• Chain era: zero code + blockchain speeds up enterprise digitization | review of Chaohua blockchain issue 80


    FISCO BCOS open source community official account dialog box to restore Digitalization for speech material Digital transformation is one of the core driving forces of domestic economic growth and industrial development. According to the white paper on the development of China’s digital economy in 2020 issued by the Chinese Academy of information and communications, the […]

  • Don’t panic when there is a problem with the process under Linux. Senior programmers teach you 6 tricks to do it!


    The article is continuously updated every week. Your “three links” are the greatest affirmation to me. WeChat can search the public for the first time to read the official account of “backend Technology School” (usually one to two updates earlier than blogs). Operating system “process” is a basic concept that you should contact when learning […]

  • 2 – how to select message queue


    Advantages: decoupling, peak clipping, data distribution Disadvantages include the following: Reduced system availability The more external dependencies the system introduces, the worse the stability of the system. Once MQ goes down, it will have an impact on the business. How to ensure high availability of MQ? Increased system complexity The addition of MQ greatly increases […]

  • Efficient data exchange between hashdata and HDFS


    Background and challenges Before the emergence and popularization of object storage technology, HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) was one of the few open source, free and cost-effective Pb storage systems in the market (compared with expensive San systems), which was widely used in enterprise data archiving scenarios. At the same time, many distributed computing frameworks […]

  • What can garment ERP system do?


    We all know that the business processes of the garment industry are generally divided into manufacturing, sales, order generation, logistics management, inventory management, etc. with the continuous increase of garment styles, the management of these business processes will become extremely complex. Relying solely on pure manual management may not be able to achieve timeliness, At […]

  • Using cookies for identity authentication in asp.net core applications


    Overview Identity authentication is the most basic function of the website. Recently, due to a demand of the business department, a gadget website that has existed for a long time needs to be transformed. Because some discrete systems are gradually migrating to the. Net core, we take this opportunity to upgrade the old. Net framework […]

  • Write OS kernel from scratch – run shell


    Series catalog Preface preparation BIOS boot to real mode GDT and protection mode On virtual memory Load and enter the kernel Display and print Global descriptor table GDT Interrupt processing Virtual memory perfection Implement heap and malloc First kernel thread Multithreading operation and switching Lock and multithreading synchronization Enter user status Process implementation system call […]

  • 1 – why do you need message queues


    Why message queuing Asynchronous processing: suppose an interface has three ABC operations, operation a can be completed quickly, but the BC operation is time-consuming. At this time, the BC operations can be put into the message queue and returned directly, so as to reduce the waiting time of the interface. flow control: suppose that our […]

  • DDD as code: how to interpret Domain Driven Design with code?


    Introduction:Compared with the conventional MVC architecture, DDD is more abstract and difficult to understand, and various developers have different interpretations of DDD. So which design method is better? How do you know which DDD is more orthodox and not distorted by others? This paper attempts to use the concept of “DDD as code“, that is, […]

  • Report to the boss, our H5 page is white on ios11 system!


    A week ago, a new version of the company’s a project was just developed and released after the test was completed. At this time, I am also ready to get out of the tense development state for many days, thinking I can relax a little. And I didn’t know then,I’m going to face a strong […]

  • Front end development, Xu Jiazhao, Shanghai


    Job description operating duty:1. According to the business requirements of the system platform, complete the front-end development related work, and continue to carry out web page standardization and optimization research;2. Be responsible for the performance optimization of the front-end system, establish the optimization direction and formulate relevant optimization schemes; Qualifications:1. Bachelor degree or above, major […]

  • Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) V1.2.2 release


    After two weeks of iterative development, the V1.2.2 version of kuguayun classroom was preliminarily completed. increase Login account wechat reminder Wechat reminder of successful purchase Wechat reminder of successful refund Start live wechat reminder Consultation reply wechat reminder Consultation reply SMS reminder repair The chapter was created, and the associated table data was not generated […]