• HTML draggable attribute


    draggable This attribute specifies whether the element can be dragged. By default, links and avatars can be dragged event Dragged element ondragstartInstant trigger of dragging ondragContinuous triggering during dragging ondragendDrag end trigger Target element ondragenterTrigger for entering the target element (mouse cursor entry) ondragoverEntering and leaving the target element is triggered continuously ondragleaveTriggered when leaving […]

  • Publishing practice of monorepo multi package based on rush


    preface Shared in MayApplication level monorepo optimization scheme, it mainly expounds the problems and solutions of monorepo (Yan + lerna) before, but in this sharing, it does not involve the content related to Pacakge release (mainly application app development in that period). Occasionally, Pacakge development is also a scenario with relatively simple dependency (single package […]

  • Mysql8 data migration to mysql5 seven


    Mainly do character set and encoding format conversion (just use Notepad, that is, text conversion) The previous Alibaba cloud server was installed with mysql8 0, and the database of the target server is mysql5 sevenmysql5. 7 does not support utf8mb4_ 0900_ ai_ Ci character set, and the encoding format is not utf8mb4. Therefore, do the […]

  • Natural language processing — Text vectorization (2)


    1、 Abstract This sharing is based on the continuation of the previous text vector method. In the last content, we mainly shared two methods of text vectorization: the word bag model representation method and the word vector method based on deep learning. Although the word bag model can simply express words as vectors, it will […]

  • First meet Yolo


    What is yolo2 algorithm “You Only Look Once” The core idea of Yolo is to use the whole picture as the input of the network and directly return the location and category of the bounding box in the output layer.Yolo algorithm uses a separate CNN model to realize end-to-end target detection. The whole system is […]

  • Implementation of spring AOP


    Before understanding the implementation of spring AOP, first understand some concepts related to spring AOP Related concepts of AOP When using spring for AOP related programming, we often use advice, pointcut and advisor to realize the functions we need. Advice Advice is an interface defined by the AOP alliance, which defines what we can do […]

  • About the command line file copy of Linux operating system


    aboutLinuxoperating systemofCommand line file copy cause:The service cannot be used due to the expiration of the dongle secret key of the server. The secret key file in the server needs to be sent to the authorized personnel. I thought it was very easy. Open the server and click send on the graphical interface. Unexpectedly, the […]

  • How to use OKR to manage the team?


    OKR is an advanced team management method based on results and completion, which was invented by Andy Grove, founder of Intel. Based on Zhixin OKR management, the application determines the monthly / quarterly / annual objectives through transparency, splits and decomposes the key results (confirm the completion progress every week), and then assigns the key […]

  • Product manager project management 05: objectives of project management


    Title: objectives of project management 1. How fast and cost-effective the project is When we receive a project task, the boss or leader will formulate a series of objectives and requirements, such as good quality, fast speed, saving money and so on. But like Heisenberg uncertainty principle, meeting one requirement often fails to meet another. […]

  • Intranet artifact CS4 0 operating instructions


    Official account: white hat left one. Installation and use install System environment: Java environment Oracle Java 1.8 and Oracle Java 11 are required Download and unzip it use First, run the server. If you have an extranet machine, you can run the server on the extranet machine or on the local machine Server start commandwindowsRun […]

  • Stop programming for the for loop. The observer mode of JDK is very fragrant!


    Hello, are you still programming for the for loop? Who else can’t use observer mode? This chapter is brought by the stack leader《Observer mode》Theory and Practice What is observer mode? Observer pattern defines a one to many dependency between objects, so that as long as the state of an object changes, all related objects it […]

  • Using the vulnerability of “eternal blue” to realize windows getshell to control the target win7


    ① Log in to Kali and increase root privileges Sudo Su // authorization raising root Kali // enter the password Cd ~ // switch the root directory ② Log in to Kali Linux, enter MSF framework and search ms17-010 code msfconsole msf > search ms17_010       ③ Use the ms17-010 scanning module to […]