• 34.qt quick popup customization


    1. Introduction to popup Popup is a pop-up window controlIts common properties are as follows: anchors. Centerin: object, used to set who is centered in the window Closepolicy: enumeration, which sets the closing policy of pop-up window. The default value is popup CloseOnEscape|Popup. Closeonpressoutside. The values are: Popup. Noautoclose: the pop-up window will not close […]

  • Performance optimization of composer autoload dump autoload


    The autoload mechanism provided by composer makes it very convenient for us to organize code and introduce new class libraries, but it also reduces the performance of the project. The main reason why composer autoload is slow is that it supports psr-0 and psr-4. When the loader gets a class name, it needs to find […]

  • U-shaped consultation method


    The U-shaped consulting method mentioned in 24 is a technology accumulated by Mr. Liu’s experience in consulting practice, but it is only felt as a concept and idea. Adhering to the concept: complex problems do not necessarily need to be solved; A small step will bring a snowball effect, Target audience: visitors with strong consumption […]

  • Java springboot implements AOP (@ around)


    AOP basic summary Joinpoint: Connection point is a stage point of program operation, such as method call, exception throw, etc Pointcut: Pointcuts are collections of joinpoints It is a collection of locations in the program where advice needs to be injected, that is, under what conditions can advice be triggered Enhanced (advisor): Enhancement is a […]

  • Redis caching in the form of AOP


    AOP Common APIs for connection points Proceedingjoinpoint can only be used around notifications (proceedingjoinpoint controls the execution of target methods). If it is used as a parameter, it must be in the first place of the parameter private void saveSysLog(ProceedingJoinPoint point){ //1. Get the target class (equivalent to knowing which class it is) Class<?> targetCls […]

  • React class component optimization


    Two problems of component As long as setstate() is executed, even if the state data is not changed, the component will re render() = = > which is inefficient Re render () only the current component will automatically re render the child components, even if the child components do not use any data of the […]

  • Freeanchor: abandon a single IOU matching and use a freer anchor matching method | nips 2019


    This paper abandons the previous method of rigid specifying the matching relationship between anchor and GT according to IOU, and proposes freeanchor method for more free matching. This method defines the training of target detection as the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) process, and learns the target classification, target detection and matching relationship end-to-end at the […]

  • Notes – complete the image liquefaction (forward deformation) process with canvas


    A few days ago, due to the needs of the team, I tossed about the processing process of image liquefaction.Now let’s sort out our ideas and make a record. The formula used is as follows, which is brought online Don’t say much, codeI wanted to write as much as possible… Later, I found that it […]

  • Spirit takes you through event capture and bubbling mechanisms


    DOM standard event model In the DOM standard event model, events are captured first and bubble when they reach the target stage Capture stage = = > target stage = = > bubbling stage Target and non target elements Before introducing event capture and event bubbling Let’s first understand what target elements and non target […]

  • canvas —— globalCompositeOperation


    The globalcompositeoperation property sets or returns how to draw a source (New) image onto a target (existing) image. Source image = the drawing you intend to place on the canvas.Target image = the drawing you have placed on the canvas. Property values that can be set effect 1、source-over 2、source-atop 3、source-in 4、source-out 5、destination-over 6、destination-atop 7、destination-in 8、destination-out […]

  • [jQuery] Click the button to display the element, and then click the part outside the element to hide the element


    Click the button. Phone download to locate the location of the element to be displayed Display element #phone tips Click the blank space or itself to hide the element $(function(){ //App download tips $(“.phone-download”).click(function(event) { event.stopPropagation(); //Positioning position var pd = $(this).offset(); $(“#phone-tips”).css({top: pd.top + 22,left: pd.left – 160}); //Toggle of the button. If div […]

  • Redis cluster scaling principle


    Redis nodes maintain their own slots and corresponding data. Expansion principle:Redis slots and corresponding data are moved between different nodes Environmental Science:Centos7 builds redis cluster 1、 Cluster expansion 1. Manual capacity expansion (1) Prepare node 9007 and join the cluster> cluster meet 9007 [note]If cluster meet joins nodes that already exist in other […]