• In depth understanding of the relationship between Apache pulse connector and functions


    It takes about 10 minutes to read this article. background knowledge Connector: the connector of Apache pulsar, including source and sink components. Functions: lightweight computing component of Apache pulsar. Instance architecture When you use the pulsar admin source, pulsar admin sink, or pulsar admin function commands to operate the source, sink, or function, an instance […]

  • GMIS: lower costs lower cost better productivity higher efficiency


    Hello 2020! Happy New Year’s Day! This opens the chapter of the 1920s of the 21st century 1. GMIS 10th anniversary From 2010 to 2020, ten years have passed. GMIS – general management information system has been continuously upgraded and optimized for ten years. From the general table of chinam.com to the config table of […]

  • Windows local link VMware virtual machine redis service


    Use local windows to link the redis service of VMware virtual machine My virtual machine system is: Windows Server 2012 First copy the redis server to the server and extract it. The directory is as follows   This is just a demonstration, so it will not be installed as a window service. You can directly […]

  • Module system of ES6


    The original address is here: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2015/08/es6-in-depth-modules/ ES6 is the abbreviation of ECMAScript version 6, which is the standard of the new generation of JavaScript. ES6 in depth is an introduction to a series of new features of ES6. Back in 2007, when I started working in Mozilla’s JavaScript team, the typical JavaScript program had only […]

  • Solve the problem that sublime cannot input Chinese under Ubuntu


    System environment System:Ubuntu 16.04Eukylin (should be the majoritylinuxAll systems are tested)Input method: Penguin input methodfcitx TextEdition:Sublime Text 3 Build 3114 Terms of settlement 1. Save the following code to sublime-imfix. C (located in the ~ directory) #include <gtk/gtkimcontext.h> void gtk_im_context_set_client_window (GtkIMContext *context, GdkWindow *window) { GtkIMContextClass *klass; g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_IM_CONTEXT (context)); klass = GTK_IM_CONTEXT_GET_CLASS (context); […]

  • Set Linux to support Chinese


    1. first of allcommandinputlocale, you can seeLinuxThe default system language is English      2.vim ~/.bashrcOpen this file, which is equivalent to the system configuration file      3.After opening, input the last three lines of commands into the document, and finally save to exit      4.Run the modify file with the commandsource ~/.bashrc, […]

  • SAP Fundamentals


    The application layer of SAP R / 3 system consists of application server and message server. The application server components are as follows: Work process Dispatcher (dispatcher) Gateway server stayCan be set in SAPLoading balance login,When there are multiple installation instances for load balancing,SAP group login needsSAP message server, generalBy default, SAP system hasThe function […]



    DTP system dump     Refer to sapnote: 2398760 – message? Type? X dump in RSM? Datastate? Check – 1 – to – 12- RSM_DATASTATE_CHECK-6-  This can happen during compression in case the request to be compressed was not yet updated to all data targets. To solve this the instructions of the KBA below should be followed: 2398830 […]

  • Building Android development environment and steps of compiling android app with ionic


    1. Download and install JDK Download address: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html After installation, configureSystem environment variable: control panel \ system and security \ system → advanced system settings → advanced → environment variables. set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin; set JAVA_HOME=D:\java Test whether JDK is installed successfully $ java -version 2. Download and install Android studio Download address: https://developer.android.google.cn/studio/ Install SDK Configure […]

  • Goweb – install go and configure go


    Install go and configure go Install go At the time of writing this blog, my computer’s windows has been installed with go, which is installed with standard package. However, my Linux operating system has not been installed yet. You can consider using a third-party tool to install it, because after reading the book goweb, I […]

  • Zhang Teng: Tencent cloud convergence communication application scenario and case sharing


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ This article was published by Yunjia Community Technology Salon in Tencent cloud Technology Salon Zhang Teng, senior product manager of Tencent communication cloud, has been responsible for mobile phones, intelligent hardware and other terminal products, has an understanding of operators, instant […]