• Python Taobao crawler small example


    Brothers, have you cut your hands on double eleven? Although shopping is happy, don’t overdo it. After all, many price cuts are not real price cuts. Your eyes are shining~ Today, let’s try to climb a treasure. If you learn to outsource, it’s still worth a few dollars. Environment / module introduction Environment used by […]

  • New domain name of Taobao NPM mirror station


    Taobao NPM mirror station(http://npm.taobao.org)China’s front-end community has been running a simple mirror service in 2014, and it has been just a year since NPM started to give back to the outside world. Referring to the way of ruby gems Taobao image, I applied for taobao.com with Alibaba open source organization Org, and the name of […]

  • I wrote a browser plug-in to rush to buy Maotai


    1、 Scene restore Taobao’s Maotai purchase needs to add a shopping cart in advance. At eight o’clock, it will be settled – > order submission. If you are lucky, you can buy a bottle, but it seems that there are many scalpers, so you can’t grab a drop without any tools. Let’s share the chrome […]

  • Why did pinduoduo surpass Ali


    Pinduoduo has the following data on the financial report data of Q3 quarter of 2020 The annual number of active buyers was 731 million, while that of Alibaba was 757 million, a difference of only 20 million The growth rate of active buyers was + 36.4% year-on-year, far exceeding Alibaba Therefore, in the financial report […]

  • NPM function introduction and common commands


    NPM function Special note: all -g global operations need to be executed with sudo permission under Mac Function: Package management tools (including: download, delete, update, view, link, publish) Installation: With the installation of node, it will be installed automatically (version upgrade: sudo NPM install NPM – G) Disadvantages: The default source server is abroad: you […]

  • Self made Python Taobao spike buying script double ten hundred percent


    Hello, I’m a front-end programmer who doesn’t learn from the front-end, It’s like this. A few days ago, it was not a double ten one pre order spike Because my girlfriend is stupid and slow, she can’t get it all the time. She’s not happy if she doesn’t get the special offer, If she is […]

  • NPM I installation depends on the card, which is slow, failed, waited for a long time, failed, error, etc


    ​When installing dependency, sometimes NPM I will be very slow, even unsuccessful, wrong, etc. one of the reasons is that the network directly using NPM foreign sources and domestic access to foreign source websites must be slow, so Caton The following test compares the speed of foreign image source and domestic Alibaba Taobao source. For […]

  • Area and operator API for detecting mobile phone number


    [recommended] Taobao phone recharge:http://tcc.taobao.com/cc/json/mobile_tel_segment.htm?tel=13800138000 [recommended] JD phone recharge:http://chongzhi.jd.com/json/order/search_searchPhone.action?mobile=138… [recommended] phone charge recharge of No. 1 store:http://life.yhd.com/mobile/findMobileInfo.do?jsonpCallback=jsonp143246… K780:http://api.k780.com:88/?app=phone.get&phone=13800138000&appkey… Mobile online:http://api.showji.com/Locating/www.showji.c.o.m.aspx?m=13800138000&amp… other:https://appyun.sinaapp.com/index.php?app=mobile&controller=index&a…

  • Coach, how to write react in Vue project?


    1. Preface I admit that I am the title party. This article is an introduction to TSX written in Vue project. As a reacter, I feel very uncomfortable using vue2 + TS every day in my current business. I’m not very familiar with Vue. I want to go back to my react era. So after […]

  • Base command notes


    ==== Update software source sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get upgrade Install NPM sudo apt install npm Replace NPM with Taobao source – > global configuration switch to Taobao source npm config set registry https://registry.npm.taobao.org – > check whether you have switched to Taobao source npm config get registry # install dependencies npm install # Compiles and […]

  • Set NPM source as Taobao image


    Because some packages need to climb over the wall or overseas servers, the conventional NPM installation method may be slow or fail to install. Therefore, Taobao helps us synchronize some packages that need to climb over the wall to domestic servers, so the installation speed of Taobao image will be very fast. There are several […]

  • Analysis principle: how does wechat automatically find coupons as a rebate robot


    Many people want to build a wechat automatic coupon checking and rebate robot, but they don’t know how to start.Today, I’d like to share the implementation principle of wechat coupon finding rebate robot. Whether it’s WeChat official account, or QQ robot. The principle of the interim is the same. This essay is suitable for programmers […]