• Master Maven plug-in in three minutes


    Yesterday afternoon, old fellow asked me what time I would like to talk about Maven plug-in: So, in the middle of the night, Laotian finally wrote a maven plug-in, which he shared with you today. If you want to have a more detailed chat, please add my wechat tj20120622 to join the group and chat […]

  • Object.assign () update object


    Object.assign() Object.assign The () method is used to assign the values of all enumerable properties from one or more source objects to the target object. It will return the target object.Object.assign Method copies only the enumerable properties of the source object itself to the target object. This method uses [[get]] of the source object and […]

  • Share the common reasons why apps can’t be installed on mobile phones


    According to some of my work experience, the summary is as follows: 1) the minimum version of the installation package is higher than the Android version of the mobile phone to be installed.2) the app with the same package name already exists on the target mobile phone, and the signature is different3.) when packaging and […]

  • Technical interpretation of reppoints series algorithm for target detection


    Abstract:This paper combs the series of target detection reppoints algorithms of anchor free, including reppoints, reppoints V2, density reppoints. Background In the past two years, anchor free, as a new idea of target detection algorithm, has received more and more attention. In the typical anchor based algorithm, the effect of the model is often limited […]

  • Advanced usage of MV command under Linux


    MV is also the next most frequently used command in Linux, but apart from some basic usages, which advanced usages do you know? 1. Basic usage Move one or more files; Move one or more directories; Rename the file / directory. These are very basic usages and need not be repeated. Here are some more […]

  • Detr: a new target detection paradigm based on transformer, with performance comparable to fast RCNN | ECCV 2020 oral


    Detr is based on the standard transorfmer structure, and its performance is comparable to that of fast RCNN. However, the overall idea of this paper is very simple. I hope it can provide a general idea for many subsequent studies like fast RCNN  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official account Paper: end to end object […]

  • Self supervised tracking by video coloring


    The implementation of the method can be found in the link https://github.com/hyperparam… Overview of target tracking In short, it can be understood as identifying a unique object in the whole video sequence. The object to be tracked is usually called target object. Tracking can be accomplished by bounding box or instance segmentation. There are two […]

  • Es8 (2) — object (keys, values, entries)


    catalog Es8 new method for fast traversal of objects Object.keys() Returns an array Condition screening Object.values() Object.entries() You can turn an object into a traversable object It can be transferred to the map to operate as a map object Es6-es10 learning map Es8 new method for fast traversal of objects Object.keys() The parameter is the […]

  • Atlas team playbook | OKR


    The more confident you are in the future, the more patient you are in the present. The objectives and key results (okrs) approach encourages teams to go beyond the comfort zone and remove obstacles in the path. All teams can start okrs – not just leading the team! If you are on the red light […]

  • MS08_ 067smb vulnerability exploitation penetration test


    Target server: Windows XP Penetration tester: Kali preface: Ms08-067 vulnerability will affect all Windows systems except Windows Server 2008 core, including all versions of Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008, and even windows 7pro beta in the test phase The target server system of this experiment 1. Check the […]

  • HTML base target tag=_ Introduction to the use of parent


    The < base > tag specifies the default address or default destination for all links on the page. Usually, the browser will extract the corresponding elements from the URL of the current document to fill in the blanks in the relative URL. use The < base > tag can change that. Instead of using the […]

  • Flattening folder widget with electron + Vue + node


    The origin of requirements is that when objects organize sound effects, the sound resources she collects have nested subfolders, but she wants to move all files to the first level directory. Before there is no program, her operation is as follows: Copy the files in the subfolder to the first level directory Delete subfolders If […]