• Android performance optimization launch Optimization Practice


    This article starts with WeChat official account “Android development tour”. preface This article will take you to see the introduction of start-up optimization and various optimization methods. I hope you will get something after reading this chapter. I believe that many students have heard the eight second law, which is a law existing in the […]

  • task scheduling


    >>Return to C ා concurrent programming 1. Schedule to thread pool 2. Task scheduler 2.1. Default scheduler 2.2. Capture current synchronization context scheduler 2.3. Concurrentexclusiveschedulerpair scheduler 3. Scheduling parallel code 4. Synchronization of data flow with scheduler 1. Schedule to thread pool Task task = Task.Run(() => { Thread.Sleep(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2)); }); Task.RunIt can also return results […]

  • Have you ever seen this way of integrating quartz?


    Knowledge changes fate, rolling code makes me happy. How is your starting line in 2019? <br/>Take a look at what you like and get into the habit < br / >This article corresponds to the source code cloud (gitee) warehouse < br / >https://gitee.com/minbox-projects/api-boot-chapter , your star is my biggest motivation QuartzIt is an excellent […]

  • Basic knowledge series – 12 tasks and multithreading


    0. Preface As a foreword, before introducing tasks and multithreading, I will introduce the concepts of asynchrony and synchronization. The knowledge points introduced between us are all executed synchronously. The so-called synchronization is the execution of one line of code one line of code, just like we take the subway to pass through the security […]

  • There are three types of tasks derived from the distributed scheduling framework quartz. How many have you used?


    Knowledge changes fate, rolling code makes me happy. How is your starting line in 2019? <br/>Take a look at what you like and get into the habit < br / >This article corresponds to the source code cloud (gitee) warehouse < br / >https://gitee.com/minbox-projects/api-boot-chapter , your star is my biggest motivation preface QuartzThere is no […]

  • Troubleshooting for 1 hour delay of task scheduling on easyscheduler


    1、 Background In the morning, the irascible King w came with a message: “the hour calculation task was delayed for one hour, resulting in the task of calculating 3 data that should be started at 6:00 to be submitted for execution at 7:00, while the task of calculating 4 data ran twice to help troubleshoot […]

  • Reading the callback module of zepto source code


    The callbacks module is not a necessary module. Its function is to manage the callback function and provide support for the deffered module, which is also the Ajax modulepromiseThe style provides support, and the Ajax module will be analyzed soon. Before that, first look at the implementation of the callbacks module and the deferred module. […]

  • Org mode – young people’s first time management course


    Busy as a dog, idle as a pig.In the first half of this year, I found many task management tools to make changes, such as magic list, tick list (which I still use) and so on, but still failed to meet my needs. As an energetic developer, I even had the idea of building a […]

  • Amazing! Visual JS: dynamic graph to demonstrate the process of promises & async / await!


    Original address: https://dev.to/lydiahallie/javascript-visualized-promises-async-await-5gke Original author: Lydia Hallie Cause Have you ever run JS code that doesn’t run as you expected? For example, a function is executed at random, unpredictable time, or delayed. At this point, you need to introduce a cool new feature from ES6: promise to deal with your problems. In order to understand […]

  • Promise from two blind eyes to binocular light (4) – several key problems of promise (2)


    How promise connects multiple operation tasks Then () of promise returns a new promise, which connects multiple synchronous / asynchronous tasks through the chain call of then new Promise((resolve, reject) => { setTimeout(() => { console.log (execute task 1 (asynchronous)) resolve(1) }, 1000); }).then( value => { console.log (‘result of task 1:’, value) console.log (‘execute […]

  • Introduction to Flink (2) – Introduction to Flink architecture


    1. Basic component stack Friends who know spark will find that Flink’s architecture is very similar to spark’s. in the whole software architecture system, it also follows the layered architecture design concept. While reducing the system coupling, it also provides rich and friendly interfaces for upper level users to build Flink applications. Flink is divided […]

  • Oracle (PLSQL) beginner learning 8 (end)


    Learning video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1tJ411r7EC?p=75 Cursor: a container for holding multiple pieces of data. You need to start opening and closing. Use “fetch… Into…” to move the cursor down. declare cursor myCursor is select * from emp; yb myCursor%rowtype; begin open myCursor; for i in 1 .. 3 loop fetch myCursor into yb; dbms_output.put_line(yb.empno || yb.ename); end […]