• Introduction to SQL transactions


    catalogue 1、 What is a transaction 2、 Create transaction 3、 Acid properties see also Learning focus A transaction is a collection of a series of update processes that need to be performed in the same processing unit. By using transactions, you can manage the submission and cancellation of data update processing in the database. Termination […]

  • What do you have to know about going to the cloud as a computer beginner in 2021


    Cloud computing is the general trend of the development of digital technology in the world. The future world will be built on the cloud. Embracing cloud computing, learning cloud computing and mastering cloud computing will be a new starting point for every engineer. At the beginning of the school season, we can quickly master the […]

  • Avoid using confrontational t-shirts for testing


    Learn about the latest research behind the latest T-shirt patterns, the model spoofing an advanced body detection system By param RavalCompile FlinSource: to ward data science How can a person wearing a certain type of T-shirt make him invisible to body detection and human surveillance systems? Well, researchers have discovered and exploited the Achilles’ heel […]

  • Fashion dataset training


    Download dataset There are 70000 28 * 28 pixel gray images and labels in the fashion dataset, covering ten categories: T-shirt, pants, pullover, dress, coat, sandals, shirt, sports shoes, bag and boot. 60000 of them were used for training and 10000 for testing.   import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras from matplotlib import […]

  • Zero threshold leads Alibaba cloud to customize T “fast play with machine learning Pai DSW” warmly attacked on October 14


    Pai DSW is a cloud machine learning development IDE, which can directly write, debug and run Python code in notebook without any operation and maintenance configuration. Activity description:1. During the activity, follow the instructions to complete the task below, and you can get the customized T-shirt.. (different accounts of the same user can only be […]

  • HTML5 Basics – new tag + new attribute + layout case


    Structure tags commonly used in HTML5 Article article Header head NAV navigation Section area Aside sidebar Information about the hgroup block Figure define a group of contents and titles Figcaption defines the title of the figure element Footer bottom Dialog dialog Usage habits: header/section/footer > aside/article/figure/hgroup/nav > div     Embed can insert flash file, […]