• How to use Huawei cloud service to build deployment and publishing front end and node.js service with one click


    How to use Huawei cloud service to build deployment and publishing front end and node.js service with one click Build deployment, has been a very cumbersome process As a developer, I’m most afraid to encounter version release, especially when the front and back end are released together and there are many projects For example, you […]

  • Test and deploy flutter on GitHub actions


    GitHub actions can easily automate all software workflow. Build, test, and deploy code directly from GitHub. Make code review, branch management and problem classification work the way you want. I remember that at the end of the 19th century, I saw the article “run flutter driver tests on GitHub actions”, and then I started writing […]

  • Flink Optimization Practice of online learning of JD search ranking


    This article is shared by the search algorithm architecture team of Jingdong. It mainly introduces the application of Apache Flink in the online learning of Jingdong commodity search sorting. The main outline of the article is as follows 1. Background 2. JD search online learning architecture 3. Real time sample generation 4、Flink Online Learning 5. […]

  • I always forget to punch in when I get off work. Make a pop-up window on the computer to punch in when I get off work


    1.Task scheduler       2.Create a basic task in the upper right corner. Creating a task can’t achieve the effect of pop-up window       3.Describe the basic tasks you created, and then go to the next step       4.You can limit the conditions for the trigger to start, such as […]

  • JS event loop


    preface When I first learned the front end, I always heard that JS is single threaded, single threaded and single threaded. In fact, the complete JS execution engine should be single threaded in the browser environment. So what is a thread? Why is JS single threaded? 1. Process and thread The main difference between processes […]

  • Read JDK source code: asynchronous task futuretask


    In Java, the runnable interface represents a task that does not return a result, while the callable interface represents a task that returns a result.In concurrent programming, executing tasks asynchronously and obtaining task results can improve the throughput of the system. Future interface emerges as the times require. It represents the execution results of asynchronous […]

  • Java thread pool: source code


    preface In the last articleJava thread pool: TheoryIn this article, we have introduced what thread pool is and how to use it( The original idea of writing is to use the text, but after the netizen’s suggestion, I feel that it would be more appropriate to change it to a theoretical one. This article is […]

  • Spark parameter tuning


    Spark parameter tuning Refer to spark official document:http://spark.apache.org/docs/… Shuffle related Shuffle operation is probably one of the most important steps affecting the performance of spark (because it may involve many CPU or IO intensive operations such as sorting, disk IO, network IO, etc.), which is why the whole shuffle framework code is reconstructed in spark […]

  • Thread II


    Thread pool Why use thread pools? Creating and destroying threads is an expensive and time-consuming operation. Too many threads will also waste memory resources. Because the operating system must schedule runnable threads and perform context switching, too many threads will affect performance, and thread pool can improve these situations. What is a thread pool? We […]

  • Go: learning to do wire dependency injection and cron timing tasks is so simple!


    preface Hi, my little asong is back. I haven’t updated it for two weeks. I’m busy recently, and I’m lazy. So, uh huh, you know. However, the sharing I brought today is absolutely dry goods, which is also needed in the actual project development, so in order to make it clear, I specially wrote a […]

  • Laravel queue


    In the actual project development, we often encounter the situation that we need lightweight queue, such as SMS, email, etc. these tasks are not enough to use Kafka, rabbitmq and other heavyweight message queue, but they do need asynchronous, Retry, concurrency control and other functions. Generally speaking, we often use redis, beanstalk and Amazon SQS […]

  • Construction practice of Zhihu’s Flink data integration platform


    Introduction:This article is shared by sun Xiaoguang, the person in charge of Zhihu technology platform. It mainly introduces the construction practice of Zhihu Flink data integration platform. The contents are as follows: 1; 2. Historical design; 3. The design of Flink; 4. Planning of future Flink application scenarios. This article is shared by sun Xiaoguang, […]