• The target link of a tag points to iframe


    Copy code The code is as follows: <iframe name=”myFrameName” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”width:200px; height:150px; “></iframe> < a href = “.. / ashx / print2dcodeimage. Ashx? Codeinfo = demo123” target = “myframename” > Print QR code</a> The target of the a tag above refers to iframe with name as myframename, not the target with ID. if target […]

  • Base target = “” control the target opening frame of the link


    < base target = _blank > is to change the target framework of basic links to open new pages. If you are not familiar with HTML, CSS and JS, it is not recommended to use this method instead of independent control. In fact, many tags, such as < a >, < form >, support the […]

  • NDK Cmake


    When cmake is used with NDK, some variables can be configured: ANDROID_PLATFORM: Specifies the target version of Android, corresponding to$NDK/platforms/Version under directory. UsuallydefaultConfigMediumminSdkVersion, which ensures that allminSdkVersionThe compiled library can be used by all devices of But there are exceptions, such as whenANDROID_ABI=arm64-v8aEven whenminSdkVersionby18ButANDROID_PLATFORM=android-21, because 64 bit libraries are only supported from api21. The version […]

  • DB Link under MySQL


    Preface: In practice, we may encounter some tables that need to operate on other database instances, but do not want the system to connect multiple libraries. At this point, we need to use data table mapping. Like DBlink in Oracle, anyone who has used Oracle DBlink database links knows that they can query data across […]

  • First article – Record your own way to learn python!


    The purpose of learning Python for oneself is relatively clear – Crawler and quantification. At present, some resources have been found for learning, first for quantitative learning, and the crawler lags behind. The current goal is to “master as much quantitative capacity as possible in 180 days”! In the future, regularly send their own learning […]

  • Successful backup of UNIX system


    SCO UNIX system is widely used in finance, insurance and other industries because of its stable and reliable characteristics, but its installation and maintenance is not an easy task for professional and technical personnel. The system maintained by the author is equipped with SCO UNIX operating system, Informix database and other application software. After installation, […]

  • Njniecong


    Schema Definition Converting the interface of a class to another interface that customers want, The Adapter pattern enables classes that could not work together because of incompatible interfaces to work together.   1. Define the adapted class: Source role public class Adaptee { public void request(){ System.out.println (“Can complete the function required by the customer […]

  • Word inversion (java)


    How to reverse a string of words? For example, “we go to school” becomes “school to go we” java code implementation: public static String rever(String str) { // The problem with this is that if there is a space split () at the end of the string, the last space cannot be separated. It doesn’t […]

  • Installation of. net frame work under win7-vs2012


    Firstly, the corresponding relationship between vs and. net is roughly as follows vs2010—-.net framework 4.0     vs2012—-.net framework 4.5    vs2015—-.net framework 4.6.1     vs2017—-.net framework 4.6.2 Second, after installing VS2010 on win7, there will be. net4.5 frame work installed. Vs2012 update5 can also be installed, but it is not necessary. Third, if future development […]