• Standardization construction and application of takeout goods


    The naming of takeout dishes is highly personalized, which brings some difficulties to operations analysis, recall sorting, background management and other businesses. This is the second article in the takeout food knowledge map series. It introduces the process and scheme of building a dish standardization system from zero to one. The main technologies involved include […]

  • How does Oracle use built-in scripts to check blockages


    When diagnosing problems with locks, check the holder and the blocked. It is often very troublesome. If you do not have accumulated scripts, you need to check many tables manually, such as V $lock, V $process P, V $session s, V $lockholder, etc. Now there is a simple way to generate two view DBAs using […]

  • Create WM by Oracle 12C_ Concat function


    0. First log in to the database with DBA user and unlock wmsys user alter user wmsys account unlock; 1. Log in with wmsys user, you can change the password if you don’t know the password alter user wmsys identified by 123456; 2. Create the available WM under wmsys_ The concat function directly executes the […]

  • WM in Oracle_ concat


    catalog WM in Oracle_ concat Solution 1. Create package, package body and function 2. Create synonyms and authorize WM in Oracle_ concat WM in Oracle_ Invalid concat identifier. Reason:WM has been abandoned on 11gr2 and 12C_ Concat function. At that time, many programmers used this function in the program, resulting in program errors. In order […]

  • Re manual specification Oracle Database


    This series, in fact, is to move the back-end development manual that I wrote in the project team. 1. Nomenclature Oracle is not case sensitive. All names are capitalized and multiple words are underlined_ To separate. Table: named component: module name_ System name “, English words are singular. Sequence: named component: table name_ S “is […]

  • Oracle database create read-only user


    To create a read-only user user2, you can only query the table under the administrator user user1, and cannot add, delete or modify it. Operating environment: PL / SQL developer 1. Log in with administrator user user1, create user user2, and authorize create user user2 identified by 123456; grant connect to user2; grant create synonym […]

  • Customizing Linux shortcut commands


    Preface: If you are familiar with Linux commands, you may find thatls -landllThe effect is the same, so have you ever thought about why? What is command alias llIt is an alias defined in advance in Linux An alias is a name given to a command or a list of commands. You can use aliases […]