series for you to introduce […]

  • Electronic creates borderless transparent window to hide tray


    In the need to do some desktop effects: such as snowflake effect, you need to keep the form transparent and at the top of all windows The basic code of the form is as follows const path = require(“path”); const { app, BrowserWindow, Tray, Menu } = require(“electron”); function createWindow() { //Create browser window const […]

  • C ා call SendMessage to refresh taskbar icon (icon does not disappear at the end of force)


    This paper refers to C + + rewriting https://blog.csdn.net/dpsying/article/details/20139651 (misunderstanding of the coordinates in this article will lead to invalid function) The coordinates in the mobile mouse of SendMessage are based on the coordinates in the handle, not the screen coordinates. If the width of the taskbar is 300 and the height is fixed at […]

  • How to change the color of the taskbar on the computer screen?


    Generally, the default color of the taskbar on the computer display screen is blue. Many friends sometimes want to change the color of the taskbar, and feel a little fresh. Today, I will share with you how to change the color of the taskbar on the display screen, hoping to help you! step Right click […]

  • How to add and switch multiple desktops in win10 system?


    Task view Locate the task view button in the lower left taskbar Show button If not, right-click in the blank space on the bottom taskbar Select Show taskbar button, and then view the icon in the lower left corner New desktop Click the task video button to create a new desktop or click the desktop […]

  • Win10 boot chrome self start full screen display specific website


    1、 Ready for Chrome Download 1 Official download address: https://www.google.cn/chrome/ 2. Installation After installation, a shortcut to chrome will appear on the desktop, as shown in the following figure: 3. Set up full screen display of specific websites Here we use “Microsoft China” website as an example to demonstrate the website https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/ 。 First, select […]

  • Beautify Ubuntu desktop with Gnome tweets


    Desktop before renovationTransformed desktop 1. Install tweets tools sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool 2. Activate ‘shell theme‘ After the installation, find tweets in the application. At this time, we will find that the shell in appearance does not moveAt this time, we need to use Firefox or chrome to open it https://extensions.gnome.org :clickclick […]

  • WinForm taskbar minimized


    WinForm taskbar minimized In WinForm written by C, when formborderstyle is set to none, clicking the program icon on the taskbar will not automatically minimize. Add the following code into the main window winform.cs to restore the function. protected override CreateParams CreateParams { get { Const int ws_minimizebox = 0x00020000; // defined in winuser. H […]

  • What if there is still sound after the computer taskbar speaker is set to mute?


    Some people have consulted similar problems before, but today they also encounter this problem. We need to trace the root and share the steps and ideas to solve the problem. 1. First of all, the sound icon has been turned off, and it has been set to mute. When the computer is turned on, music […]