• Using win10 built-in Linux to start the spring boot project


    1. Install win10 built-in Linux subsystem 1.1. Install Linux subsystem 1.1.1. Upgrade or reload Linux system 1. System requirementsYou need to upgrade win10 to the first anniversary, or reload the system2. Re install the systemThe test results show that the following system can be re installed to enable the Linux subsystemcn_windows_10_enterprise_version_1607_updated_jul_2016_x64_dvd_9057083.isocn_windows_10_multi-edition_vl_version_1709_updated_sept_2017_x64_dvd_100090774.iso 1.1.2. Enable Linux subsystem […]

  • Basic process principle of Python Django 02 authentication system


    *Django authentication system* 1、 Django default user authentication system Django authentication provides a user authentication system with two functions of authentication and authorization: the storage table auth uses_ userFor reference, click here Django user authentication system deals with user accounts, groups, permissions and cookie based user sessions. Django authentication system handles both authentication and authorization […]

  • Daily average data volume of tens of millions, comparison of two storage schemes of MySQL and tidb


    Gaia advertising matching system (gaeaad) is used to support the real-time advertising delivery system of Gaia mutual entertainment platform. It needs to match the advertising data and the information reported by game SDK in near real time. In essence, it needs to calculate in real time according to the advertising of each channel and the […]

  • Discussion on power system of GPS clock reference source


    Discussion on power system of GPS clock reference source Discussion on power system of GPS clock reference source Jingzhun Electronic TechnologyOfficial wechat — ahjzsz [Abstract] this paper mainly analyzes the requirements of power grid dispatching integrated automation system for clock synchronization, and what impact will be caused when the system is not synchronized; and discusses […]

  • What are the functions of layman’s stable wechat mall system?


    The characteristic of wechat mall is that it can help enterprises to show their products to individuals, and at the same time, it can let consumers shop anytime, anywhere. But the best way for enterprises is to establish an independent wechat mall with greater advantages. Independent wechat mall is conducive to expand the user market […]

  • Automatic analysis of professional sandbox and malicious samples


    Guide to Yun Mei:Sandbox, also translated as sandbox, is usually used to provide an isolated running environment for programs with untrusted sources, destructive power or unable to determine their intentions. Even many professional sandboxes are essentially an enhanced virtual machine. Sandbox usually can strictly control all kinds of resources that can be accessed by programs […]

  • Object storage paper


    Facebook Haystack is a system designed by Facebook to store its small files (pictures). The design idea of the system is to merge small files into a large file for storage, reducing the number of files and IO times when accessing files. Beaver, Doug, et al. “Finding a Needle in Haystack: Facebook’s PhotoStorage.” OSDI. Vol. […]

  • Explain the status values of SQL Server: runnable, running, suspended, sleeping


    During the management, monitoring and performance tuning of SQL server, we may execute the following SQL instructions to observe the status of SQL Server: SELECT * FROM sys.sysprocesses; EXEC sp_who2; SELECT sqltext.TEXT, req.session_id, req.status, req.command, req.cpu_time, req.blocking_session_id, req.total_elapsed_time FROM sys.dm_exec_requests req (NOLOCK) CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(sql_handle) AS sqltext As shown in Figure 1, there is a […]

  • Five steps of building layman online mall


    First of all, the following five points must be made clear when building the enterprise online mall system 1. Determine the site type When enterprises do the mall system construction scheme, they need to determine the type of mall according to their own product type and industry positioning. Many enterprises only know to be their […]

  • Process, thread, concurrency, parallelism


    process Processes have independent virtual address space, so they can’t share memory. If they want to communicate with other processes, they must use some explicit inter process communication (IPC) mechanism. Process control and IPC cost a lot. Multi process execution process The transition from one process to another is managed by the operating system kernel. […]

  • The love hate entanglement between Linux system process and thread


    Original address: http://embed.21ic.com/softwar… When a program begins to execute, its part in memory is called a process during the period from the beginning of execution to the end of execution. Linux is a multitasking operating system, that is, at the same time, multiple processes can be executed at the same time. In fact, the single […]