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  • Analysis of key and difficult points of spring AOP


    Analysis of key and difficult points What is AOP, what problems are solved, and application scenarios? What is it? AOPAspect oriented programming can enhance the function of the code without changing the original code. What problems have been solved? AOP is mainly used to solve: without changing the original business logic, enhance the crosscutting logic […]

  • Interview series (4): spring related


    Spring related Brief introduction of spring working principle Circular dependence problem Spring / spring boot starts the loading process? How does springboot work? What are the benefits of using springboot? Describe the IOC and AOP of spring How is spring task implemented? How do you use spring transactions? With @ transitional annotation, what does spring […]

  • Some preliminary understanding of springboot


    SpringBoot Springboot, as a popular microservice framework in recent years, can be used to quickly build a lightweight microservice with only a few simple dependencies and a small amount of configuration. Its advantages are simple, fast and easy, but its disadvantages are that it is too single to be suitable for module development in the […]

  • Talking about custom annotation and usage scene in Java


    True cultivation does not pursue any specific purpose, just like all the efforts made for self-improvement, it is meaningful in itself. The general usage scenario of Java custom annotation is: Custom annotation + interceptor or or AOP. The framework is designed by using custom annotation to make the code look very elegant. This article will […]

  • It’s seconds. I’ve never seen the AOP of spring so easy to understand and arrange!


    AOP of spring What is AOP? AOP is the abbreviation of aspect oriented programming, which means aspect oriented programming. It is a technology to realize unified maintenance of program functions through precompiling and runtime dynamic agent. Objective: To study the clinical effect of the method   using AOP can isolate all parts of business logic, which […]

  • Spring study, see SongGe this article more than ten thousand words dry goods is enough!


    1. Introduction to spring We often say that spring actually refers to the spring framework, and the spring framework is just a branch of the spring family. So what does the spring family have? Spring is created to solve the complexity of enterprise application development. Before spring, there was a heavyweight tool called EJB. Using […]

  • String expression matching in Web Development


    Record some string patterns commonly used in web development. These are some of the patterns I met. If there are any more, welcome to propose them and continue to update them. regular expression This is mainly used for front-end verification, nginx path matching, shell script text processing, and back-end feeling that regular is not often […]

  • Spring boot AOP records user operation log


    In the spring framework, using AOP with custom annotations can facilitate the monitoring of user operations. First, build a basic spring boot web environment to start spring boot, and then introduce the necessary dependencies: <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-jdbc</artifactId> </dependency> <! — AOP dependency — > <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-aop</artifactId> </dependency> <! — Oracle driver — > <dependency> […]