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  • Technical dry goods | deep deconstruction of the Savior of Android applications in the face of emergency release: mpaas hot repair – dexpatch


    Introduction:Introduction and instructions on Android hot fix – dexpatch Scheme introduction In order to solve the problem after the native module goes online, mpaas provides the hot repair function to realize the hot repair in the scenario of not publishing the client APK. At present, Android hot fixes mainly include andfix and dexpatch. Considering the […]

  • MySQL configuration Basics


    As a common database management system (DBMS), MySQL’s various configuration items greatly affect its performance. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and learn. Ways to allocate learning resources I’ve been reading high performance mysql recently. Chapter 8 explains a lot about configuration, which is worth understanding and learning. Of course, the official website is also […]

  • postgresql: alter system


    Alter system is used to modify the configuration of the whole server level. It is implemented by modifying the file. It can only be executed by superuser and cannot be executed in a transaction (the configuration file postgresql.auto.conf has been modified and cannot be rolled back) After configuration, the parameters will not take effect immediately, […]

  • Vue first day study


    Click event of Vue component @Click. Native. Prevent = “handlelogin” it’s strange to see click.native.prevent. I found it onlineWhen binding events to Vue components, you must add native, otherwise it will not take effect (listen to the native events of the root element and use the. Native modifier)This means that the Vue component binding event […]

  • (Oracle) hugepage size calculation script


    The calculation of hugepage needs SGA to take effect, and the memory needs to be configured first #!/bin/bash # # hugepages_settings.sh # # Linux bash script to compute values for the # recommended HugePages/HugeTLB configuration # on Oracle Linux # # Note: This script does calculation for all shared memory # segments available when the […]

  • Linux Installation NPM & nodejs


    Install NPM NPM address:github.com/npm/cliIt can be installed directly through script $curl -L https://www.npmjs.com/install.sh | sh You can directly install the new version of NPM through the old version of NPM $sudo npm install [email protected] -g The result is still the old version, because NPM still points to the old NPM executable at this time. In […]

  • Actuator httptrace does not take effect


    Enabling httptrace in spring 2.4.1 does not take effect;management.endpoints.web.exposure.include=* management.endpoint.httptrace.enabled=true `<dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-actuator</artifactId></dependency>`

  • Signature verification, go & PHP parsing JSON inconsistency scheme, PHP multidimensional array recursive sorting


    PHP to go programmers, and recently the company’s projects are gradually turning to go.The first step of docking is signature verification middleware.Both PHP and go need to implement the same set of signature verification. Signature steps Signature authentication is adopted for interface data. The steps are as follows: Agree on appkey and appsecret. Generate signature […]

  • Use of myapplication


    Class myapplication — global object can store system information and execute automatically when app is opened Right click package name to create a new class myapplication Inheriting from application and implementing oncreate method 3. To make it effective, add the configuration Android: name = “. Myapplication” in androidmanifest.xml

  • In vscode, the col tag and sub tag of Vue files of Vue plug-in layout are not indented


    First, put the solution directly Add in vscode settings.json { //Indent size, self configuring on demand “vetur.format.options.tabSize”: 4, “vetur.format.defaultFormatter.html”: “js-beautify-html”, “vetur.format.defaultFormatterOptions”: { “js-beautify-html”: { // “wrap_attributes”: “force-expand-multiline”, “wrap_line_length”: 120, “wrap_attributes”: “auto”, “end_with_newline”: false, // “indent_head_inner_html”: true, //Removed col “void_elements”: [“area”, “base”, “br”, “embed”, “hr”, “img”, “input”, “keygen”, “link”, “menuitem”, “meta”, “param”, “source”, “track”, “wbr”, “!doctype”, […]

  • [little knowledge] timeout setting of SSH connection in Linux system


    Determine whether the timeout is set Command line: echo $tmout For example:[[email protected] ~]# echo $TMOUT 100 If 100 is output, the timeout is 100 seconds. If the output is empty or 0 indicates no timeout, and the number n greater than 0 indicates that the channel is not used within N seconds, the timeout will occur. […]

  • Vue optimization tips


    Internal use of hook monitoring life cycle <template> <div> < H5 > life cycle hook usage: < / H5 > <p> <span v-for=”item in arrList”>{{item}},</span> <br> < El button @ Click = “addfruit” > start < / El button > </p> </div> </template> <script> export default { data(){ return{ arrList:[ ‘Apple’, ‘Apple’, ‘Banana’, ‘grape’, ‘add […]