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  • Promise.prototype.done


    The promise design specification does not specify promise.prototype.done, so you can use the implementation provided by the existing class library or implement it yourself. effect No matter whether the callback chain of promise object ends with then method or catch, as long as the last method throws an error, it may not be caught (because […]

  • Elasticsearch & elasticsearch head installation [window platform]


    There are too many installation tutorials on the Internet. It’s very nice to run on the windows platform today~~ gopkg.in/olivere/elastic.v5Node and grunt are required to install head in the above versions `git clone git://github.com/mobz/elasticsearch-head.git` `cd elasticsearch-head` `npm install` `npm run start` `open` [http:// localhost:9100 /](http://localhost:9100/) Configure elasticsearch.yml file Add some code at the end of […]