• How does UltraEdit replace tabs with spaces?


    How does UltraEdit turn off replacing tabs with spaces? When using an UltraEdit, you sometimes need to turn off using spaces instead of tabs. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial below. Software name: UltraEdit (code editor) V28 10.0. 26 64 bit Chinese green activated version Software size: 69.6MB Update time: 2021-05-14Download now First, […]

  • Teach you how to make wheels with native JavaScript (4) — tabs tab


    Tabs tab file:TabsSource code:tiny-wheelsIf you think it’s easy to use, order a star ~ (″ ‘▽’ ″) effect thinking The difficulty with this component is controlling eachtabThe movement of the bottom bar of the item and the correspondingpanelThe most common way to move is throughtransformTo change the position of the element, no nonsense, directly to […]

  • Chrome’s ability to organize and group tags is great!


    Too many tags make your Chrome browser messy? The new update of Google Chrome browser, chrome 81, introduces the tag group function, so that users can finally organize the tag pages! This is a good choice. The tag group feature provides neat, color coded tags for all your tabs. Here’s how to set up a […]

  • [Linux] single line command – Part 2: bioinformatics one liners


    A single command can turn complexity into simplicity. The Epee has no edge and great skill. Next, learn the practical single line command of student letter. Basic awk and sed commands Sed: stream editor Extract columns 2, 4 and 5 of the file: awk ‘{print $2,$4,$5}’ input.txt Row equal to abc123 in column 5 of […]

  • Navicat connection to remote database and modification of SSH default port number


    Use Navicat to connect to MySQL 8 database on ECS, just configure two tabs.The configuration screenshot of the General tab is as follows (the password here is the password to log in to the database)The screenshot of the SSH tab is as follows (the password here is the password to log in to the ECS)After […]

  • Android implementation slide tab


    This example shares the specific code of Android sliding tab for your reference. The specific contents are as follows TabLayoutActivity.java package cn.edu.zufe.app0406; import androidx.appcompat.app.AppCompatActivity; import androidx.appcompat.widget.Toolbar; import androidx.fragment.app.Fragment; import androidx.fragment.app.FragmentPagerAdapter; import androidx.swiperefreshlayout.widget.SwipeRefreshLayout; import androidx.viewpager.widget.ViewPager; import android.annotation.SuppressLint; import android.os.Bundle; import com.google.android.material.appbar.AppBarLayout; import com.google.android.material.tabs.TabLayout; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import cn.edu.zufe.app0406.adapter.FragmentAdapter; public class TabLayoutActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private […]

  • Wechat applet realizes simple tab switching effect


    This example shares the specific code of wechat applet to achieve tab switching effect for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Use steps The code is as follows (example): Define a status data: { status: 0, }, The code is as follows (example): When clicking the switch, use status to switch, and implement […]

  • How does MAC Safari browser keep the specified tab and close other tabs


    When we use MAC Safari browser, we always open many tags on it because of the different web pages we browse. However, when there are too many tags, it will affect the speed of the web page. So how do we keep the pages we want to visit and turn off other pages? Now let […]

  • Usage of Performance tab of chrome developer tool


    Analyze runtime performance Runtime performance is how your page behaves at runtime, not when it is loaded. As far as the rail model is concerned, the method introduced in this paper is very useful for analyzing the response, animation and idle phase of the page. Open Google browser in stealth mode. Stealth mode ensures chrome […]

  • Springboot Maven plugin


    Less nonsense. Add the following code to the pom.xml file. Don’t look at the following org.springframework.boot spring-boot-maven-plugin 2.0.1.RELEASE repackage spring-boot-maven-pluginofgoals, there are five optional values repackage Packaging legend: run start stop build-info Generally speaking, I use the default value, so just stick it. *If you do not write this and directly MVN package, the generated […]

  • The Ubuntu 14.04 host and the win8.1 virtual machine establish a shared folder


    This article skips the installation steps of Ubuntu host and windows virtual machine. If you need to install, please search for the relevant tutorials yourself 1. Install VirtualBox in Ubuntu Search “VirtualBox” in the Ubuntu software center to find it, and then click Install 2. Add Ubuntu shared folder Click “Settings” in the VirtualBox dialog […]

  • 15 open source examples take you to do small desktop applications with pyqt


    [introduction]: do you want to make your own desktop application? Here are 15 examples to get you started. brief introduction This time, we will introduce a collection of 15 small desktop applications written in pyqt framework and python. Many of these applications are inLearnpyqt websiteThere is a more detailed discussion on. If you are not […]