• The analysis of swote and swoft


    The content of this article is about the swote and the introduction of swoft source code analysis (task delivery / timing task). It has certain reference value, and friends in need can refer to it. preface SwoftBased onSwooleOfTask mechanismOr, in other wordsSwoftOfTaskThe essence of mechanism is rightSwooleOfTask mechanismPackaging and strengthening. My official group click here. […]

  • BUAA OO Unit2 elevator dispatching


    This work completed an open-loop elevator scheduling system. In the second iteration, capacity limitation and multiple elevators are added. In the third iteration, elevator floor division and elevator request are added. 1. System architecture graph LR MainClass–Requests–>Schedule Executor–Notify–>Schedule Schedule–Update–>Executor MainClass–Create–>Elevators Schedule–Check–>Elevators Executor–Operate–>Elevators Schedule–Adapt–>Method Mainclass is used to assemble subsystems and send requests to schedule Schedule […]

  • Getting started with Flink through wordcount, understanding Flink infrastructure, and getting started with Flink (1)


    Hello, I am later, I will share with you the learning and work experience, hoping that I have an opportunity to help you with a certain article. All articles will be launched in the official account. Welcome to my official account.Later, X big dataThank you for your support and recognition. A few days ago, the […]

  • How to implement message queue with PHP and redis


    The request processing of instantaneous server is replaced by asynchronous processing, which can relieve the pressure of server and realize the sequential data acquisition. This article mainly shares with you how PHP and redis realize message queuing, hoping to help you.   The steps for redis to implement message queuing are as follows: 1) . […]

  • How good is the effect of NLP pre training model – Baidu ernie2.0


    Ernie is a semantic understanding framework for continuous learning developed by Baidu. The framework supports the incremental introduction of three levels of user-defined pre training tasks, such as lexical, syntactic and semantic. It can comprehensively capture the potential information of morphology, grammar and semantics in the training corpus. Ernie 2.0 achieves the best results on […]

  • Learning summary of the second stage


    PrefaceThis paper mainly describes the operation of this blog The second stage of learning is also over, here to do some summary and review; compared with the first stage of learning, the difficulty is increased, the score of homework is not very good, and it takes more time to complete the homework.1. Summary of operation […]

  • Tomcat load balancing three, timing task processing


    1、 The project uses quartz framework to do timing tasks, so Quart is distributed to solve the timing task problem under load balancing1. It is necessary to persist the scheduled task to the database, find the corresponding database in the corresponding SQL statement of the database, and generate the corresponding database table2. Configure scheduled tasks […]

  • Beihang OO (2020) unit 3 blog assignment


    Beihang OO (2020) unit 3 blog assignment catalog Beihang OO (2020) unit 3 blog assignment Summary of JML language theoretical basis Declaration of specification variables Common expressions Method specification Type specification Application tool chain Openjml verification Parsing and Type-checking Extended Static Checking Runtime Assertion Checking Jmlunitng test (for mygroup class) Job structure analysis Operation bug […]

  • Program log stop scrolling troubleshooting


    Today, when I was doing a scheduled task, I encountered a more difficult problem. This problem is also more interesting. Now I would like to share with you that the call entry of this timed task is like this. //LDAP synchronization public void runLdapSyncJob(){ try { ldapSyncService.syncLdap(); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } […]

  • Using celery in Django project


    Official reference documents:https://docs.celeryproject.or… be careful: Celery 4.0 supports Django 1.8 and later. For versions prior to Django 1.8, use celery 3.1. install pip install celery Project structure — proj/ — manage.py — proj/ — __init__.py — settings.py — urls.py — myapp/ — __init__.py — apps.py — views.py — models.py The first step stayproj/proj/Next new onecelery.pyModule, […]

  • Shucang Dafa good! Real time data warehouse of cross border e-commerce shopee


    Author: Huang Lianghui This paper describes the application of Flink in shopee Singapore data team, including: Background of real time data warehouse construction Flink combines druid and hive application scenarios in the construction of real-time data warehouse Real time task monitoring Streaming SQL platform Streaming job management Future planning optimization direction Construction background Shopee is […]

  • Milvus query task scheduling principle


    This paper mainly describes how Milvus schedules the query task in the single machine multi card scenario. In addition, we will also discuss the problems encountered in the process of scheduling implementation, solutions and future development direction. background As mentioned in the data management of large-scale vector retrieval scenarios (Part 1), vector similarity search is […]