• Smart ships bring port revolution, and visualization becomes the main force


    preface China’s water transportation can be traced back to the canoes and rafts of the Neolithic age. By the Song Dynasty, China had formed a complete water transportation and port system. The ship has also transited from the era of raft to the era of diesel engine ship. The delivery of “Dafei · Hefeng” marks […]

  • Introduction and implementation of multi task learning model based on esmm


    Introduction: This article introduces the paper “entire space multi task model: an e” effective approach for estimating post click conversion rate “published by Alibaba team in SIGIR ‘2018. Based on the idea of multi task learning (MTL), this paper proposes a CVR prediction model called esmm, which effectively solves the two key problems of data […]

  • Spark Architecture Principle


    Calculation phase of spark We can compare them. First, unlike MapReduce, which only runs one map and one reduce at a time, spark can be divided into more stages according to the complexity of the application. These stages form a directed acyclic graph DAG. Spark task scheduler can execute the calculation stage according to the […]

  • Comparison between spark architecture mode and Flink


    Comparison between spark architecture mode and Flink Spark and Flink are both distributed computing engines integrating stream and batch. Flink belongs to the flow processing framework, which simulates batches through streams. Spark belongs to the batch processing framework, which simulates streams through batches. They belong to lambda architecture and dataflow architecture respectively. Spark architecture mode […]

  • Alibaba cloud maxcompute 2021-july issue


    Introduction:Maxcompute’s July issue will take you through the latest project deletion, SQL performance optimization recommendation and other functions released in July, as well as the wonderful live broadcast courses in July and August. Welcome to read. This monthly issue will bring youMaxComputeThe latest product trends in July. Reading guide Latest product release in July Best […]

  • Go multi process record execution results


    package main import ( “fmt” “sync” “time” ) //Simulate a time-consuming task func job(worker int)int{ time.Sleep(time.Millisecond*500) return worker } func main(){ //Record start time start:=time.Now() wg:=sync.WaitGroup{} //Initializing the channel is used to record the work results of each task reciveChan :=make(chan int) //Cycle through 5 tasks for i:=0;i<5;i++{ wg.Add(1) go func(par int) { //Save task […]

  • Powerdotnet platform software architecture design and implementation series (07): data synchronization platform


    AboveWhen introducing the timed task scheduling platform, I mentioned that theClass modeIt is generally used to handle time-consuming tasks. However, according to experience, some time-consuming tasks can be transformed into less time-consuming tasks by simplifying business logic, paging and batch processingRestful interfaceMode. There is a very time-consuming task of data synchronous carry forward. How much […]

  • On how well the voice social video live broadcast platform fits into Apache dolphin scheduler


    On Apache dolphin scheduler& Apache Shenyu (incubation) meetup, YY live broadcast software engineer yuanbingze shared with us the adaptation and exploration of YY live broadcast based on Apache dolphin scheduler. This speech mainly includes four parts: Background of introducing Apache dolphin scheduler into YY live broadcast Introduction of Apache dolphin scheduler Adaptation of Apache dolphin […]

  • NLP Essays (III)


    This article introduces the application of deep learning in natural language processing (NLP), from word vector to the latest and most powerful pre training models such as Bert, and briefly introduces some significant progress of deep learning in NLP in the past 20 years Before deep learning, machine learning methods used to solve NLP problems […]

  • Shutter downloader al_ downloader


    Download link first al_downloader: https://pub.dev/packages/al_downloader background Recently, there are download related businesses, so I studied the download tool library in the flutter community,pub.devafterfluttercommunity.devThe certified download library isflutter_downloader flutter_downloaderProvides some basic functions for downloading. For example, task ID mapping, task queue, thread isolation, and native interaction It is worth mentioning thatflutter_downloaderOfficial sample tutorialsflutter_downloader/example You have written […]

  • The principle of timed task triggering contrast activity in XXL job parsing


    Source code background: XXL job 2.3.0 activity 7.1.0 First, learn about the architecture background, the activity workflow engine, and the jar can be used in your business services through configuration. While XXL job is a distributed task scheduler, which is divided into server side (scheduler) and executor side. The server side provides Web services and […]

  • JS execution mechanism


    A major feature of JavaScript language is single thread, that is, only one thing can be done at a time. This is due to the mission of the birth of JavaScript, a scripting language – Javascript was born to handle user interaction in pages and operate dom. For example, we cannot add or delete a […]