• A brief analysis of the millions of stack distributed scheduling engine dagschedulex


    Buses can be seen everywhere with our daily life. Buses of different routes are sent out orderly according to their respective schedules, arrive at the station, pick up the passengers on the platform, and then slowly drive to the next station… There will be short-range extra buses in the morning peak, with shorter departure intervals, […]

  • Cgroups of docker Technology Foundation


    brief introduction As we all know, docker containers have good isolation. We can run many docker containers on one server.Although a server can run many docker containers, these containers share the CPU and memory resources of a server. If the containers are allowed to use resources at will, it is likely that some containers occupy […]

  • [open source] csharpflink (net 5.0 Development) distributed real-time computing framework, PC 100000 data point second level computing test description


    GitHub address: https://github.com/wxzz/CSharpFlinkGitee address: https://gitee.com/wxzz/CSharpFlink reference resources:[open source address] give up Flink NET5. 0 development csharpflink, brief design, deployment and secondary development instructions.  1. Computer hardware configuration CPU: 4-core i5-7400, 2.7ghz, memory: 16g, random data point time window and calculation operator, CPU and memory usage of master node: 15% – 35%, 1500mb-2048mb, CPU and memory […]

  • Chinese medical NLP list – Introduction to cblue


    Recently, we found a data set task list of the medical industry: Chinese medical information processing challenge list. Based on the principle of self-interest and altruism, we simply record this data set list for subsequent learning and use. From the name, cblue is another * Lue list, As we all know, in recent years, with […]

  • Flink real time metrics


    At present, our Flink task runs on the yarn cluster. When facing the following problems Is the resident real-time job running stably? What is the processing capability of real-time data? Consumption is too slow? Do you need to apply for more resources to improve your consumption ability? Reliable real-time data quality? Is there a risk […]

  • Parsing the second hem of the queuemail interface of Hongmeng kernel message queue


    Summary:This paper leads you to analyze the source code of the two interfaces of queuemail of the queue module of Hongmeng light kernel. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Hongmeng light kernel m core source code analysis series 13 (Continued) message queue queuemail interface》, author: zhushy. The queue has been analyzed before (queue) to […]

  • Application and practice of Apache Flink in auto home


    Introduction: how auto home launched autostream platform based on Flink and continued polishing.This paper sorts out the topic “application and practice of Apache Flink in auto home” shared by Di Xingxing, head of real-time computing platform of auto home, in Flink forward Asia 2020. The main contents include:Background and current situation, autostream platform, real-time ecological […]

  • Test and deploy fluent on GitHub actions


    GitHub actions can easily automate all software workflows. Build, test, and deploy code directly from GitHub. Make code review, branch management and problem classification work as you want. I remember that at the end of the 19th year, I saw the article run fluent driver tests on GitHub actions, and then started to write in […]

  • Implementation and thinking of thread pool real-time management and monitoring tool


    0. Preface As the most commonly used concurrency tool, most students have experience in using java thread pool, but are you sure you are using thread pool correctly? Ali java code specification requires us not to use executors to quickly create thread pools, but will there be no problem if we abandon executors and use […]

  • Maxcompute spark resource usage optimization details


    Introduction:This article mainly explains maxcompute spark resource tuning. The purpose is to guide users to better optimize the use of spark job resources, maximize the use of resources and reduce costs on the premise of ensuring the normal operation of spark tasks. Author: Wu Shujie, Alibaba cloud Intelligent Development Engineer 1. General This article mainly […]

  • Explain the JavaScript execution mechanism in vernacular. You can understand it at a glance


    Operating mechanism of JavaScript 1. Why is JavaScript single threaded?A major feature of JavaScript language is single thread, that is, you can only do one thing at a time. So why can’t JavaScript have multiple threads? This can improve efficiency.The single thread of JavaScript is related to its purpose. As a browser scripting language, JavaScript […]

  • Webpack4. 0 each break (10) integration articles


    I Integration The following is taken fromwebpackChinese website: First, we need to eliminate a common misunderstanding,webpackIt is a module bundler. It is not a task execution tool. The task executor is used to automate common tasks in development, such as lint, build, test, etc. Compared with the packer, the logic problem faced by the task […]