• Linux find command


    Find an introduction to find command in blackbase. It’s very detailed. Post this for standby! Original link: http://www.hackbase.com/tech/… Because find has powerful functions, there are many options, most of which are worth our time to learn. Even if there is a network file system (NFS) in the system, the find command is also valid in […]

  • Cancel task


    >>Return to C ා concurrent programming 1. Cancel request 2. Cancel after timeout 3. Cancel parallel 4. Cancel response code 5. Interoperability with other cancellation systems CancellationToken.NoneIs an equivalent todefaultThe special value of indicates that this method will never be cancelled. Instance code static async Task CancelableMethodAsync(CancellationToken token) { await Task.Delay(1000, token); throw new ArgumentException(); […]

  • Virtual machine power on black screen on VMware, solution


    Virtual machine power on black screen on VMware, solution preface: As a little white who just contacted springboot and angular, he decided to use Linux system. One command can install various environments, which is more convenient than win10. It’s really suitable for development. However, in the next place, it’s just a student party with poor […]

  • Windows 10 installation Ubuntu dual system tutorial (128G + 1t dual hard disk + gtx1060)


    Windows 10 install Ubuntu dual system (msigl62) Write at the front:This blog records the process of installing windows 10 + Ubuntu dual system with micro star computer gl62, for my personal reference when reinstalling the system in the future. For other people with dual systems, it may be useful for reference. Reading instructions: Find out […]

  • Coder server deployment problem (500 error)


    Server: alicloudVersion: Ubuntu 18.04 64 bitTime: April 7, 2020Code server version: 3.0.2 After the project is completed, visit the address. In case of the above situation, the following is the solution process Resolution process First input in the terminal./coder-server –helpYou can see the commands supported by code server Options –auth The type of authentication to […]

  • Incompatible graphics cards in Linux


    preface After the meeting last week, I was going to shut down and return to the dormitory. I found a pop-up window appeared on the computer screen. It seemed that I wanted to upgrade any software, and then I clicked “OK” without thinking about it. After the update, I shut down and return to the […]

  • Week 1, learning embedded


      ##Week 1: learning embedded 1、 Construction of development environment 1. Install virtual machine softwareA、 Choose the right versionOpen source freeVirtualBox 5.2.2 (64 bit)VirtualBox 4.3.12 (32-bit)B. Installation precautionsChinese is not supported in VirtualBox parametersConflict with master JingwangC. Common problem solvingRun setup, select repairReinstall C: \ program files \ Oracle \ VirtualBox \ drivers \ vboxdrv\ […]

  • Smart mm32w0 Bluetooth module technology


    1. Overview Mm32w0x2xxb Bluetooth module is specially designed for intelligent wireless data transmission by Shanghai smart Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and complies with blev4.2 Bluetooth specification. It supports Bluetooth spp protocol, can send and receive data with Android phones of all versions, can be paired with IOS devices supporting ble, without additional authorization fees, and supports […]

  • Count the eight benefits MQ has to say


    Message queuing (MQ) is the mainstream way in the current system architecture, which is widely used in large systems and big data. MQ is a critical component for any architecture or application. Today we will count the benefits of MQ. Benefit 1: decoupling It is extremely difficult to predict what needs the project will encounter […]

  • Comprehensively analyze the Ott IPTV system scheme to see if it’s what you’re looking for?


    [! — / \ * font definitions \ * / @ font face {font family: Tahoma; panose-1:2 1 6 0 3 1 1 1 1 1 1; MSO font- alt:SimSun; mso-font- charset:134; mso-generic-font- family:auto; mso-font- pitch:variable; mso-font- signature:3 680460288 22 0 262145 0;} @font-face {font-family:”Cambria Math”; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 […]

  • Five IO models of UNIX


    preface I plan to summarize Java’sBIO(IO),AIO,NIO, the last step is to find out that the IO model of UNIX (Linux) needs to be mastered in advance, so summarize the IO model of UNIX first. summary Relationship between Java IO and UNIX IO (non strict correspondence) Five IO models are introduced in unix network programming: blocking […]

  • Architect, how to deal with upstream and downstream customers?


    Index of articles in the preface of this series: Why do programmers have to understand Architecture? Do you know what architecture is? What are the architectures? What should I choose? What do architects do, you know? What skills can I develop to be an architect? Architect,In the process of carrying out the work, it is […]