• Thief easy to use, glacier open source this precise timing task and delay queue framework!!


    Write on the front In practical work, many small partners in the development of timing tasks, will take the way of timing scan data table. However, this method has major defects: if the amount of data is large, frequent scanning of data tables will cause great pressure on the database; it is difficult to support […]

  • Redis real combat 09. Implement task queue, message pull and file distribution


    Task queueP133 By putting the relevant information of the task to be executed into the queue, and then processing the queue, you can delay the execution of those time-consuming operations. This method of handing the work to the task processor for execution is called task queue.P133 FIFO queueP133 sureRedisTo store the information about the task, […]

  • A few lines of code, easy to achieve target detection and image classification tasks — build enterprise level machine learning micro service based on spring boot and djl


    Now there seems to be a trend in AI applications, and most of the learning applications are in Python. Spring boot is widely used as an open source platform in the field of micro services. Users can use stock API to create an RPC API based on C + + or Python applications to achieve […]

  • 1474 problems have been solved. What are the usability improvements of Flink 1.11?


    On July 7,Flink 1.11.0 is officially releasedAs one of the release managers in this version, I would like to share with you my experience and the interpretation of some representative features. Before entering the in-depth interpretation, let’s have a brief understanding of the general process of community publishing to help you better understand and participate […]

  • Minute lets you solve, the asynchronous load causes the abnormal data


    async-demo On some methods of handling asynchronous requests 1. Common JavaScript scenarios 1.setInterval setTimeoutThis timer function. 2. HTTP requestvue-resource、fetch、axios. And so on. 2. Common phenomena 1. Can’t get the results as required 2. To get the result, we need to use the traditional callback function, which is very cumbersome. function A(){ setTimeout(B(),200); C(); } A() […]

  • Do you know the four rejection policies of thread pool?


    In the previous article, we know the meaning of thread pool parameters, including one parameterhandlerWe said that it is a rejection policy. We will analyze the specific rejection policy of thread pool in this article First of all, we need to understand the function of the rejection policy of the thread pool, which is used […]

  • Design of Task Manager


    Before explaining task manager, here are some conceptual terms that task manager will use. In the graph database Nebula graph, there are some tasks that run in the background for a long time, which we call jobs. Some instructions used by DBAs in the storage layer, such as: after the data is imported, if you […]

  • Crontab, get started


    CrontabIt is a time-based task management tool in UNIX system. This command is different from the traditional UNIX command. The following will introduce its rules and usage one by one. Crontab or cron crontabstillcron? Students who first contact crontab may be confused by these two words. In fact, it can be understood as follows:crontabnamelycronService, andcronIt’s […]

  • Easy to understand ETL job scheduling tool taskctl


    What is taskctl Batch scheduling automation technology is an indispensable and important technology of data integration background in the era of big data. Data is gold, and data is an important asset of the whole society and enterprise groups. It is an important proposition of the whole society to manage and use data well. If […]

  • Data monitoring based on done file theory


    1 question Except for likeAlibabaOfDataworks In addition, it is very difficult for other companies to take data scheduling, data monitoring, data kinship, metadata management, etc. as an integrated platform. Some factories, including our company, often separate these constructions and are responsible by different teams. The data platform scheduling function is the basic platform of most […]

  • flink on native kubernetes


    The previous chapter talked about the application mode of Flink. Today we mainly submit through this modeWordCountAnd select native kubernetes. The principle of native kubernetes The figure below describes how Flink integrates with kubernetes When creating a Flink kubernetes session cluster, the Flink client will first connect to the kubernetes API server and submit the […]

  • Oracle automatic collection task statistics, SQL tuning


    –View auto collection task status SELECT CLIENT_NAME,STATUS FROM DBA_AUTOTASK_CLIENT; SELECT CLIENT_NAME, STATUS FROM DBA_AUTOTASK_CLIENT WHERE CLIENT_NAME = ‘auto optimizer stats collection’; –Turn off auto optimizer stats collection BEGIN DBMS_AUTO_TASK_ADMIN.DISABLE(CLIENT_NAME => ‘auto optimizer stats collection’, OPERATION => NULL, WINDOW_NAME => NULL); END; / –Shut down SQL optimizer SQL Tuning Advisor (STA) BEGIN DBMS_AUTO_TASK_ADMIN.DISABLE(CLIENT_NAME => ‘sql tuning […]