• Deep in installation card in the deep in logo interface solution


    Plug in the U-disk before restarting again, press the quick selection startup device F12 (different brands of computers may be different) before entering the system, and select to start from the U-disk; When entering the first installation interface, please pay attention to: before jump, pressEEnter grub setting interface, and move the cursor to theAfter quiet […]

  • Date difference of new files when copying files under different methods / systems, and methods of viewing file creation time, modification time and access time


    There was a dog headed man in the city of losrik in gramscon, whose name wasThe only shame, is the Earl of paradox, the master of Nintendo, the bug of Ubisoft, and the piling machine of Polish donkeys.He has three wives, a windows, a Linux and a Mac OS.Every year the dog went up from […]

  • More than 120 seconds?


    //2019/7/31 18:41:14I think it’s over. Is it hot to strike? But it’s been almost 30 hoursInadvertently checktail -500f /var/log/messagesIt is found that there are some “more than 120 seconds” and “more than 120 seconds” in the kernel… Analysis before workAt first glance, the analysis of two posts is very reasonable. Let’s do it. Bold is […]

  • Android menu


    @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present. // getMenuInflater().inflate(R.menu.main, menu); MenuItem menusys = menu. Add (1001, 100, 1, “system menu”); Menusys.settitle (“menu I”); / * up to 6 submenus can be displayed*/ MenuItem menuuser = menu. Add (1001, 101, 1, “user […]

  • Owl’s late night translation: logs — real-time data aggregation that every developer needs to understand


    Preface I joined LinkedIn at a more coincidental time about six years ago. At that time, we were facing the challenge of single application and centralized database, and began to migrate it into a set of customized distributed system. This is a very interesting experience: we build, compile and run a set of distributed graphic […]

  • Adjust the maximum number of MySQL database connections


    [view the maximum number of MySQL links] MariaDB [(none)]> show variables like ‘max_connections’;     +—————–+——-+ | Variable_name | Value | +—————–+——-+ | max_connections | 151 | +—————–+——-+     Configuration/etc/my.cnf】 [mysqld]Add a new line: max_connections=1000     Restart the MariaDB service and check the maximum number of connections again. It is found that it […]

  • Learn knowledge about operating systems of different versions during internship (1)


    Generally, Linux based operating systems, such as CentOS, service management commands under Ubuntu: service and systemctl. In my current practice, the two commands are consistent in usage. Commands in Solaris based on UNIX: SVCS and svcadm According to the following description of the blog: https://blog.csdn.net/u013379717/article/details/22607585, I personally feel that the usage of SVCS may be […]

  • Sunset: Vulnhub Walkthrough


    Host scan: ╰─ nmap -p1-65535 -sV -A PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION21/tcp open ftp pyftpdlib 1.5.5| ftp-anon: Anonymous FTP login allowed (FTP code 230)|_-rw-r–r– 1 root root 1062 Jul 29 00:00 backup| ftp-syst: | STAT: | FTP server status:| Connected to:| Waiting for username.| TYPE: ASCII; STRUcture: File; MODE: Stream| Data connection closed.|_End of […]

  • Write to the incoming you – software engineering requirements development process


    Preface In this day of Spring Festival and golden three silver four job hopping season, I believe a lot of small partners have got their favorite offers, including some students who are new to the workplace. Today, I would like to share some experience about the development process in the work with you from the […]

  • C ා identification system version and win10 identification method


    I am an asp.net programmer, focusing on B / s project development. My blog homepage address: https://www.itsvse.com/blog_zz.html   We all know that the current operating system can be judged by environment.osversion in C ා. The following is the corresponding relationship between the operating system and the primary and secondary versions: operating system Major version. Minor […]

  • Conditional competitive vulnerability test


    Concept: Competition condition is an abnormal phenomenon in the system. Because of the large use of concurrent programming and sharing of resources in the modern Linux system, if there is a wrong access mode, memory leakage, system crash, data destruction and even security problems may occur. Competitive condition vulnerability is the conflict of time or […]