• Why should CSS be included in the head tag?


    It was written on October 10, 2018. When I suddenly think of it, I move it to SIFE. The main purpose is to share it with the front-end who just got started problem Since the beginning of the front-end, people have been told that “CSS should be introduced into the head tag”, but there are […]

  • The tail is processed as a time series to identify whales


    By Lamothe ThibaudCompile FlinSource: to ward data science Using curvature integral and dynamic time warping, let’s study sperm whale recognition in depth! preface Recently, we tried Capgemini’s global data science challenge. I worked with ACORES whale research center to identify sperm whales and use AI to help save their lives. To accomplish this task, we […]

  • A simple Linux command tail


    The tail command starts from the specified point to write the file to the standard output. Using the – f option of the tail command, you can easily look up the changing log file. The tail – f file name will display the tail content of the file name on the screen, and not only […]

  • HTML 5 basic Tags


    Basic label learning First level label Secondary label Level 3 label Level 4 label Level 5 label Level 6 label Two tigers, two tigers, Run fast, run fast, One has no eyes, One has no tail, How strange! How strange! Two tigers, two tigers, Run fast, run fast, One has no ears, One has no […]

  • Go’s bytes.buffer Buffer


    1、 Create buffer period bytes.buffer Is a buffer byte type buffer 1. Use bytes.NewBuffer Create: if the parameter is [] byte, the buffer contains the slice; if the parameter is nil, an empty buffer is created. 2、 bytes.NewBufferString establish 3、bytes.Buffer{}  func main(){ buf1 := bytes.NewBufferString(“hello”) buf2 := bytes.NewBuffer([]byte(“hello”)) buf3 := bytes.NewBuffer([]byte{‘h’,’e’,’l’,’l’,’o’}) The above three are […]

  • Basic data types and basic application scenarios of redis


    Basic application scenarios of redis Get the winning user ID. after it pops up randomly, the set does not exist Store the winning user ID in the activity to ensure that the same user won’t win twice [set] Store the fan list, value is the user ID of the fan, score is the follow time […]

  • Implementation of LRU algorithm in Java


    Recently, I met Alibaba’s outsourcing company, but I have to knock the code online. That’s a tension. The topic is to implement a cache of LRU algorithm. Outsourcing is so demanding, eh. Fortunately, LRU is a topic assigned by my university teacher. Of course, I implemented it in C language. The principle of the algorithm […]

  • Go – slice


    summary Slicing is a kind of dynamic array, which is more flexible than array operation. Its length is not fixed, and it can be added and deleted. Len() and cap() can return the same or different results.Declaration slice   //demo_7.go package main import ( “fmt” ) func main() { var sli_ 1 [] int // […]

  • 5-String adding method


    String.fromCodePoint() because String.fromCharCode It is used to return the corresponding character from the Unicode code point, but it is not allowed if the code point is greater than 0xFFFFtherefore String.fromCodePoint It can recognize characters with code point greater than 0xFFFF Stirng.raw() String.raw () is essentially a function that can be used as a basic method […]

  • Swote source code analysis — heap heap of basic module


    preface heapPile isswooleThe most important data structure of timer is realized. Timer builds the minimum heap according to the next execution time of each timing task, and inserts and deletes quickly. heapdata structure heapinnumIs the number of existing data heaps,sizeIs the size of the data heap,typeUsed to determine whether the data heap is the largest […]

  • Swote source code analysis — channel queue of basic module


    preface Memory data structureChannel, similar toGoOfchanChannel, the bottom layer is based onShared memory + mutexThe implementation of mutex lock can realize high performance memory queue in user mode.ChannelIt can be used in multi process environment. The bottom layer will automatically lock when reading and writing, and the application layer does not need to worry about […]

  • Python sequence (1) the increase of list


      A list is an ordered variable sequence built into python. All elements of the list are placed in a bunch of brackets “{}” and separated by commas 1. Creation of list Use “=” to create a list directly >>> x=[3,34] >>> x [3, 34] >>> x=[3,2,5,[56],[7,9]] >>> x [3, 2, 5, [56], [7, 9]] […]