• Fuchsia Fundamentals


    According to official documents, etc., dig out the characteristics of Fuchsia and the difference with traditional linux Introduction to Fuchsia 1. Fuchsia architecture Fuchsia is a modular system that can update components, kernals, and drivers separately; Zircon is the core part, mainly responsible for system start up & bootstrap, etc. The rest are in user […]

  • How does the storage system adapt to Hadoop?


    In recent years, Hadoop-related big data frameworks are very mature and widely used. At the same time, HDFS, the default storage component of Hadoop, gradually exposed its own shortcomings: resource mismatch brought about by the integration of storage and computing, expansion bottleneck of NameNode, and so on. Therefore, the separation of storage and computing in […]

  • Get started and enjoy! coolbpf hard core improves BPF development efficiency | Dragon lizard technology


    Editor’s note: BPF technology is still in full swing. This article first introduces the knowledge of BPF to lead you to get started with BPF, and then introduces the remote compilation of coolbpf (formerly known as LCC, LibbpfCompilerCollection), which means cool play BPF, the goal of which is complex BPF. The development and compilation process […]

  • Upload and download files/folders remotely using scp


    title: Upload and download files/folders remotely using scp categories:[File Transfer] tags:[Difficult and Miscellaneous Diseases] date: 2022/05/18 Author: hackett WeChat public account: Overtime Ape Upload and download files/folders remotely using scp scp is the abbreviation of secure copy, scp is a secure remote file copy command based on ssh login under linux system. The linux scp […]

  • The solution to the problem of network boot from intel e1000


    Before writing this blog, I admitted that I was also a “victim” of this problem. The environment in which this problem occurs is described as follows:(Virtual machine version v16, ready to pre-install the system version win7)For this problem, the solution on the Internet is usually1. Close the running environment in the virtual machine2. Find the […]

  • System optimization script supports Ubuntu and CentOS


    System optimization script supports Ubuntu and CentOS After installing the system, there are often some basic system optimization installations. I am lazy and wrote a script that can add other optimization aspects later. Warehouse Address:https://github.com/cby-chen/OS The script may continue to be updated in the future Can be executed by my one-click commandbash -c “$(curl -L […]

  • CentOS 9 Deployment Configuration


    CentOS 9 Deployment Configuration CentOS 9 has been released for a few years, and I have not tried to use it. CentOS 9 has some changes. View system basic information # View system basic information [[email protected] ~]# neofetch .. [email protected] .PLTJ. ———- <><><><> OS: CentOS Stream 9 x86_64 KKSSV’ 4KKK LJ KKKL.’VSSKK Host: VMware Virtual […]