• A simple process management tool


    New arrival, please take care of it!Hello, my name is Sean. Today I share a simple process management tool.The code is relatively simple, mainly involving shell, Python and some knowledge on Linux.Through simple configuration, it can manage many programs in a unified way, and also can operate a certain process. It has the functions of […]

  • Task.Result Follow Task.GetAwaiter.GetResult Is () the same? How to choose?


    A few days ago, when using thread pool to perform some tasks, it was transported to a situation where asynchronous methods were used in callback methods, but the callback methods did not seem to support themasync awaitHow to write it. What should I do at this time? It’s usingTask.ResultTo get the returned result, or to […]

  • Bigo Technology: Construction of real time computing platform


    1、 Business background Bigo global audio and video services require more and more real-time data. Data analysts hope to see the business data of new users and active users in multi-dimensional real-time, so as to grasp the market trend as soon as possible. Machine learning engineers hope to get users’ browsing, clicking and other data […]

  • Interviewer: do you know the time wheel algorithm? How is it applied in netty and Kafka? Why not use timers and delayed thread pools?


    In every era, people who can learn will not be treated badly Hello, I’m yes. Recently, I saw the time wheel algorithm in Kafka. I remember I saw this thing in netty before. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Today, let’s see what the time wheel is. Why do we use time round to […]

  • Don’t make the operation and maintenance too busy. This article explains the automatic operation and maintenance of ansible in detail


    1、 Ansible overview Ansible is an increasingly popular open source operation and maintenance automation tool in recent years. Through ansible, operation and maintenance automation can be realized, the work efficiency of operation and maintenance engineers can be improved, and human errors can be reduced. Ansible can achieve various management tasks through its own integrated modules, […]

  • JavaScript operation mechanism


    1. Single thread JavaScript JavaScript is a single thread language, which is determined by its purpose. As the script language of browser, it is mainly responsible for interacting with users and operating dom. If JavaScript is multithreaded, two threads operate a DOM node at the same time, one is responsible for deleting the DOM node, […]

  • Go: learning wire dependency injection and cron timing tasks is actually so simple!


    preface Hi, my little asong is back. I didn’t update it for two weeks. I’m busy recently, plus I’m lazy. So, uh huh, you know. However, the sharing that I brought today is absolutely dry goods, which is also needed in the development of actual projects, so in order to be able to explain clearly, […]

  • Ajax traversal


    1. Ajax enhancementSynchronous request: the user can’t do any operation while operating a certain task, and can only wait for the task to be completed, so the user’s friendliness is poorAsynchronous request: the user sends the request to the Ajax engine and then to the server, which must be supported by callback function$.get(“/findAjax”,function (result) {})Traversal […]

  • Parsing parquet logs with Java MapReduce


    1. Single input format Input format specifies the input format //Specify input format job.setMapperClass(ParquetMap.class); job.setInputFormatClass(ParquetInputFormat.class); ParquetInputFormat.addInputPath(job, new Path(args[1])); ParquetInputFormat.setReadSupportClass(job, CheckLevelRunner.MyReadSupport.class); //This provides a way to define how to read a file public static final class MyReadSupport extends DelegatingReadSupport<Group> { public MyReadSupport() { super(new GroupReadSupport()); } @Override public org.apache.parquet.hadoop.api.ReadSupport.ReadContext init(InitContext context) { return super.init(context); } } […]

  • End the thread gracefully with join, daemon, interrupt


    Meet join Simple understanding: created thread T1, ift1.join()To the main thread, then need to wait until T1 thread execution is completed, the main thread can continue to execute public class ThreadJoin { public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException { Thread t1 = new Thread(() -> { IntStream.range(1, 1000) .forEach(i -> System.out.println(Thread.currentThread().getName() + “->” + […]

  • Shell programming: multi command processing


    Task: create one in the exam2 / Zhixing folder haha.txt And write “I love geeksongs” in this file. This is a multi task task task. We want to write all commands to the same file and execute them. How can we implement this process in a sh file? We write haha.sh The code is as […]

  • Important components of Apache Hadoop


    Hadoop = HDFS (distributed file system) + MapReduce (distributed computing framework) + yarn (resource coordination framework) + common module HDFS Hadoop distribute file system is a distributed file system with high reliability and high consumptionDivide and rule NameNode(NN): themetadataFor example, the file name, file directory structure, file attributes (generation time, number of copies, file permissions), […]