• Web design tabIndex element


    TabIndex is to press the tab key to get the defined tabIndex elements in order and set the focus between the elements. Anyone who has done or filled in the form will find that using the tab key can get the focus of each input one by one. In fact, this thing can be modified, […]

  • Comprehensive analysis of tabIndex attribute in HTML5


    XML/HTML CodeCopy content to clipboard <!DOCTYPE html>   <html>       <head>           <meta charset=“UTF-8”>           <title></title>       </head>       <body>           <div tabindex=“-1”>               <a href=“#” tabindex=“3”>Hello</a>               <a href=“#” tabindex=“1”>Hel</a>               <a href=“#” tabindex=“2”>Hell</a>           </div>       </body>   </html>   Display effect: PS: The jump order of tabIndex is from small to large. If you directly click the option with the largest ordinal number of tabIndex in the module, you will jump to other places or […]