• [reload system] install windows 10 enterprise LTSC thin operating system


    ==Resources needed to download this article = =: Baidu disk: HTTPS :// pan . baidu . com / s / 11vRl …Extraction code: bv70 Install windows 10 enterprise LTSC 2019 operating system System introduction This version of the system is Microsoft’s official compact version system, occupies less memory, does not have the system’s own applications […]

  • There is no startup icon in Ubuntu Android studio


    How to install Android studio on Ubuntu 20 system These two are very clear 1.https://www.cnblogs.com/jianh… 2.https://blog.csdn.net/ayiya_O… As long as Android studio can be opened, you don’t need to set the startup icon manually //Manually set startup icon and shortcut sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/android-studio.desktop // to configure [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Name=Android Studio Comment=Android Studio Integrated Development Environment […]

  • Six steps of stability support: operational guide of high availability system!


    Introduction: every year there is a big promotion, and everyone is familiar with the word “big promotion stability guarantee”. Although the business scenarios are different, the “routine” often leads to the same goal. The whole link voltage measurement, capacity evaluation, current limiting, emergency plans, etc. come and go, there are always so many things to […]

  • Is distributed system design so difficult to learn?


    distributed system As a programmer in the 21st century, it seems that he does not have a female ticket when he has not heard of distributed system. Whether it’s going out for an interview to blow water with the interviewer, or at work with colleagues, distributed system is always your superior chip. Distributed system has […]

  • Initial position of application interface and mouse dragging failure under Linux


    Story background: Recently, in the adaptive UOS system, the initial starting position of the client program jumps wildly. It’s not in the middle of the screen that I set. The mouse drag fails. I once suspected that there was something wrong with my code. Let’s start our exploration…   The way to explore:Later, goolge found […]

  • The trouble of digital transformation of rural commercial banks


    It technology is increasingly innovative. When we share with customers how the chimney style single application is gradually split and evolved into SOA architecture, and how SOA architecture is completely split and evolved into micro service architecture, more new technologies and architectures are impacting our cognition. The Internet industry is just like a leader on […]

  • Review the cap theory of distributed system


    1. The history of cap theory In July 2000, Professor Eric brewer proposed the cap conjecture; two years later, Seth Gilbert and Nancy Lynch proved cap in theory; after that, cap theory has officially become a recognized theorem in the field of distributed computing. 2. The background and definition of cap The object of cap […]

  • Let the robot respond faster! Alibaba cloud arms helps reduce the response time of deep drawing intelligent system by 50%


    Deepdraw intelligence is a company engaged in interdisciplinary research in the field of artificial intelligence and aesthetic design, driven by technological innovation. Its headquarters is located in Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The main products of deep drawing intelligent company are deep drawing Detail Art robot, which is an artificial intelligence system for e-commerce. […]

  • Is the obscure cap completely correct?


    CAP When it comes to cap, first of all, we have to talk about distributed system. As mentioned in the previous articles, one of the main reasons for the emergence of distributed system is to solve the bottleneck problem of stand-alone system, but the working mode also needs to ensure the availability, consistency and performance […]

  • First knowledge of distributed: MIT 6.284 series (1)


    preface This series is derived from”Manong turns over”The reading activities initiated by the knowledge planet are organized by the [email protected] UDP doesn’t lose packetsWe abandoned the traditional books and began to introduce the top graduate course < 6.824 >, which is the inventor of worm virus many years agoRobert MorrisThe big man teaches, belongs toMITThe […]

  • Nodejs + mongodb


    1、 Introduction to mongodb Mongodb is based onDistributed file storageDatabase of, byC + + languageWrite, mainly for web applications, to provide scalable high-performance data storage solutions. Mongodb is an intermediaterelational databaseandNon relational databaseThe products between right and wrong relational databases are the most functional and most like relational databases. The data structure it supports is […]

  • Alibaba cloud is hacked


    Alibaba cloud is hacked On March 19, the mobile phone received a large number of Alibaba cloud alarm messages to view the alarm content. Trojan:zzhreceive.anondns.net/b2f628/b.sh PS, pstree command can’t be used Enter / usr / bin to see if the PS command has been modified -rw-r–r– 1 root root 55 Aug 25 2016 ps-rw-r–r– 1 […]