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  • On the problem that the code can not take effect in time after modification


    Today, after the modified code is uploaded to the server via FTP, even if the cache is deleted, it still doesn’t take effect, with a delay of about 10 seconds. After research, it is found that the reason is that PHP starts the opcache extension, and the deletion of this extension takes effect immediately. It […]

  • Vscode displays wavy lines for unused variables


    Vscode displays wavy lines for unused variables Install vslint plug-ins in the project settings.json Documents, “javascript.validate.enable”: true, Restart vscode to take effect

  • ASM disk binding based on udev – zero to none


    –August 24, 2020 –Author: Flying piggy To configure ASM disks, you need to associate the disk configuration of the previous partition as ASM disk support. On oel7, it is recommended to use Oracle’s own software to format disk ASM. This paper uses the traditional udev method to format the disk, which is also applicable to […]

  • After customizing the starter, a line of code can realize JWT login authentication, which is amazing


    In the last article《Spring boot integrates JWT to realize user login authentication》We have encapsulated a JWT based on nimbus Jose JWT, and we only need to customize handlerinterceptor implementation class and webmvcconfigurer implementation class to introduce JWT for login authentication in the project. The starter in spring boot is a very important mechanism. It can […]

  • Deep understanding of layout parameter of cocos2d-x


    Before the understanding is not deep, today encountered a pit, harvest some deeper understanding. The requirements are as follows: a relatively layout panel with an ImageView, and several buttons in other parts of the interface. After pressing down, the position of this ImageView needs to be changed dynamically. According to the usual understanding, after the […]

  • Centos7 view open port command and open port number


    1. View the open ports firewall-cmd –list-ports 2. Open a single port(the firewall needs to be restarted after opening) firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=8080/tcp –permanent 3. Open multiple ports(the firewall needs to be restarted after opening) firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=20000-29999/tcp –permanent (– permanent refers to permanent effect, not to single validity (restart failure)) 4. Close the port(the firewall […]

  • Using cache to improve the speed of secondary construction in webpack


    1. Babel loader enables caching Description in official documents: https://webpack.docschina.org…Cachedirectory: the default value is false. When there are settings, the specified directory will be used to cache the execution results of the loader. After the webpack build, it will try to read the cache to avoid the Babel recompilation process which may cause high performance […]

  • Ubuntu ubbantu modifies the default 22 system port to provide server security policy


    Lao Zuo’s notesThere was a“Is Ubuntu or Debian image system the cloud server? Choose according to familiarity“It is mentioned in the article that we recommend Debian or Ubuntu when choosing cloud server system. In recent years, Laozuo is more used to using Ubuntu system, so some netizens have seen my suggestion and used it. In […]

  • Go | gin solves cross domain problems and cross domain configuration


    <h1>Go | gin solves cross domain problems and cross domain configuration</h1> preface In the project of separating front end and back end, we often encounter cross domain problems. How to solve the problems?! 1、 About cross domain solutions Most of the cross domain solutions can be divided into two types Nginx reverse proxy solves cross […]

  • WOx stock plug-in developed with Python


    Let’s use a picture to show the effect,   WOx is a launcher under the windows platform, it provides an input box, users can input content in the input box, trigger a variety of functions. The common functions include searching files (integrating everything), searching web pages, translating, executing system commands, etc. Similar to Alfred in […]

  • Thinking after removing conditions evaluation report from springboot2 boot information


    preface When I recently started a springboot 2.2 + project, I found the console output 17:22:05 [main] DEBUG o.s.b.f.s.DefaultListableBeanFactory – Creating shared instance of singleton bean ‘org.springframework.cloud.util.random.CachedRandomPropertySourceAutoConfiguration’ 17:22:05 [main] DEBUG o.s.b.a.l.ConditionEvaluationReportLoggingListener – ============================ CONDITIONS EVALUATION REPORT ============================ Positive matches: —————– ConfigurationPropertiesRebinderAutoConfiguration matched: – @ConditionalOnBean (types: org.springframework.boot.context.properties.ConfigurationPropertiesBindingPostProcessor; SearchStrategy: all) found bean ‘org.springframework.boot.context.properties.ConfigurationPropertiesBindingPostProcessor’ (OnBeanCondition) ConfigurationPropertiesRebinderAutoConfiguration#configurationPropertiesBeans matched: – […]

  • Custom ID format of order generated by hybris


    In the project local.properties The definition is as follows: keygen.order.code.digits=8keygen.order.code.start=00000000keygen.order.code.numeric=truekeygen.order.code.template=$ core-spring.xml: <bean id=”orderCodeGenerator” class=”de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.keygenerator.impl.PersistentKeyGenerator”> <property name=”key” value=”${keygen.order.code.name}”/> <property name=”digits” value=”${keygen.order.code.digits}”/> <property name=”start” value=”${keygen.order.code.start}”/> <property name=”numeric” value=”${keygen.order.code.numeric}”/> <property name=”template” value=”${keygen.order.code.template}”/> The results are as follows: After modifying the definition, if you don’t want to restart hybris server, it can take effect immediately. Use the following java […]