• Asp.net under Visual Studio 2017 Net core taghelper intelligent prompt solution


    This problem was found in vs2017rc before. Dependency was installed, but ASP for was not found in the previous paragraph. Later, I checked the release notes, I knew that it could not be solved in vs2017rc for the time being, so I waited until the official version of vs2017 was released and installed in a […]

  • Taghelper: a new feature of asp.net core


    Today, I’ll talk about the new features of asp.net core. Today, I’ll talk about taghelper. Although the most helpful thing to learn about. Net is Microsoft’s official instructions, in which some instructions are written very clearly. However, Microsoft has not yet had time to translate the. Net core into the document, which is hard for […]

  • Advanced usage of tag assistant in asp.net core taghelper + form


    In the last blog, I explained the basic usage of taghelper and the generation of custom tags, so I’ll strike while the iron is hot, and share the advanced usage of taghelper with you ~ ~, you can also leave a message under my blog. For my initial contact with asp.net core, you can see […]

  • Method of converting markdown to HTML by razor taghelper


    Markdown is a markup language that can be written with a common text editor. Through simple markup syntax, it can make the content of ordinary text have a certain format. purpose Markdown’s grammar is concise, easy to learn, and more powerful than plain text, so many people use it to blog. WordPress, the most popular […]