• Application of swoole task


    Summary This is the second article about swoole learning: the application of swoole task. Part 1: application of swoole timer Swoole asynchronous task, which mainly implements the execution of calling asynchronous tasks. Common scenarios: asynchronous payment processing, asynchronous order processing, asynchronous log processing, asynchronous email / SMS sending, etc. The implementation of swoole is that […]

  • Windows Server IIS settings scheduled task restart


    Windows server, IIS settings scheduled task restart. echo —–>>c:\log_iisreset.txt &&  echo %date% %time% >>c:\log_iisreset.txt  && iisreset.exe >>c:\log_iisreset.txt    

  • [notes] reputile first order meta learning algorithm


    Catalog Paper information Nichol A , Achiam J , Schulman J . On First-Order Meta-Learning Algorithms[J]. 2018. I. Abstracts This paper mainly considersMeta learningThe problem is that there is aA distribution of tasks, many tasks are extracted from this distribution to train the meta-learning model (or agent) so that it can learn faster (i.e. perform […]

  • Baidu NLP pre training model ernie2.0 the strongest practical courses come! [with tutorial]


    In March 2019, baidu officially released the NLP model Ernie, which once attracted extensive attention and discussion in the industry when it comprehensively surpassed Bert in Chinese tasks. After just a few months, baidu Ernie has been upgraded to release Ernie 2.0, a semantic understanding framework for continuous learning, and Ernie 2.0 pre training model […]

  • [continuous integration] gitlab CI + docker for continuous integration


    Gitlab CI + docker for continuous integration I. Basic concepts of continuous integration (CI) Summary In the development of traditional software, the integration of code is usually done when everyone completes the work and the project is about to end, which often takes a lot of time and energy. Continuous integration is an approach that […]

  • Activity of four Android components


    Preface Hi, Hello, everyone. We met again. In the last issue, we talked about how to install as. Are there any partners who can’t wait to create their own projects and start to try them? So in this issue, we mainly introduce activities. As one of the four components of Android, activity plays a very […]

  • Coding agile Kanban is newly launched to help the visual upgrade of R & D management


    In the process of serving the R & D team of the enterprise, we found that many teams encountered similar problems: Team members claim to have completed most of their tasks, but there are few requirements for actual delivery by the team? How to identify and deal with these delays when the process has been […]

  • [the last time] thoroughly understands JavaScript execution mechanism


    Preface The last time, I have learned [the last time] has always been a series that I want to write, aiming to build up and review the front end. It is also to check and fill in the gaps and share the technology. Welcome to comment on Tucao. A series of articles are first listed […]

  • Gradle build script


    Building language Gradle provides a domain specific language that currently supports both groovy and kotlin. In a groovy build script (. Gradle) you can use any groovy element. In the kotlin build script (. Gradle. KTS), you can use any kotlin element. Project and task Everything gradle builds is based on two concepts: project and […]

  • Introduction to Time Complexity of Efficient Algorithms


    The last blog has introduced some algorithms to you. Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Here I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Just in time for mathematical modeling, let’s first introduce and measure the time complexity of the important index of algorithm level. 5 + 2 will be updated when time is available. Later, we […]

  • Linux Task Scheduling (8)


    Crond task scheduling: It means that the system executes a specific command or program at a certain time. Classification: 1. System work, some important work must be performed repeatedly, such as virus scanning; 2. Individual user work, individual user may wish to execute some programs, such as MySQL database backup. Basic grammar: Crontab [option] [-e] […]

  • Invoke-command


    invoke-command Remotely execute commands: invoke-command –ComputerName $server -Credential $cred –ScriptBlock{param($server,$UserName,$serverpass,$starttime,$startdate)$hotfix_setup = schtasks /query |select-string “hotfix_setup” -quietIf ($hotfix_setup -eq “true”){schtasks /delete /tn “hotfix_setup” /f |out-null}schtasks /create /tn “hotfix_setup” /sc once /ru $UserName /rp $serverpass /st $starttime /sd $startdate /tr D:\Hotfix\Hotfix_Win2003\2014-04\hotfix_setup.bat} -ArgumentList $server,$UserName,$serverpass,$starttime,$startdate Remote execution of scripts (scripts on local computers, non-remote):  invoke-command -ComputerName $servername -Credential $cred […]